▷ 10 branded content that smashed the Facebook algorithm during Black Friday week 2020 -

Each week, we provide you with the publications of the companies, which, on Facebook, have worked best with platform users!

The idea is to offer you 10 content that has worked on the platform, to enrich your watch and support you in the development of your own publications. We all know that professions working on social networks cannot do without the detection and understanding of micro-trends in user usage, but also the communication of brands.

Thanks to our social media monitoring tool, I scan brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Here we offer you the 10 contents that generated the most interactions last week out of a score of 1,200 brands publishing in French.

Posts with the best performances last week

To establish this ranking, we took the sum of the interactions that each post generated last week, to retain the 10 best, and this, on a dozen industries.


Black Friday was conducive to the contest, Cdiscount released the big ways with a Nintendo Switch pack (with the two emblematic games Mario & Zelda) using a mechanism that has proven itself, to the “last one who leaves a comment” under the publication.


Easyvoyage, with a large flow of publications, shares experiences around the theme of travel. The video here is an example of a short moment in which users can project themselves.


Cdiscount claimed an 80% increase in its business volume during Black Friday. The retailer had given itself the means with here a second competition: video visual to benefit from the additional reach of format and trend of the tag on the first name used in mechanics.


Playing and exploiting the rivalry between the countries can work, and here, McDonald’s takes the opportunity to center around its fries.


Cdiscount positions a third post during the Black Friday period with a competition. Mechanics a little different, with here, 5 draws to keep the publication alive all day.


A second video for Easyvoyage with a call to action playing on the mechanics of the tag.

Strasbourg in Alsace

The Christmas market is an event in Strasbourg. You just need to whistle the start of the break with a nice photo for the interactions to flow.


O’Tacos sprinkles its content posts that can be found on entertainment pages. Interaction volumes are also approaching.


Same logic as for the post above, like O’tacos, Cdiscount inserts content for entertainment purposes into its publication stream.

Flanders – ThePlaceTo.be

The organization which aims to promote Flanders highlights the Ice Sculpture Festival which takes place in Bruges thanks to a photo album aiming to restore the experience for potential tourists.

See you next week for a top 10 of the best performing brand posts!