▷ 16 tips to look after your image on the web in 2017 with WED 2020 -

What are the tricks to look after your image in 2017? This is what you will be able to see live on February 3, 2017 in Paris with the Web Entrepreneur Day # WED2017. For this second edition, several critical subjects for your business and your image will be addressed. Whether you are an employee, independent, manager, coach, startup consultant, blogger, youtuber, whatever your field of activity, this day has been created for you. We are in a world in which everyone, whatever their profession, must be present on the internet, must be present on social networks, must be present by creating content…

On the program, 16 speakers (Vlogger, Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, Youtubeur, Coach, Manager…): Antoine BM, Johann Yang-Ting, David Vennink, Margaux Klein, Emmanuel Chila, Ling-En Hsia, Aissa Moments, Thomas Gasio, Biba Pedron, Alexandre Roth, Esther Taillifet, Kevin Hanot, Deborah Donnier, Franck Maes, Jérôme Hoarau and Morgane Février.

The speakers, who all live from their passion and who earn a good living thanks to the Internet, will make you live vibrant and inspiring conferences in TED format (15 min) on different subjects of performance, motivation, personal legend, desire, action, priorities, mistakes, personal branding and many other topics from the entrepreneurial experience. They will give you at least 16 tips throughout the day to be clear with your image!

300 people are expected for an unforgettable day in a Parisian theater!

During these conferences, the subjects treated will be at the same time web marketing, personal development and entrepreneurship. This year, the main theme is the image with a big “i”, self-image, vision of the entrepreneur, use of photo, video with subjects such as:

  • How to fail to be more successful?
  • How to become unique thanks to Personal Branding?
  • How I passed from the red light districts of the suburbs to success, without studies…;
  • More Professional Lives for More Impact and More Results;
  • The pitch: how to answer the question “And you… what do you do in life?” “;
  • What image processing?
  • The benefits of being the ugly duckling;
  • How to differentiate yourself in a very evolving and competitive market?
  • From CAC40 to ethical entrepreneurship?
  • Better understand each other to better undertake;
  • Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful?
  • Real life doesn’t have an Instagram filter;
  • How to reach 100,000 followers on Facebook?
  • Live or new proximity with your community;
  • How did I generate more than 500ke with video?
  • The art of online networkting!

This day will also be full of emotions and fun as you can see in this video:

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