▷ 10 steps to get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn 2020 -

As the leading professional social network, LinkedIn is a must in the job search. He established himself as a reference during recruitment. Creating a LinkedIn profile is the first step that will bring you visibility. How to take advantage of it? 10-step manual …

A professional photo you will add

According to LinkedIn, profiles with a photo
would be 14 times more consulted than those who do not. Your photo is
the most visual element of your profile. She must make you want
to add and invite to the meeting.

Choose a photo that highlights you. This one
must be professional while being consistent with the sector, the type
, and the position you are targeting. Otherwise, favor sobriety.

pay attention to the image that your photo can reflect through your posture,
the expression of your face, the environment, and its quality.

An attractive cover photo you will put

LinkedIn allows you to add a cover photo.
Remember one thing: 90% of the information we retain comes from visual support from LinkedIn. The information you send to
through your cover photo are therefore essential.

This is an opportunity for you to send a message and stand out. This obviously has to be adapted to the target sector.

You have several options: a quote
that inspires you, a royalty-free image that represents you, a photo of
you in a professional setting…

A catchy title you will indicate

The title is often overlooked. However, it’s about
the element that will trigger the action of recruiters and professionals. It is
this element that will allow them to find you during their research, which
will encourage them to contact you and add you to their network.

You have 120 characters to indicate both
what you do, who you are and why you would be an asset to your
future employer. Find the balance between incentive keywords (incentive
on click) and qualitative keywords (mainly used by
recruiters to prospect).

A revealing summary you will write

This is the first item the recruiter will see when they view your profile. This summary is more personal than your cover letter. Write it down briefly and concisely, presenting yourself in a few lines and explaining what makes you unique. Drag keywords that match your professional world.

You can add anything you can to your summary
highlight and highlight your skills. For example a short
video or portfolio.

Your full contact details will reach you

Email, phone number, Twitter account, Skype…
Fill in all of your contact details on your profile so that the recruiter
can contact you. If your profile interests him, he should not search
a long time how to contact you.

Your training you will complete

Indicate at least the last establishment in which you obtained a diploma and link your profile to the page of your establishment. Add anything that can attest to the acquisition of your skills such as MOOCs.

Your experiences will update you

Don’t just state what your responsibilities are
and your tasks. Describe your experiences using keywords.

To find the right keywords, visit the profiles of
people working in your sector and the offers you want. Then
place them in different categories of your profile in order to optimize your

Advertise and talk about your accomplishments.
LinkedIn allows you to upload examples of your work. They will bring
a concrete dimension to your experiences.

Also integrate your extra-professional activities.

Recommendations you will ask

LinkedIn offers two recommendation tools:

Personal written recommendation

It is written by a member of your network who describes
your contribution to the realization of a project. The most recommended and
appreciated are those of your employers, clients or colleagues (click here to get a better idea about engaging LinkedIn recommendations).
Use only one or two recommendations from professional relations
carefully chosen. You will go up in the search engines.

Recommendation by vote

To do this, you must establish a list of key skills, preferably between 5 and 10. Your professional relationships will simply have to click on the skills they deem right. Organize them in a coherent order and prioritize those that will make the difference with a recruiter. Each skill entered can be a keyword and will be an additional chance to attract the attention of the recruiter.

Your URL will shorten you

Each user with a LinkedIn profile has a profile URL. It will be much easier to publicize your profile if you adapt its web address. Ideally, opt for: www.linkedin.com/yourselfname. It will be better referenced by Google and potential employers will be able to find you more easily.

Don’t forget to make your profile public by clicking
on “Edit public profile and URL” and activate the function
“Public visibility of your profile”.

Your network will develop

Use your knowledge

Tap into all your address books: Facebook,
Twitter, Gmail… Invite your loved ones, the recruiters you may have met
at recruitment fairs, at conferences … Add only
knowledge that can enrich your professional network. Bet on the
quality and not quantity. Your network should be able to be clearly
identified and be of quality. The larger and better your network, the more
you’ll likely have a recruiter view your profile.

Regularly post professional articles

These items must be related to your professional sector. Two to three posts per week are recommended. Feel free to customize them to stand out. You can also follow bloggers or influencers in your field.

Like and comment on publications

When you like or comment on a post,
your whole network sees it. First comment on
publications that you consider relevant. The scope of your comments may
take on a considerable scale and you bring excellent visibility.

Join discussion groups

Choose 50 groups in which you can post and / or comment. Focus groups are a great way to learn about an industry and meet industry professionals. Do not hesitate to click on the professional profiles that seem relevant to you. A notification will be sent to them and you will have the opportunity to expand your network.

Subscribe to company pages

Subscribe to LinkedIn pages of companies in your
network. They can represent a wealth of information on opportunities
job, professional events … This is a good way to show
your interest in the eyes of recruiters who consult your profile.

You now have all the keys in hand to maximize your chances of attracting the attention of a recruiter.