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When I started blogging on CWT Advertising Conseil in early 2011, I never suspected that sharing knowledge online could become a viable business model …

6 million visitors later, what should have been only a temporary experience has become my daily life, and the hobby has turned into consulting for companies wishing to implement the best strategies to increase their traffic and attract customers in a predictable way.

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These strategies, we are one of hundreds of entrepreneurs who have tested them in recent years. Often hard work, sometimes copying American blogs, or inventing our own recipes.

Recipes that now have a name:

  • Inbound marketing;
  • Content marketing;
  • Social selling;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Account-based marketing;
  • Growth hacking…

Bird names (or letters of nobility of your choice) who should not scare or put off companies who want to set up effective marketing systems to find customers through the Internet.

If the methods and tools have become more professional, the levers, on the other hand, have not changed: SEO, advertising, emails, social networks, etc.

Competition is certainly tougher, but technical knowledge, if it helps to move faster, is no longer an imperative to achieve your goals.

As long as you make the right choices at the start so as not to weigh down your long-term strategy (choice of domain name, hosting, URL structures, etc.), the tools available today allow you to start a professional presence on Internet for 200 or 300 euros per year.

CWT Advertising Conseil runs WordPress with a handful of additional tools that do not require coding. This has never been an obstacle to gradually increasing to 225,000 visitors per month.

Starting without (too much) technique is therefore possible. On the other hand, you will not be able to do without a clear “roadmap” to invest your resources (in time, man, budget) in an optimal way:

  • Indeed, you do not have 3 years in front of you to hope to emerge;
  • You can’t write 200 articles until you know you’re in a bind;
  • You can’t spend $ 10,000 on advertising to verify that your campaigns are working (or not).

Too many companies are using the right levers, but in a haphazard way, with no battle plan and no effective marketing system.

At this rate, if you are one of these companies, you cannot reach the critical mass from which your site becomes extremely profitable.

You get stuck in that soft belly which requires you to publish regularly on your blog, send your monthly newsletter to your 500 subscribers, make endless posts on social networks and spend 200 euros per month on Adwords with no real benefits.

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To leave this area, you have to build a real system to grow, build traffic and attract customers.

There are excellent guides on the Internet (more and more, it must be said). Unfortunately, the majority of them are swallowed up by thousands of content that sometimes distills untruths (out of ignorance or simply to sell).

I therefore make available 13 guides to download + 1 video to understand what a marketing system is and to improve your knowledge of the main levers to generate traffic and turnover.

For companies (including agencies, firms, consultants and coaches) who wish to go much faster and implement these strategies at home, book your discovery interview.

If I think I can help, we will assess together how my methodology can help attract customers to your business.