▷ 10 branded content that spread the Facebook algorithm this week 2020 -

As in previous weeks, we offer content from brands that knew how to play with the Facebook algorithm last week!

The digital professions know this, the search for the perfect systematic post is an unrealizable quest. Sometimes a publication outperforms, but it is rare to be able to maintain a continuous rhythm. Newsfeed gets a little more overloaded every day and the parameters to master become more and more difficult to grasp.

Like the previous articles, I used our social media management platform with a competitive environment management module on social media to bring out the posts with the most interactions on a pool of more than 1000 companies. publishing in French. It’s up to you to draw the insights that allow you to keep your watch alive!

The posts that worked best last week

To establish this ranking, I added up the interactions that each post generated last week, to select the 10 best in ten industries, and this, on approximately 1,200 brands publishing in French.


EASTPAK takes first place in last week’s publication ranking thanks to a beautiful photo, creating a bridge with its Instagram account. Beautiful photos always work, like this post which generated more than 65,000 interactions.


The brand is taking advantage of its participation in Paris Games Week to boost its visibility with a competition. This strategy paid off, as the publication garnered more than 52,000 interactions.


Like the EASTPAK publication, many brands are building bridges between Instagram and Facebook. Here too, Easyvoyage uses a beautiful photograph taken by a photographer with an Instagram account, to highlight a destination that the brand offers on its site. A photo rewarded with 50,000 interactions.


Second publication for Eastpak, playing with both the context and the photographic quality, while presenting his collaboration with New Era. A good mix that allows content to generate more than 38,000 interactions.


We find Xbox in an Amazon contest, where the mechanics naturally generate visibility. The terms of participation also make it possible to collect information about users.


Second publication positioned in our ranking for Easyvoyage. A photo consistent with the editorial line, which also generates tens of thousands of interactions.


First video of the ranking, third content of Easyvoyage. We’re here in the middle of experiential content marketing for Easyvoyage, which never forgets to engage its community with questions.


Pandora’s albums are always acclaimed by her community. Composed of photos of jewelry directly produced by its customers, these albums generate tens of thousands of interactions.

Val Thorens

The ski resort, thanks to its native videos, plays on the expectations of the opening of the ski season. Val Thorens highlights all the potentials of native video, while challenging the idea that it takes enormous resources to pass the course of video content. The publication generated 25,000 interactions and several hundred thousand views.

AXA People Protectors

The page takes advantage of its editorial line of presentation of social projects to push its offer, mixing quiz, native content & call for contributions.

See you next week for a top 10 of the best performing brand posts.