Yes I know. It hurts. You spent hours on your last article. When you clicked on “publish”, you still had hope. This time, they will love, comment and share. You already saw yourself at the top of the #aznavourcharles poster. 1 hour later, nothing …

You reassure yourself as best you can. “It is still too early, they have not yet seen that I have published a new article.” The next day, the sentence fell: 1 comment. It’s your mother. Shocked and disappointed.

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They don’t see your readers. But you are suffering. Silently.

Your dream is moving away and it’s neither hot nor cold. It’s terrible.

Let me tell you something I’m ashamed of. I experienced the same thing.

I abandoned my 1st blog.

Today. These are the comments I receive:


Believe me, it boosts and it makes you want to continue (a huge thank you for your comments).

You see. Your situation is serious, but not fatal.

You can get away with it.

You are going to make it.

You will receive this type of comment and experience this great feeling of being recognized for your work. You’ll see your dream come closer again. You’re going to have that little smirk and say to yourself “I’m on the right track”. Follow me, I’ll show you how.

1 / powerful words

Re-read your last article. What do you see ? You always use the same words. The same adjectives. The problem is that :

  • It’s already boring to die;
  • And the worst part is that naturally. By intellectual laziness, you only use “simple” words.

Simple words are everyday words.

This tree is very large = laziness.

This tree is colossal = power.

This game is rare = laziness.

This game is legendary = power.

You see ?

Find the right word. Do not be afraid of words. Change bad words into powerful words that slap your reader. At Bayrou.

(click to see the slap)

2 / Clear the adverbs

Adverbs … er, what is that already? Yes I know, your French lessons are far away. Slowly, gently, quickly, very quickly, quite beautiful. That’s the adverbs. Words that change the meaning of a verb or adjective.

And it sucks.

Whenever you see one, an alert should go off. Be careful, your sentence may stink of defeat.


I will take a blog at random (made live, without editing).

( “Http: // …” ...No, I’m joking. I don’t give the address, it can’t be done.)


“It is really not easy especially since I find it increasingly difficult to shop at this time. There are really too many people and I find the commercial side of Christmas quite disturbing. ”


“It’s a nightmare. I can’t stand stores anymore at this time of year. There are tons of people. The commercial side of Christmas is unbearable. ”

You see ? It’s obvious. We naturally write phony stuff. Hard for our reader who will probably run away on another more fun blog. The secret ? Reread yourself. That’s all. Like I just did. There I took the 1st article on Google

You can imagine that the Internet is full of dummy texts to shit. Make a difference and your reader will see it first hand. He’s going to bookmark you and wait for your items like we’re expecting the Christmas holidays.

With FUCKING impatience.


“I think” and “I find” are to be banned. We know that you are the one who thinks that, because … IT’S YOUR BLOG BLOG!

There are horrible things we all do when we write that make the text difficult to read. These unbearable little things are incredibly easy to fix. Here are the 3 commandments of engineering articles.

3 / Never again long sentences you will make

The extended sentences are undrinkable, there are too many ideas for a single sentence and suddenly we have to do it twice, which makes reading the sentence really difficult, don’t you think?

WHYIIIIIIIIIIIIII you inflict this on your reader?

Ban the commas. Replace them with dots.

I know what you think. “Yes, but sometimes I have to because we don’t start a sentence with“ but, or, and ”

4 / With “but”, “or”, “and”, your sentences you will start

The French teachers traumatized us. But we will correct that. And you will finally know how to write. Or you will continue to write sleeping pills.



5 / Single word sentences you will do

A real booster.

Sentences of a word or two boost your article.


6 / Words of emotion

The power of movies is to make you live history. The action scenes. Of love. You are in the place of the character and you feel his emotions.

He is crying. You cry. Shame. Do not hide. It all happened to us. But the fact remains that it is shame. A collective shame.

Causes the same effect with your article. And this is the insured cardboard. Your player will vibrate. Without video, it’s not easy isn’t it? Did you know that certain words have the power to transform your articles into real action films? You will discover the amazing power of these words.

Words of emotion activate a part of our brain that wakes us up. It makes your item punchy. Words of emotion are scary. They surprise. They make you laugh. They make you sad, happy.

  • “Your articles are ignored. It is terrible. “

Use these words to connect with your reader’s emotions.

To make him react.

  • “Your reader will to fall in love of you ”= love;
  • “Succeeding this muscular exercise will make you yell yes”= Joy;
  • “These weeds are unbearable, they put you out of you”= Anger;
  • “This method of weight loss is scientifically proven”= Trust.

