▷ 10 branded posts that worked very well this week on Facebook 2020 -

As in previous weeks, we offer you the posts of the brands that worked best on Facebook last week!

All the professions which exercise on the social media know it, to produce publications systematically effective is an objective, but relates more often to the wish than to the achievable. User feeds are saturated and the number of factors that come into play to emerge is as important as the chasm between allocated budgets and brand expectations. The competition is high, and it is in this sense that we propose to consult the branded posts on Facebook which have managed to pass the barrage of the algorithm.

Like the previous articles, I used our social media management tool which allows the competitive environment to be managed on social networks to bring out the best performing posts out of a pool of more than 1,000 companies publishing in French. It’s up to you to get the insights you need to irrigate your content marketing on the social network!

The branded posts that generated the most interaction last week

To establish this ranking, I added up the interactions that each publication generated last week, to select the 10 best performing posts.

Here are the 10 branded posts that worked best last week!


Competitions, always competitions. Contests on Facebook are a bit like a rose on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy, it’s expected, it’s level 0 creativity, but in the end, it still works. Playstation trusts the first place with its competition which generated 73K interactions thanks to mechanics which have proven their effectiveness.


Eastpak presents its iconic vegan leather model. The brand has obviously cracked the sponsorship budget if we judge the Likes / Comments / Shares ratio. Eastpak takes second place in the ranking of posts that have worked, drawing more than 61K interactions.


Airbnb is in third place with a post mechanic that allows it to appear every week. A recovery of UGC content from an Instagram account, to highlight a good with which Facebook users will be able to project themselves. We are therefore in a good mix of experiential publication, while remaining congruent with the offer of the brand. The post harvest 51K interactions.


We would like to be able to grab the car with two fingers to roll it on a parquet floor or a steep street in a 90 ’residential area. Questioning formula, native format, use of an emoji, Toyota’s CM ticks the boxes on the Facebook success grid one by one.

Golden brioche

Brioche Dorée took advantage of its “prize” in the “best chain of the year” category to organize a competition. They let users choose their destination from where the business is located.


Easyvoyage systematically positions its publications in the rankings thanks to beautiful photos which, along with calibrated text, allow users to project themselves, thereby generating a large number of contact and sharing “taggings”.

Coca Cola

The “tag a friend” still has a bright future ahead of him. Baby animals too.

Val Thorens

The Ski season is approaching, the snow is falling early, and Val Thorens plays his score admirably by making a short native video to inform fans of his page.


A nice photo, a “tag a friend”, and ride.

Val Thorens

Posted on the same day as the previous publication, in this photo, Val Thorens uses snow efficiently.

See you next week for a top 10 of the best performing brand posts.