▷ 10 branded content that tweaked the Facebook algorithm last week 2020 -

Weekly, we offer you branded content that has gotten the most interaction on Facebook!

The idea is to offer you 10 content that has worked on the platform, to enrich your watch and support you in the development of your own publications. We all know that professions working on social networks cannot do without the detection and understanding of micro-trends in user usage, but also the communication of brands.

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We share with you a pool of content that has worked well on the social network with the idea of ​​continuously enriching your monitoring with content marketing on Facebook. As we all know, the algorithm is constantly evolving, and hit-post trends are moving even faster.

In this sense, community managers and social media managers must keep themselves informed through good monitoring, and we hope that this small article, which can be consulted in a few minutes, will densify an optimal social media monitoring system.

It is through our social media monitoring tool that I observe the content trends of brands on Facebook, and that I offer you the 10 publications that generated the most interactions the previous week!

The 10 best posts of the previous week

To establish this ranking, we took the sum of the interactions that each post generated last week, to retain the 10 best, and this, on a dozen industries.


Xbox One X, Contest, native video, “leave a comment” with a draw at the end of the contest when the brand decides: 395,000 comments. Okay.

Note that the CM has continuously updated the comments section on a game that lasted 4 days.


Biocoop makes hyper contextual using a format perfectly calibrated for the social network. Not without irony, the post echoes an event and is perfectly congruent with the brand’s value proposition.

Private trip

Voyage Privé stresses that we can clearly avoid subtlety when the package is interesting enough for the mechanics to generate thousands of comments.

Auchan Drive

Auchan Drive offers a quiz with commentary mechanics, but uses the live format and its feedback possibilities to generate a high volume of user interaction.


Easyvoyage is clearly a page with performances that are close to entertainment pages.


The fast food brand makes the return of one of these burgers an event. Literally.


Fisher-Price offers a Live to its community, against the backdrop of the demonstration of its products. The brand encourages users to watch, because the publication methods depend on the attention paid to the video.

Savoie Mont Blanc

The page offers multiple views of the first snows in Annecy in the form of a photo and video album.

Nestlé Dessert

Nestlé Dessert is a page that has the habit of offering recipe ideas, often in native videos (in the “Tasty” mode). Here, a photo of a Christmas cake with a traffic generation aim, underlines that interactions and traffic are not incompatible (around thirty thousand clicks).


In the continuity of black friday, the retailer exploits the event by offering a competition with multiple draws.

See you next week for a top 10 of the best performing brand posts!