▷ 10 criteria for choosing a good affiliate product 2021 -

How Do I Pick a Good Affiliate Product? To answer this question, let’s take a look at 10 important criteria to consider before you start promoting any product. The next logical step that you have to take after you have chosen your niche is to make sure that you will be promoting quality products that are relevant to the market you have chosen …

Here are the main factors that you need to consider when choosing affiliate products.

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1 – Reliability of the affiliate program

The first point that you should check before anything is the reliability and quality of the affiliate program.

To do this, you have to do some research on the affiliate program site, but also on other sites that talk about this program.

You must be able to answer certain questions:

  • Affiliates are paid from what amount of commissions?
  • How often are commissions sent to affiliates?
  • How will you receive your commissions (PayPal, transfer, check)?
  • Is the support responsive?

Avoid unreliable programs that can disappear overnight.

2 – The quality of the sales pages

As an affiliate, you will be investing your time and money to drive traffic to your affiliate link. You have to make sure you get as much profit as possible out of all the traffic sent.

The easiest thing you can do is go through the sales funnel like a regular customer.

Take the time to carefully read each page: sales page, payment page, access page, emails sent.

While you read, analyze the pages on all levels: design, spelling, copywriting …

Make sure these pages answer any questions a potential customer may have.

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Choosing a good product that has a good sales page and a high conversion rate ensures you more customers and therefore profits for the same number of leads sent.

3 – The quality of the product

This is another very important factor that you should check before promoting the product.

If the product does not meet customer expectations, you are sure to find messages of dissatisfaction on forums or social media.

Please feel free to buy the product to test it and check the quality for yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of promoting a poor quality affiliate product, as this will not only waste your commissions and your time, but also the trust of your customers.

4 – Affiliate links

Before you promote any affiliate program, you should make sure that you will be credited with the commission if the customer purchased the product through your affiliate link.

Most affiliate programs only provide their own link so that they are able to track sales.

If you go to the merchant’s website and they offer the customer other ways to make payment like, ordering by phone or by check, you need to find out if you are still credited with the commission if the customer pays for the product. by other means.

5 – Does the seller offer promotional tools.

The more promotional tools you have from the seller, the easier it will be to earn commissions.

So I suggest you always check if there are any promotional tools for the product you are promoting.

If not, you can message the seller to receive some. The different promotional tools can be:

  • Ebook;
  • List of keywords;
  • A presale page or squeeze page;
  • Free webinar or training;
  • Follow-up emails;
  • A free tool.

6 – The popularity of the product

This option is not available on all affiliate programs.

Some affiliate programs allow you to see sales statistics. You will be able to see the number of sales of the product and the refund rate.

It will also allow you to choose a product that sells well and is at the same time qualitative.

Favor products with a reimbursement rate less than 5%.

7 – The exact commission per sale

This is a point to which I attach great importance.

Indeed, you would not want to wait to make 50 sales per month before being able to reach in the 100 € of income in affiliation.

The secret to earning more affiliates is choosing a product that pays you well.

Be careful, I’m not talking about the% commission per sale, but the actual gain per sale.

I strongly recommend that you promote products with a commission of $ 20 or more per sale.

Tip: Favor affiliate programs that offer subscription products and a recurring commission (a monthly commission if the customer remains a subscriber).

8 – The creator of the product

When it comes to the creator of the product, the most important thing to watch out for is whether or not the name of the creator of the product is available on the sales page (if the product is genuine and of quality, I don’t see why he will not identify himself as the creator of the product).

Also, inquire about his experiences on the subject and on the other products he has already offered.

9 – Money back guarantee

Is there a warranty listed on the sales page for the product?

Usually, I promote a product if there is a money back guarantee of at least 30 or 60 days.

People are becoming more and more skeptical about buying online, especially if the product is a digital product.

By having a money back guarantee for the product, you give people the confidence to take action without hesitation and try the product over a period of time.

Products with money back guarantee tend to convert better (meaning you will get more sales), compared to products without a money back guarantee.

satisfied customer review

Do a search on Google with the keyword ” product name + reviews“, You will be surprised at the number of forums that talk about the product.

You can replace “notice” by “Comments” “testimonials” or “Scam”.

If on the whole people are saying good things about the product, you can be sure that the product is of good quality, and you can promote it.


Here are the 10 key factors you should consider when choosing an affiliate product. It pays to invest the time to research and find the right product so that you may be able to get the commissions you deserve. I invite you to leave a comment … to get your opinion! I would be really happy to have your point of view.