▷ 10 branded content that returned the Facebook algorithm this week 2020 -

Weekly, we invite you to discover the Facebook posts of brands that have worked best with users of the platform!

The idea is simple: if we cannot replace expertise in a sector and the necessary work of reflection around the uses and practices of users, we can support them with content that may have escaped the eve of social media and community managers.

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Following the example of previous weeks, I scrutinize the brands that publish in French on the Facebook platform with our social media monitoring tool, and I give you the 10 publications that generated the most interactions over the week on a scope of more than 1,000 companies. If some publications were able to be sponsored, it is always interesting to observe the posts that have worked best.

Posts with the best performances last week

To establish this ranking, we took the sum of the interactions that each post generated last week, to retain the 10 best, and this, on a dozen industries.


It has become commonplace every week to say that contests with the likes / shares and tag mechanics benefit from good visibility and interesting engagement.

Mister tshirt

The t-shirt brand often builds its publications congruently with its products, clever and offbeat posts extremely consistent with the practices of users on the platform.


The Christmas period in New York is one of the most famous atmospheres, well helped by American pop culture. The travel comparator anticipates potential purchases to offer a video restoring the party atmosphere.


Same brand, same logic, with a Christmas video with reindeer.

Savoie Mont Blanc

Fade, Savoy, video, lots of interactions (it changes posts on the raclette).


Star Wars: Battlefront II was one of the events of the year. Like PlayStation, Xbox offers its quiz with classic but effective mechanics.


Pictures of Amsterdam under the snow, which could very well be found on Instagram.



What may seem like an easy publication is revealed at the heart of the brand’s strategy on Facebook: not to communicate about its service, but only to present the amenities of the destination.

Nestlé Dessert

Nestlé is inspired by the video codes of the Tasty media (Buzzfeed) which all food media are currently inspired by. The brand thus plays on the field of possibilities with its dessert recipe ingredients.

See you next week for a top 10 of the best performing brand posts!