▷ 10 branded content that mystified the Facebook algorithm last week 2020 -

Like every week, we offer you branded content that has the highest volume of interaction on Facebook!

The idea is to offer you 10 publications that have worked on the social network, to enrich your content watch and support you in the development of your own publications. As we all know, social media professionals cannot avoid the exploration and apprehension of micro-trends in user usage, but also brand communication.

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We share with you a pool of publications that have worked well on the social network with the idea of ​​regularly enriching your monitoring with content marketing on Facebook. As we all know, the algorithm is constantly evolving, and hit-post trends are moving even faster. In this sense, community managers and social media managers must keep themselves informed through good monitoring, and we hope that this small article, which can be consulted in a few minutes, will densify an optimal social media monitoring system.

It is through our social media monitoring tool that I observe the content trends of brands on Facebook, and that I offer you the 10 publications that generated the most interactions the previous week!

The 10 best posts of the previous week to start 2018

To establish this ranking, we took the sum of the interactions that each post generated last week, to retain the 10 best, and this, on a dozen industries.


Airbnb intelligently positions the photos of the goods available on its site, often via UGC content. It is obvious that the site only presents those offering an out of the ordinary setting. Here, the page also uses a lexical field which allows the user to project himself, without using the very easy “when you”. The ratatouille of good practices quite logically places the publication at the top of the ranking.


A second ugc content slips into the ranking, in the form of an influencer Instagram post recovery. A good way to mix your product with other pieces of the locker room to position your range of bags in several universes.

Val Thorens

The Eleanor storm had consequences for a good number of ski resorts, sometimes leading to closings. Val Thorens’s communication is an example of successful speaking out, twisting news that has a negative impact on activity.


The flight comparator uses social publication to make destinations taste its fanbase. Here, through a native video with a pov in a cottage, with the snow falling outside.

Val Thorens

Record snowfall allows Val Thorens to position a second publication among the best posts of the week on Facebook.


One more UGC content, coming from Instagram, judiciously reused by a brand from the world of travel.


Congruence audience / community management.


First competition in the ranking, during the Galette des Rois period. The mechanics “force” the participant to comment, which increases the visibility of the publication. We regret the lack of consistency between the shower and the cake, but one does not prevent the other, after all, we will just observe the viral success of the publication.


Cdiscount is doing Cdiscount to start 2018.


See you next week for a top 10 of the most successful brand publications.