Seduced by the possibilities that content marketing offers, you have not hesitated to create a professional blog to promote your showcase or e-commerce site in order to attract attention to your business and your products. You thus have a medium of choice to publish your own content, and it is now advisable to design a content marketing strategy: these 10 questions will help you …

Content marketing comes with challenges

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Why do you want to produce content?

By creating a professional blog to promote your business, you have made the decision to publish content. It can fulfill several functions, which must be thought of beforehand:

1 – What are your overall objectives by opting for a content marketing strategy?

Before going into the details of your content marketing strategy, you must define the objectives.

Do you want to improve awareness of your business or improve sales? Would you rather expand your catchment area by adding a digital sales channel to your traditional sales channels (physical stores, distributors)?

Defining your goals as finely as possible will then allow you to choose the appropriate marketing actions.

2 – What should your content be used for?

What do you want to offer internet users by posting articles on your business blog?

Will you offer advice and buying guides, directly linked to the products on your e-commerce site, or rather original and offbeat chronicles on your sector of activity?

Clearly, what added value will you offer your readers?

3 – Are the contents already published on your blog in adequacy with the products which you wish to sell?

In case you have already published articles on your site, have you thought of updating them? Recycling or supplementing an item also means giving it a second life, by promoting it a second time. And in addition, you save time!

What types of content do you want to publish on your site?

Professional blogs can take many forms. While the majority of companies choose a traditional blog and publish textual content, others are original and stand out by offering videos, for example.

To choose the content to publish on your blog, answer these three questions:

4 – Who consults your site?

The tools that you use to measure your website traffic allow you to learn more about the profile of Internet users who consult it. Plug-ins from tracking can also help you better understand the profiles that make up your audience.

Knowing your audience and their issues will allow you to offer them truly useful and attractive content.

5 – Why do Internet users consult your content? What are they looking for in priority on your site?

Dwell for a moment on the statistics, and in particular on the traffic, of your site and your blog. Identify the pages that attract the most Internet users and, on the contrary, the least consulted articles.

Above all, do not neglect the key expressions of your site’s internal search engine: they give you direct indications on the information sought by Internet users who come to your site. In the event that keywords frequently searched on your site are not the subject of an article, be sure to write them or have them written.

6 – What do your competitors publish?

Make a benchmark from a few competing sites. Take note of good and bad practices, but also the most original content, the articles read and reread, those which are most successful with Internet users.

To get a clear idea of ​​what visitors are looking for on your competitors’ sites, see the comments area: it is often full of suggestions and first-hand questions, since they come directly from the audience you want to touch.

7 – Do you already have content or are you starting from scratch?

Before embarking on the production of actual content, start by carrying out an initial assessment of the content that has already been published on your site.

Do they still match your current content marketing strategy? Can they be reused? Are they still relevant? Don’t forget to send the inventory of these existing content to your editor, or to the editorial agency you use: in content marketing, nothing is thrown away, everything is recycled.

How to set up an effective content strategy?

Once you have determined what you want to achieve and then define the content that will help you achieve it, you need to put in place a coherent and structured content strategy.

Before you start, you must therefore check each of these parameters:

8 – What are your production capacities? Do you have a budget dedicated to the production of content?

Before launching your content marketing strategy, you must ask yourself how you can achieve your goals. Do you have a copywriter or collaborator on your team who is sufficiently fluent in writing to feed your website or blog? If not, what budget do you want to allocate to the production of your content?

These parameters will help you determine the actions and / or partnerships to put in place as part of your marketing strategy.

9 – Do you have an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar allows you to record each of your digital publications, on your business blog as on social networks.

Thanks to this tool, you have an overview of your content marketing strategy, and can therefore coordinate your actions on each of the digital platforms (website, blog, social media, etc.).

Aren’t you using a schedule for your content marketing strategy yet? Try this editorial calendar template.

10 – Are your company and its website present on social networks?

Publishing useful and original content is not enough: to attract traffic to your website, you have to promote it.

Social networks offer you great promotional supports, since they allow you to build up a more or less important and sufficiently qualified audience, thanks to the list of your followers.

Rather than investing in all social media, choose 1 or 2 that are relevant to your business and treat your profile like your publications.

Promote each of your content, but not only: take advantage of these supports to also promote the content of others, and thus create lasting relationships with experts and influencers in your field.

Your content marketing strategy must be carefully prepared before being implemented. Make sure you understand the different elements of this marketing approach, including how they relate to each other, before you embark on a successful content marketing strategy!

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