7 / Sensory words

What is a sensory word? I know, it’s unclear to you. You are in full fog. I’ll explain. A sensory word makes you feel, touch, see, imagine, hear the text. Sit comfortably in your soft seat. I show you.

If I say, “your item smells musty”. Unconsciously, you will smell that bad smell. Your brain will simulate it. It will be almost real. You become an actor in the article. The item becomes alive.

You are no longer just a spectator sitting cuddly in your rockin-pastrès-cher # humorA2balles

Sensory words have this power to make you live the text. Like an action movie in the cinema. You see the explosions, you hear them from everywhere. You are in it.

(click to see the action)

Is your sky clearing up? You understand what a sensory word is now. To keep your reader until the end. Add doses of red pepper in your article. It raises the taste.

8 / The analogies

There is another way to replace simple words and adverbs. If you have exhausted all your powerful, emotional and sensory words. You have this little secret weapon that is doing enormous damage.

The analogy.

  • “He was running very fast” = “In his race, he overtook Usain Bolt. 2x. ”;
  • “He was walking very slowly” = “He was walking slower than a one-legged snail”.


9 / The mini stories

Mini stories help explain an idea. In an original and dynamic way. Result. We understand better and it gets us out of our sleep.

Conceived. You’re at a party with a friend. You are ten. ,But you. You only see her. You like this girl. You go to the table. You’ve already thought of a strategy to sit right next to her. #forceur

The meal is going well. You listen to it. She also asks you questions. Everything looks good. But there is something unexpected happening.

Your friend starts to tell about his last vacation. A 20-day trip to Cambodia. Between visits and meetings. Landscapes and beaches. He dazzles you with his adventure.

He speaks. Everyone is listening. Including this girl. She has that admiring look. She drinks your friend’s words. She laughs loudly. She sees herself on the bike in Cambodia with … your friend. The tide has turned.


You know this scene, right? That’s the power of stories. The stories fascinate, bewitch, hypnotize. They teleport you in place of the character. We no longer read a text. We live it.

The American blog LifeHacker explains why stories activate our brains. Your article must not be an American highway. Long and boring. Your reader may close your eyes and there it’s the accident. Make your article a winding mountain road. And your reader will be attentive at all times.

A car can tumble in front at any time. On the right, there is the ravine. Warning. A “Risk of landslide” sign. Surprise your reader. He will love you.

10 / A conversational tone

The danger when you write. It’s having that boring tone of your history teacher in 6th grade. Do you remember ? Who likes to be brought down to the rank of a little student who is taught a lesson?

Not me.

Don’t you bet either?


Your article is nothing more than a conversation with your best reading friend.

Your goal is to help him.

To make your article look more like a relaxed chat than a lecture:

  • Ask your reader questions. Is not it ?
  • Stop complicated words to sound smart;
  • Speak directly to your reader using “you” (or “you”) rather than “I” all the time.

A conversation is between 2 people. Otherwise it’s a monologue.

What could be worse than talking with someone you don’t listen to.

According to the Kissmetrics blog, the word “you / you” is one of the 3 most powerful words to grab attention.


11 / Credibility

The blogger’s # 1 problem is credibility. The readers are terrible. They only believe what they see. And they are right. There are so many fake news on the net that we don’t know who to believe. It looks like a presidential election. You don’t expect your reader to drink your words until you’ve proven yourself.

Here are some tips to show him that you know what you’re talking about:

  • Cite your sources. Bring proof of what you say;
  • Explain your ideas by example. If you can explain a complicated concept with your words. With easy to understand examples. It shows that you understand. That you know what you’re talking about;
  • Take your opinion. Forget words like: maybe, in some cases, maybe, if, but. It gives the impression that you are hesitant. That you are not sure what you are saying. Even if it’s not.

Earlier, I talked about stories and their effect on our brains.

I would have passed for a puppet if I had said: “You should try to tell stories in your articles. Maybe it will please your reader ”


It’s not “maybe”. It is 2000% safe and certain.

Scientists have shown it. And I’m bringing you the proof because I did a research.

Your turn

You see. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write exciting articles. The secret is in proofreading. First. Write your article without asking any questions. To move forward and not block each sentence. Then re-read once or twice if necessary. Rephrase your sentences by adding magic. Thanks to these tips.

Start now. Re-read your last article. And apply the techniques you just learned. While it’s fresh in your head.

You can do it. Your readers will devour your articles. You’re going to get great comments like, “I love your writing style.” You will love life.

Written with ❤️️.

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