The figures are unanimous. They shed light on the reality of a real transformation that is currently taking place, namely the digitalization of our societies and our economies …

4 billion people are connected to the Internet, just over half of the world’s population.

5.1 billion people have a mobile phone, smartphone or other: Internet consultations on a smartphone have gone beyond browsing via a computer.

– More than 90% Internet browsing starts via a search engine – and therefore especially via Google.

75% people hardly go beyond the first page of Google.

Facebook now counts 2.1 billion registered.

– Advertising investments in the web are going beyond conventional advertising investments (TV, radio, cinema, etc.): Google and Facebook alone represent the vast majority of advertising investments in the web, more than 85% depending on the country.

The first TV advertisement appeared in 1941. The first Internet advertisement appeared in 1994. This means that the Internet only 24 years to overtake a television advertising industry aged 77 years.

This gives an idea of ​​the magnitude of the earthquake that is happening.

Depending on the market, more and more consumers are first searching the Internet before going to a store to make some purchases. Companies that have been able to anticipate the digital shift have taken the lead by adapting their strategy early enough:

– Websites perfectly suited to computers, tablets and smartphones: if your website is not perfectly responsive, you can miss out on half of your target market.

– A perfect analysis of Google to manage to position itself on the most lucrative keywords: more and more, the money is in the search. Knowing how to optimize web content has become a must.

– Perfectly segmented Facebook ads to deliver marketing messages to the right target and with much more precision than many traditional marketing tools such as TV, radio or cinema.

– Content creations to develop inbound marketing strategies much more effective than conventional outbound strategies. If you create a blog for example, the ratios in terms of return on investment may be much higher than those of canvassing or phoning type commercial prospecting actions, which very often have ridiculously low ratios – less than 0.1% in some markets!

In some cases, digital makes it possible to obtain extraordinary results. With a moderate initial investment, you can manage to develop a substantial turnover. A brand such as Maserati, for example, manages to transform leads from Facebook – at around EUR 50 per unit – as well as LinkedIn leads – at around EUR 250 per unit – into rising vehicle sales at almost 100 KEUR.

This prestigious brand invests in reference platforms such as Le Figaro, Les Échos, Facebook and LinkedIn sites, then it collects the contact details of quality leads. The names of prospects are then distributed to the sales network which is responsible for transforming prospects into customers, with sometimes conversion rates reaching 10%. The establishment of a perfectly modeled sales tunnel thus allows the exponential development of a perfectly controlled turnover.

If you were having trouble developing both your sales and market share and margins, ask yourself the following questions first:

  • Have you perfectly analyzed the digital transformation as it is taking shape today?
  • Have you set up a digital ecosystem to transform a maximum of Internet users into a maximum of qualified leads?
  • Have you designated a sales tunnel allowing you, thanks to digital, to transform and boost your business?