▷ 10 digits to understand the number one search engine in China: BAIDU 2020 -

You probably know that Google is censored in China. Here are 10 numbers that will help you understand the importance of Baidu …

1:11 billion dollars

The fortune of Baidu’s boss Robin Li has recently been estimated at $ 11 billion. At the age of 46, he became the 3rd richest man in China, and he even ranked 46th in the world.

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2: 60% market shareed

Here is the market share figure held by Baidu. Baidu is number 1 in China. However, new players are entering the market, for example SO 360 which is now called Haosou. It entered the Chinese market only 3 years ago, and now holds 30% of the market. In third position, we find Sogou with 13% of the market.

3: 105 services

Here is the number of services that Baidu offers, for comparison Google only offers 43 services. For a long time, Baidu has been treated as plagiarism with several similar copies such as BaiduMap and Google Map. Since then, Baidu has decided to create new services like Baidu Baike which is an encyclopedia… certified copy of Wikipedia. Copying never really stops, following the Chinese way of thinking: “the technological shortcut”, copy and then improve.

4: 6 billion searches

Every day, more than 6 billion searches are carried out on Baidu. The searches are different from what Westerners do on Google. The Chinese do much more targeted research with specific keywords.

5: 570 Million

This is the number of people who use Baidu worldwide. Namely, 40% of this research is done on Smartphone.

6: 30% of the figure dcase

In 2014 for the first time, the use of mobile phones generated 30% of Baidu’s turnover. Now 80% of Chinese who have access to the internet do their research via their smartphones. Baidu had to take this into account, and therefore favors sites that can also be viewed on mobile with responsive design technology (Wikipedia)

7: 23% redirect

This figure corresponds to the number of redirects on Baidu’s own sites. Whenever a user searches the internet, Baidu places their own sites at the top of the first search page. This is why SEO in China is very complicated, so you have to have a real strategy (more info here).

8: 40% of dedadvertising thoughtsed

40% of advertising spending in China is made on the internet. This is why Baidu has an interest in remaining a leader in order to generate maximum profits. Namely, that Baidu has a market 14 times that of Google.

9: 76.5% of turnover gratthis at Ppc

Baidu achieves 76.5% of its turnover using the Pay Per Click tool. This tool allows you to be referenced on keywords. Little information: the identical Google tool is called Adwords and it is about 4 times cheaper than Baidu.

10: 8 times overedlaughing

When Baidu went public in 2005, its share was worth $ 27. In 10 years, its share price has been multiplied by 8, which generates a total market capitalization of more than $ 74 million.

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