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There are more than 20 post planning software. Most of them, Agorapulse, Buffer, Hootsuite… have a limited free version and several paid plans to take advantage of the entire solution. But since 2018, a new legitimate and so little cited actor has appeared: Creator Studio by Facebook. This platform purely intended for the content creator then aims to simplify the creation, performance monitoring and centralization of messaging. Facebook is not at its first try and intends to transform this new attempt into a success to integrate the market. We tell you why …


1- Creator studio is completely free

Everything is in the title. Yes, like the social network, the content creation platform is completely free. In other words, you can enjoy all of the software’s functionality without having to worry about entering your credit card or trial period. One beautiful obstacle less.

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2- Creator studio is simple

The interface of the content creation platform is rather ergonomic with well structured tabs, quick access to managed pages or the possibility of quickly switching between Facebook and Instagram. Since yes, Creator studio also allows you to program posts on this social network, as well as IGTV videos. On the other hand, the windows nest well and balance the different views of the software.

3- Creator studio belongs to Facebook

And it can make a difference. All other content management tools must regularly obtain authorizations to upgrade their service to the rhythms of social networks. This is certainly not the case with Creator Studio, for which access to the new features of the blue giant is more simplified. There is no doubt that the content creation platform is starting with an undeniable advantage in an era in which Mark Zuckerberg’s firm is making rain and shine in the social media sphere. If this first point is important, we can also talk about the development capacity which is colossal and promises great prospects for improvement.

4- Creator studio with access to Instagram statistics

The desktop version of Instagram clearly leaves something to be desired in terms of functionality. Facebook (who owns Instagram) knows this and takes advantage of Creator Studio to integrate statistical views on account activity and its audience. It contains the main data present in the mobile application. Note: to access the statistics for each publication, simply go to Content Library and click on the post concerned. This feature is a real plus, because it allows you to depend a little less on the mobile application and gain comfort in terms of readability. Small flat, we cannot export the data at the moment. But as they say, everything in its time.

5 – Creator studio centralizes messages and comments

Another advantage of the platform is the centralization of all user interactions:

  • Messages via Messenger;
  • Messages via Instagram;
  • Comments on posts;
  • management of automatic messages (absences, etc.).

This very effective feature brings together in one place everything you need to stay close to your community. As you can see, everything remains very readable so that it can be managed simply. A good way to keep satisfactory response rates and keep the precious Facebook badge: Very responsive. Goodbye the Page Manager!

6- Creator studio promotes the monetization of content

Facebook makes it easier to monetize content by providing creators with a range of tools to get there. Creator studio currently offers 3 products:

  • In-stream advertising: insertion of advertisements in your eligible videos;
  • Brand collaborations: paid partnerships;
  • Fan subscription: Turn your fans into support with a recurring monthly subscription.

Thus, as long as your page meets the eligibility criteria (below), you can apply and hope to benefit from the tools offered by the platform:

Among the criteria, there is a level of subscribers to reach (1000 people) as well as a volume of interactions on the posts. As we can see, the figures are quite demanding and relate to pages that already have a very committed significant community. If you fill in all the boxes, it can still be interesting!

7- Creator studio protects copyright

After receiving quite a few complaints about copyright and theft of videos on its platform, Facebook decided to add a feature called Rights Manager to Creator studio.

The latter will allow users to download the videos so that they can be recorded by Facebook and protected against theft or copying. It’s like an intellectual property safe that is managed by the blue giant directly. An interesting option if you create a lot of video content.

8- Creator studio offers a royalty free sound bank

Always to facilitate the creation of content, Creator studio has a sound library with more than 6,400 songs that are fully reusable for commercial purposes. Yet another reason to find something to it. To make your choice, you can filter your searches by:

  • Genres (folk, blues …);
  • Atmospheres (light, groovy…);
  • Duration (30 s to more than 2 min);
  • Singing (with or without, man, woman…).

9- Creator studio promotes video

With a complete and structured interface, Creator studio allows as many people as possible to create complete and more visible videos. To access it, just click on Import a video in the home page and fill in as many fields as possible (tag, location, description, follow-up, etc.) to make your video more easily found. Additional options such as closed captioning, surveys, 360 tools will improve the user experience.

In a second step, you will access the publication options tab which will allow you to program your content and choose where your post will appear (news feed, Watch). Finally, you will benefit from the latest advice from Facebook before publication, so that your video is a success with your audience.

10- Creator studio has its mobile application

It’s the news of the moment, Facebook declined Creator Studio on mobile on February 19. As we said in point number 3, the company wants to integrate the content planning market with a solution specific to its platform. Since the consumption of social networks is essentially on mobile, this evolution turns out to be rather logical. This strategy seems to be bearing fruit since the application has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times on Android and ranks as # 154 in Business and Economy apps on the App Store.

In terms of features, we are essentially on monitoring (data reading) with management of messages and comments like the desktop version. It is currently not possible to publish a post from the application. Overall, for a very recent application, it is fairly fluid and without too many bugs. To test !


Facebook has a huge strike force and almost unlimited resources. The company shows us here that it intends to anchor Creator Studio in the minds of all content creators by adding a new string to its bow with the mobile application. No doubt more improvements will come later this year to the delight of Instagram page and account administrators.

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