▷ 10 words to succeed in your content marketing strategy 2020 -

Some professional and business bloggers have blogs that are viewed thousands of times, Facebook pages full of fans, YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers, and emails read by 78% of their subscribers. Others not against have all the trouble in the world to interest their audience. Their blog is forgotten, their articles are neither commented nor shared. As for their YouTube page, the only subscribers are their parents, friends and some naive colleagues…

Why do the former perform very well while the latter perform poorly? This is because the former have a smarter content strategy. And from you to me, in which group do you want to belong?

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I’m going to give you the element that makes the difference between the two: just because you have implemented a content marketing strategy does not mean that you will automatically succeed. Successful businesses are those that try to go beyond the simple methodology, beyond the simple plan that anyone can execute. Successful companies are trying to understand what makes the reader vibrate.

If you manage to find what startles your readers at 3 am, they will go crazy for you, your content, your brand. But reaching this stage requires trying to understand your audience. You must conduct a study, survey and send questionnaires. Companies that do this have more ROI (return on investment) than those that don’t.

As far as human beings are concerned, you should know that human beings act most of the time through emotion. He buys his house, his car or the latest smartphone, always with emotion. If you succeed in creating emotion among your audience, it will come to you regularly.

Studies related to behavioral economics, neuroeconomics and psychology have shown that certain expressions trigger reactions in humans and appeal to their primary instinct.

So to boost your content strategy, you need to use certain terms to be more persuasive. They act on our subconscious mind by prompting us to take action.

I therefore offer you 10 words to succeed in your content strategy.


Use the pronoun ” you Is tantamount to directly appealing to readers. When you use it in your content, they immediately feel targeted by the message you want to convey.

Whether you’re writing blog articles, product sheets, sales pages, or an ebook, using the “you” drive readers to listen to you and convince them that you’re speaking to them.

The hidden strength of this pronoun is that it makes the reader’s subconscious react, which creates a connection between him, you and your business.

To maximize the impact of this pronoun, you can use it at the start of your blog posts, multiple times in the text, or incorporate it into your calls to action. Guaranteed efficiency!


The human being is really surprising: he always likes to find an explanation for everything and to justify himself to take action. If you produce content and sell a product, providing your prospect with a reason to buy will be the best way to persuade them to buy your product.

MIT, the famous American research institute, has carried out a surprising study on this subject. In a first group of people, one person says, “ I have five copies of documents to make. Can I use the copier before you because I’m in a hurry ? “. 94% of people let it pass.

In the second group, the same person says, ” I have five copies of documents to make. Can I use the copier before you? “. Here, only 60% of people have let the person come before them … A huge difference of 30% makes a huge difference.

When selling or creating content (copywriting or content marketing), put yourself in the shoes of the reader and always ask yourself the following questions:

What will I gain by purchasing this service / product?
Why should I buy it?
Why should I give my email address?
Why should I subscribe to this site or blog?

Answering these questions will help you design your content and offers to be more persuasive.

Gift / free

Everyone likes everything that is free. It’s our nature to always want to receive without giving anything back, because getting something for free is always fun. Terms like “gift” or “free” are emotional triggers.

In this case, emphasize that your ebook, template or checklist is free on your landing page and that you only need to have it by providing an email address. Your visitors will do it without hesitation. You can also offer a free bonus on your sales page. This will push the prospect to finally order the product.

For example, if you sell a new toothpaste that costs 20 euros, you can specify in your offer that you give as a bonus 2 toothbrushes. Your prospects will see an opportunity to get a good deal.


Today everything is going fast and no one has time to wait. To maximize the effect on your readers, mention that they must act immediately. If you postpone your offer, no one will come anymore: a party prospect never returns. That’s why you should use expressions like right now, now, instantly, instantly, immediately.

Examples :

Take advantage of this 50% reduction now.
By ordering this product, you can use it immediately.

Simple / easy

Now that everything seems to be going fast, people are stressed and don’t have the time. Simplifying a product or presenting the simplicity of a product is something to consider. Simplicity and ease are therefore the watchwords.

For the good of your activity, you can also integrate these concepts into your offers, your content. You’ll find that your readers’s engagement will be higher and your chances of getting your prospects in action will be higher.


Studies have shown for a very long time that human beings are afraid of losing something. When a customer goes shopping, he wants to do the right business, the right choice. That’s why it’s important to reassure him throughout his customer journey.

Using “it is guaranteed” creates a feeling of security directly in him, he feels reassured. This is why every time, you must use this term in your sales pitch to motivate the prospect to take action.

Exclusive / new

Man is definitely a bizarre being. He wants to have it all for himself and be the first everywhere. Journalists, for example, want information first, while geeks want to test a product as soon as it is released before all other users. And that’s where you come in.

In your offer, specify that your solution is exclusive and new, and specify to your customer that he will be the first to benefit from it. You’ll see how he will hurry to buy it.

Words like ” new “And” exclusive Resonate in the prospect’s head as an improvement, a more powerful, complete and successful version of a product. No one likes to have an outdated solution.

Take a look, for example, at customers rushing into stores with the release of the new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. They want to take advantage of the new smartphone’s functionality before anyone else.

By saying that your offers are “new”, you are thus perceived as an innovator, for the benefit of your brand image.


Boosting the persuasiveness of your content means systematically using all of the elements discussed in this article. These words trigger positive reactions from readers. If you just write texts, even if they are of good quality, you run the risk of failure without these terms. So think about it 😉