Do you want more subscribers to your newsletter ? The best way to do this is to deliver high quality content to your readers. But there are other effective solutions that will allow you to focus on the essentials. Discover 10 WordPress plugins for increase subscriptions to its newsletter as this is not allowed. Be careful, I kept the best
for the end ?

# 1: How Redirect by Yoast

Internet users who take the time to comment on your articles represent qualified traffic. So you should not let them go without offering them the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter.

The WordPress Comment Redirect plugin offers you to redirect all those who are commenting for the first time to a hidden page. On this page, you can ask them to:

  • Subscribe to your blog;
  • Share your article on Facebook;
  • Read your most popular articles;
  • Follow you on YouTube;
  • Etc.

Lots of bloggers
don’t use this trick. It’s a decoy. Because internet users find
this friendly and surprising page.

Quite often when we comment
on a blog, what’s going on?


It’s different with you. You
take the time to thank your reader. You invite him to be part of the
bandaged. You talk to him. Just like we would do with a friend.

Basically you are a person

# 2: Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts automatically inserts links to similar content within your content.

increase subscriptions to its newsletter

Large online newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Le Monde, Financial Times, etc., have understood the value of the plugin and are using it for their websites. This extension does not have the direct function ofincrease subscriptions to its newsletter, but of :

  • Capture the attention of readers by making them discover more content likely to please them;
  • Increase your number of page views per visitor and reduce the bounce rate;
  • Improve natural referencing by creating internal links.

All of this is good for SEO.

Better natural referencing =
more traffic = more registered?

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you must define your preferences in terms of design (shapes, colors, fonts) and content (number of articles to insert, types of link).

Then it’s Inline Related Posts that does all the work. He randomly places one or more inserts with the link to another article that he considers similar.

# 3: OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to lock your most popular items in exchange for sharing on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). Once your content is shared, it unlocks automatically.

increase subscriptions to its newsletter

This exchange of good practices helps
to develop your social presence (and therefore your notoriety), to have more
likes / shares and attract more qualified traffic from social networks to
your site.

If you have already installed
share buttons you know how hard it is to convince your
readers to click on it. After all, what is their interest?
Instead, ask them to “pay” to access your item
super top, they will be much more motivated.

# 4: WP to Buffer

Other WordPress plugin for increase
subscriptions to its newsletter
: WordPress to Buffer.

Buffer, you know? It is an online application for planning and publishing your publications on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin).

You can even install the Buffer extension in your browser to publish (or schedule) an article you are currently reading on all your social networks.

The WordPress to Buffer plugin automatically adds your WordPress posts to your Buffer account.


Save time and increase your visibility. All this in 20/80.


# 5: Revive Old Post

When you write an article by
blog, what do we do next?

We share it once, then let it languish in our archives. Reposting these old content often is a great way toincrease subscriptions to its newsletter. This is what Neil Patel says.

With Revive Old Posts, you

  • Automate the publication of your old articles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin;
  • Define a minimum time between shares;
  • Request that your article be published for a certain period;
  • Exclude certain articles or entire categories.

Awesome right?

And if you want to know the recipe for writing a memorable blog post, this is it.

# 6: SumoMe

SumoMe is a WordPress plugin
powerful whose many features will allow you to propel
your site in the stars? You can for example:

  • Install different types of pop-ups to increase your number of registrants;
  • Facilitate the sharing of part of your articles on social networks;
  • See which part of the page your visitors click on;
  • Set up sharing buttons;
  • Etc.

The list of applications that make up the plugin is too long. Take a look here to find out.

# 7: Click to Tweet

This WP plugin allows you to
share your article on Tweet with one click. You can place the
click boxes where you want them in your articles, with your own

Very effective in bringing more
Twitter users on your WordPress site.

# 8: Sassy Social Share

There are a multitude of
WordPress plugins allowing you to add sharing buttons on your
site. Nevertheless, Sassy Social Share is interesting for its button styles
and its customization options.

This plugin supports
a large list of networks, with more than 100 sharing services. There you
allows :

  • Target your share buttons on specific post types or individual content items;
  • Add floating share bars;
  • Enable / disable vertical or horizontal floating buttons on mobile devices;
  • Track statistics on the results issued by this plugin (paid service).

All without loss of

In addition, it is a very puglin
simple to handle.

# 9: Yoast SEO to increase newsletter subscriptions

If you are looking for the best
market SEO plugin to boost your traffic, don’t hesitate for a second, download
Yoast SEO.

SEO is often the bane of site owners. The many features of Yoast SEO helps you:

  • analyze your content for its SEO quality and
  • configure the operating parameters of
    your content in Google and social networks.
increase subscriptions to its newsletter

All this is done without taking the head, you only have to follow the recommendations of Yoast (internal mesh, image optimization, etc.) by following the color code:

  • Gray: Yoast is not able to make recommendations (you have not provided anything);
  • Red: some important concerns must be resolved as a priority;
  • Orange: some improvements are to be made;
  • Green: everything is ok.

# 10: Thrive Leads

How to talk about plugins for increase the number of newsletter subscriptions without mentioning Thrive Leads, a WordPress lead generation extension?

The feature list is
so long that we would get lost.

Take a look.

With Thrive Leads, you will
power :

  • Create “Lead Groups” and ask that your forms be displayed or not displayed on certain articles, pages or categories;
  • Choose from many types of forms: in-content, lighbox, ribbon, lightbox, post footer, sidebar, screen filler, scroll mat, widget, slide in.
  • Select a template from hundreds:
increase subscriptions to its newsletter
  • Choose whether or not to display popups on desktop and mobile;
  • Create A / B tests for each popup:
  • Create A / B tests between each type of form:
  • Create ThriveBoxes to display your forms only when a reader clicks at a specific location;
  • Create Lead Shortcodes and place them where you want by inserting a code in your article;
  • Hide part of your content using a two-part shortcode:
  • Create “segue signup” to subscribe a subscriber to another list;
  • Create “asset delivery” to send content by email after registering a reader without going through your auto-responder;
  • Analyze the performance of your different forms using an analytical tool: