Any marketer’s dream? It’s reaching and measuring marketing goals. The questions we tend to ask focus mainly on how to develop the marketing plan, on how to prioritize marketing actions, the type of network to use for real success. No matter the size of your company or the sector where you work, the current era obliges you from now on to invest in your marketing strategy, preferably on the internet …

A good number of entrepreneurs have actually started their first steps with implementation of a good social media strategy. If you are one of those who invest in digital by betting on an effective strategy on social networks, this article is designed for you. We give you some examples of goals for your employees to become good brand ambassadors.

SMART objectives and prerequisites

This approach is recommended in terms of social media strategy. Thanks to the SMART method, you will be able to precisely define your objectives while structuring your digital strategy, and this, over a defined period of time. Your objectives must be specific: your actions must make it possible to increase cohesion with your team.

Set realistic goals

It is essential that the goal you set is consistent and accepted by your client. It must then be entered in your digital strategy.

Realism in your goal is also essential. Do not put yourself in a situation that makes you lose your credibility. Your goals must be achievable. It is for this reason that they must be temporal, that is to say, accomplished over a determined period of time. This is how, in social media strategies, the objectives must be reached after 3 to 6 months of work.

The buyers personas

In social media strategy, great importance must be given to relationship and conversation, interacting with potential prospects, even with visitors. You must be able to know what exactly are the expectations and needs of your targets. This will help define the actions you will take in the future. This is also how you will launch this or that operation, or even treat subjects in order to optimize your content.

Examples of objectives

Increase traffic

SEO tools have therefore become essential for a good marketing strategy on social networks. This consists of increasing the rate of sessions. Traffic is also one of the objectives in social media strategy.

Content marketing

So that your content is optimal, you have to create them at the center of the device, that is to say to encourage your employees and your editors to publish useful information on the use of your products, or on the need for your services. Make sure your content is interesting in order to attract your visitors and sell your product. They can be in the form of tutorial articles, video blogs, etc. Include keywords in your texts as much as possible.

Visibility on search engines

Nowadays, consumers go online to find information about the products they want to buy. The visibility on the internet allows them to easily fall on your site. In addition, by increasing the front doors on your site, Google will make you more visible and put you ahead.

Improve the image of your brand through e-reputation

When visitors know and consider your strengths, they will interact on social networks. It will work from word of mouth: they recommend your products and your benefits.

The conversion rate

It is a legitimate objective. Make sure that your employees working on social networks are able to transform visitors into leads or contacts for showcase sites.

Generate qualified prospects

Use CRM software to identify your lead preferences. If you target people according to their needs, you will be sure to meet these requirements by saving time.

To increase the sales

Your collaborators must also share this type of objective. To do this, it is necessary to establish a relationship of trust with qualified contacts.

Build customer loyalty

It’s about building a community on social media based on customer interaction.

Reach influencers and bloggers

This involves working with potential influencers.

Increase user engagement

This objective consists in obtaining a membership and a bringing together of visitors.

The involvement of your employees on social networks

Otherwise, all the other goals you have set will be in vain.