The first time I started my blog was in 2013. You can’t imagine what joy filled me, I was so excited. Finally the whole world was going to discover me. But a few days later, total disappointment: meager visits, no comments. I was disappointed and sad. I told myself that I was not made for that, that it was for the others. However, I had time to learn, read and progress and finally saw how bad I had sinned. I created mediocre content, slightly passable and not at all proportionate to a given audience. But it is now a thing of the past. Today, I’m going to show you how to avoid having this experience …

Content is king. We hear people repeat it every day. But I have a problem with this meaning that has become vulgar, it is that we completely forget to specify how to render this content KING. And what you can see is seeing thousands of people working with great enthusiasm to produce their content. But afterwards, disappointment. They see no positive results. As a direct result, they quickly blamed the ineffectiveness of content marketing.

Content is and remains the substance of the web. And with traditional marketing techniques becoming obsolete, content marketing becomes one of the only weapons in the hands of web entrepreneurs to grow their business.

You have to create content, that’s true.

But brands no longer have to create content like they used to, that is, create content for content. Content for itself is no longer worth being. Brands must think in terms of strategy with a look at the KING.

Today, whether offline or on the web, we’re all overwhelmed with content and information here and there. We feel suffocated, overwhelmed and in this informational hodgepodge, it becomes both difficult to find valuable content and assert one’s own. This is why getting out of this informational Babel jungle must be the mission of those who produce content. Otherwise, it will be dilution, drowning in the flood of content created every day.

Videos, blog articles, podcasts and infographics, you have to make them all stand out.

As you can see, creating simple content is no longer enough. You have to stand out from the crowd and that goes through the design of remarkable content.

Do you know what remarkable content is?

The remarkable content is distinguished by the fact that it is tailored for a specific audience and provides them with a precise response. It is first and foremost a strong attempt to resolve the problem of its audience. This is content that pushes the reader to exclaim, to jump, to make him think of his 18th birthday. This content, it is shared on social networks like a virus, it comments itself dozens of times. After long weeks, we still remember it. Hey, this is the type of content you need to produce today!

There are many advantages to good content:

  • It will attract additional traffic to your corporate site;
  • It will better position your site on search engines;
  • It will generate leads;
  • It will bring sales in the medium term;
  • Lastly, it will position you as an expert, a specialist in your field.

Isn’t that what you’ve always dreamed of?

By following the next steps, you will be able to create content that stands out.

Define your audience


One of the fatal mistakes people make is creating content without considering their real target. It reminds me of my first blog I started on marketing. In fact, I was talking about marketing in every way. I thought that all those who were interested in marketing were going to rush on it … but it was a nice mistake. You should always know who you are talking to. Otherwise, you’re going to risk creating content, perhaps interesting sometimes, but addressed to the wrong person.

To get started, start by putting on paper the image of those you want to talk to by asking yourself the right questions:

  • What do they do?
  • What do they need?
  • Where do they live ?
  • Where do they spend the most time?
  • What is their activity?
  • What are the most common problems people in this industry face?
  • How old are they ?
  • What makes them vibrate? What do they hate the most?

Imagine you have a blog that talks about marketing. Are you just going to write about marketing like this? No. It would be a big mistake. By focusing on startup marketing, you are sure to reach a specific audience.

Another example, you can decide to start a blog on weight loss. Are you going to talk about weight loss in general? No ! You will go straight to failure. On the other hand, by focusing on women who have just given birth, you are able to clearly determine what their concern is and write articles for them only, tailor-made and therefore relevant.

In short, always make an effort to know who you want to talk to first.

Define their concern

Why is it important to track your audience’s concern? Because you’ll have nothing to say to them if you don’t know what they need, the people they suffer from. At best, you will be producing content that is unsuitable for your current audience. And let me tell you one thing, you will be disappointed to find that nobody comments on your publication, does not share anything. Is this what you want ? I believe you are wise to understand your interest in it.

Give a precise answer

Why do you think people go to search engines? It’s simply because they need information. So, please them, satisfy their thirst. Whether in blog articles, infographics or videos, after consuming them, they should say to themselves: “Wow! This article really answered my question. Now I’m better prepared, I can do better X or Y. ”This is how your content will have the chance to be shared on social networks.

Write concisely and precisely

The web is like a battleground where you continually fight against many other factors to grab the attention of readers. The latter have unread emails in their mailbox, they have messages on their Facebook account. There are so many distractions around them that it’s hard for them to pay attention to something more interesting. If your content is concise, precise and well presented, readers will surely appreciate it. There is no point in making long texts. It’s not the length that counts or the quantity, it’s the quality and relevance that makes the difference. Let not a single useless word be part of your text. You have to fight to cut the word which goes beyond and which brings nothing more.

Your readers want to get to the bottom of your thinking, get them there quickly.

Write like children


Do you know the mental game that takes place when you write to children? Your brain makes an effort to simplify the transmission of knowledge. Do the same with your readers, forget that they are adult and educated people. Please give up your pedantic and philosophical language. Your readers don’t need yet another literature course. What? You wanted to use sustained language? We are not at the University of Nanterre here. What your reader needs is to consume your content quickly. Besides, you know, he has no time in front of him; he is a hurried being, too much in demand by his environment.

