▷ 10 branded content that calmed the Facebook algorithm last week 2020 -

Like every week, we offer you branded content that has the highest volume of interaction on Facebook!

The idea is to offer you 10 publications that have worked on the social network, to enrich your content watch and support you in the development of your own publications. As we all know, social media professionals cannot avoid the exploration and apprehension of micro-trends in user usage, but also brand communication.

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We share with you a pool of publications that have worked well on the social network with the idea of ​​regularly enriching your monitoring with content marketing on Facebook. As we all know, the algorithm is constantly evolving, and hit-post trends are moving even faster. In this sense, community managers and social media managers must keep themselves informed through good monitoring, and we hope that this small article, which can be consulted in a few minutes, will densify an optimal social media monitoring system.

It is through our social media monitoring tool that I observe the content trends of brands on Facebook, and that I offer you the 10 publications that generated the most interactions the previous week!

The 10 best posts of the previous week

To establish this ranking, we took the sum of the interactions that each post generated last week, to retain the 10 best, and this, on a dozen industries.


As in previous weeks, Cdiscount takes the lead with a video that plays on memes codes. Nothing more to say except that this kind of publication is typically the type of content that users use as a conversation activator with their contacts (tag, inquiry, resumption of the video with another header.


Same concept as the previous post, with the same success.


The “Share the job if you want” to stay within the rules of the platform is tasty.


A shades of blue for a beautiful image and a sentence that appeals to fans of the car. win.

Savoie Mont Blanc

Nice photo, ski season, question to the community, Savoie Mont Blanc manages to be in the top 10 every week!


Like the brand post that was in last week’s rankings, UGC content still works, even more so when you do it with a popular teen brand builder.


The site is pushing its offer on chalets via a photo of a user, while it plays on the projection of the user in a potential slice of life.


Perhaps the most creative post of the week, a demonstration of spreading an idea congruent with branding, with humor when playing and in the perfect format on Facebook.


The City of Lights is broadcasting the tribute to its greatest missing chief on video.


The post presents all the amenities of conversational content for fans of a page.

See you next week for a top 10 of the most successful brand publications.