▷ 2 ingenious ways to optimize your home office (to be productive) 2020 -

As an entrepreneur, you probably spend most of your weeks in one specific location: your work desk. Whatever your main activity (social media management, advertising, email marketing, content creation, graphics, etc.), it’s almost always yours, in your office and from your computer, that you will do your work …

So your workspace is much more than just a table that you work on from time to time. It’s literally your command post from which you carry out the tasks for which you are paid as well as the mission for which you exist as an entrepreneur!

So you will agree with me that it is important that this space be optimized, is not it ? Otherwise, your efficiency in carrying out your tasks is always likely to be negatively affected and this may even harm your business …

Imagine, for example, that you are trying to write a super important article in your office, but your attention is always drawn to the pile of documents lying around the corner of your desk and all the material around you. … The article which should have taken you 1h30 to write in an efficient environment will finally take you 3h, since you have been constantly distracted by your environment.

To be fully productive as an entrepreneur (who often works from home), it is important that your workspace is optimal to allow you to perform to your maximum.

In this article, I would like to share with you 2 ingenious ways to optimize your home office so that it supports your efficiency. These are tips that I have shared with several entrepreneurs as a professional organizer and through my delivered “How to organize your office to be productive”, and which have always made a big difference among those who applied them.

1. Eliminate clutter from your desk

The first thing you can do to optimize your workspace to become more productive is to simply eliminate all the things that are out of place and that are creating disorder in your environment.

Let me ask you a quick question: would you prefer to work in an environment like this:

Or rather like this:

Even if I don’t know you personally, I’m willing to bet that the second type of office inspires you more (unless you are an artist who prefers to work out of order)…

Because we almost ALL prefer to work in an orderly office with few visual distractions, rather than in a cluttered office.

Why ? Because a tidy desk helps us better focus on the things that really matter (writing an article, writing sales emails, scheduling a website, writing advertisements, etc.).

So, the first suggestion I suggest to you is to voluntarily eliminate everything that clogs up your workspace now.

Is there currently on your desktop,

If so, completely eliminate things that are out of place from your workspace.

  • Throw away what should go in the trash;
  • File what you want to keep in a drawer or storage unit;
  • Relocate what is not in its place.

Do this until you have a minimalist environment where there is nothing lying around.

By doing this, you will clear your desk of many visual distractions and more easily find the essential things you need to get your job done. In addition, you will be able to focus better and be more efficient at your desk.

To give you an example, here is a photo of my office surface:

As you can see, there is nothing cluttering up my space and everything is pretty tidy. I put on my desk only the essentials that I need to do my job like my computer, keyboard, mouse, screen, some pencils and work lights. Everything else doesn’t need to be there.

Your turn now : clear your desk of anything bulky.

2. Create an inspiring workspace

The second thing you can do to optimize your workspace is to create an inspiring environment, which will initially have you wanting to check out different supplies for your office to create a space suitable for you. This can’t happen in a dull and cluttered space. So you’ve followed step one and eliminated clutter, now you need to focus on the more particular elements of your space. Do you work better in a cool environment but you’ve been working in a stuffy office? Get your HVAC appliance fixed! By visiting websites such as https://controltechsnw.com/service-areas/oregon-city/ and many more, you can get a professional to come out and see your air conditioning, to turn your office into a productive and fresh place. Secondly, are your walls dark and dull? Get creative!

Even if we don’t often consider this detail as an entrepreneur, the visual aspect of our workspace can have an impact on our performance and can even promote or harm our productivity !

In other words, a beautiful office that inspires us will almost always allow us to be more productive than if we find ourselves in a depressing room, windowless and with old-fashioned (or non-existent) decoration. This is why it is so important to have flowing, fresh air throughout the office (AirMAX is one of the many services available to fit a HVAC unit for you – check them out here) in order to keep you from feeling sluggish, alongside bright and colorful decoration to keep your eyes awake.

I know what I’m talking about, since when I moved some time ago, I found myself for several months working in an empty room surrounded by only 4 white walls, without any layout or decoration …

Here is a picture of my office at that time:

The environment was cold (even freezing) and did not make me want to spend my days there… I had only one desire: to take my laptop and go to work in a warmer and inspiring environment like a coffee…

After some time to notice that a bad arrangement of my office hurt my productivity, I decided to take action and create a very inspiring space that would make me want to spend time there, and above all, that would stimulate my creativity to do my best work.

Here are some photos of my office, once it has been properly laid out:

No need to tell you that it was quite a change! While my office used to be empty and surrounded by only 4 white walls, I now have an inspiring environment that completely changes the atmosphere of the room.

I end up with a beautiful wooden wall that puts warmth (and inspires me personally), a welcoming reading and reflection corner as well as a gray wall corner and a wall converted into a whiteboard thanks to a special paint.

This environment is much more inspiring and helps me to be more productive every day, simply because I FEEL GOOD in my office !

That perfectly sums up the message I want to convey to you here: make your workspace an inspiring place that makes you want to spend time there, that puts you in a good frame of mind and that stimulates your creativity as well as your productivity!

Because you certainly do not want to spend your days in an environment DEPRESSING

Yet that’s exactly what you impose on yourself by neglecting the visual aspect of your work desk.

And unfortunately, the office of several entrepreneurs I know looks like this:

It’s not “bad” to have such an office, and if it inspires you, so much the better …

The only problem is that in general, a poorly appointed office will not stimulate you to realize your best work and it may even affect your efficiency in some way …

In any case, if you take your office layout seriously and make it an inspiring place, I guarantee that you will be more productive (as I have experienced in my office).


Here are the two ways to optimize your workspace that I wanted to share with you in this article. Apply them today and you will see a huge difference!