Make your content actionable


Your readers don’t care if you have a bac + 15 or an MBA stuff. You love them, so make it easy for them. Make content that doesn’t teach them, but that makes them self-sufficient. Make content that they will be able to execute without calling you. Yes, good content teaches, shows the expertise of its author. Yet the remarkable content puts the reader on the path of the possible, of the realization. Let the reader see and feel that your content is made for them and is thought to help them be autonomous. It will make you well. Make it mentally take your place, in the space of consuming your content and until the moment of putting it into practice, it becomes you. You will gain followers forever.

Become the master who made him a mason and not the master who taught him notions of masonry. Gone are the days when we wrote epistolary content, content from intellectual literary bac + … Your reader has a need: he wants to solve his problem. And only content designed according to the user guide model can help. Do you know why the user guides are always popular with users? For the simple reason that even a newborn baby can practice them. And when I talk about newborns, I am not kidding. Do not laugh. Please don’t complicate the life of your audience anymore, it’s already hurting too much.

Create engaging and provocative content

Do you know what makes articles popular on social media? It’s their ability to get readers’ opinions. Your content should always be designed so that it appeals to the reader. This can be by direct solicitations such as rhetorical questions, calls to action at the end of the article, or indirect such as the use of pictorial facts. The fact remains that the reader must feel concerned in your content, he must recognize himself in the content. The second technique is to use provocative subjects or the use of titles based on clichés.

The only way to maintain long-term success is to continually engage people with its content.

For example “Why are all the markers liars”. The most important thing is that you should do your best to get the readers’ opinions. This is how your content can spread like a virus on social networks.

Joe Pulizzi, the great content marketing guru, had this brilliant inspiration: “The only way to maintain success in the long term is to continually engage people with its content.”

You understand everything now.

Make smart use of images

The web has become visual. And with the hyper-solicitation of Internet users, using the image becomes an imperative. Not only does it break the monotonous rhythm of a text, but it also allows a deeper anchoring of knowledge by the reader. Studies have shown that humans learn faster when represented by images. The visual effectively allows a welded anchoring of information in the human cerebral cortex. It’s not for nothing that you see people more captivated when there is an image, not to mention that the visual looks pretty. You now have reason to use it in your content. It can be photos, screenshots, infographics or even videos. But the most important thing is that it should support the message you are sending to your readers.

Hold a conversation


I know, while writing your article, you say to yourself: I am the expert, the expert, and I will show them what I have in my bag, tons of knowledge. This is not bad in itself. Used well, your expertise is better demonstrated. However, be careful not to speak in an overly authoritarian tone. No one likes to have authority over him. To make yourself heard better, imagine yourself having a conversation with your husband, wife, brother. The conversational tone links the author to the reader, it creates a connection and establishes an invisible, but very real communication between your readers and you. In addition, it allows the reader to have a more human face in the content they consume. Break the rhythm of the text, step outside the frame of the lesson giver, hint at a case of personal experience and add a touch of humor. Your readers will love you for it.

Create original content

Content is created every day on the web. Have you decided to create content too? So much the better. But you will have to stand out from the crowd. To tell the truth, I hate reading an article on a site X and going to another site Z to see a similar article. As we know, it is difficult today to create content from scratch. So many blogs or people have already covered the topic you want to cover. But you have to find out how you are going to be different. You are free to create light content, but don’t forget this: our old friend Google is keeping an eye on things.

Your content should be distinguished by its depth, the angle you are going to approach must appear new. It is in this logic that you will have the chance to be seen, both by men and by search engines.

Please write well


Who likes to read a text riddled with grammar, haugraph or frapes? Person. And the best part is that you can have the best content in the world, but if you have left patches of mistakes here and there, then you are in a very bad way. Do you still use adverbs improperly? Please throw them away. Use nouns or adjectives instead. Have you mastered the art of using complex and voluminous sentences? Know that you are annoying your readers. The simple sentence is to be prioritized. Adopt the subject + verb + complement structure. Make life easier for everyone. You have no chance of distinguishing yourself positively with poor writing style and infinite mistakes.

Use a magnetic and electrifying title

Neil Patel, brilliant entrepreneur and founder of kissmetrics and CrazyEgg said:

Always focus on creating strong titles. A good headline attracts readers’ interest and invites them to read your content.

Let’s take a look at these Copyblogger statistics for a moment:

  • 80% of people will read your headlines;
  • But only 20% of these people will read the rest of your content.

This statistic highlights the crucial importance of the title which becomes just as important as the content itself. The first reason why readers click on an article or other content comes from the design of the title. Captivating, captivating headlines spark curiosity and motivate the reader to take an interest in your content. Think of those online news sites that have discovered the secret to writing compelling headlines. Buzzfeed, to name a few, has mastered the art of writing impactful headlines. By the way, take inspiration from it.

Are you still there ? I know, this article was long (almost 2600 words), but it was worth it.

It is to avoid wasting your time in the future that I designed it this way.

In the end, making its content “remarkable” is not very complicated. With the will, the necessary prerequisites and the time available, you will be able to make your content stand out from the crowd and expose it to thousands of people who will undoubtedly appreciate it. This will cause more traffic, more sales and more generations of leads.

Image source: Shutterstock