“Your competitor does the same thing, but you are more expensive.” Seriously? Have you done the comparison again? As if you were doing exactly the same as your competitors. However, it is a fact. In the minds of your prospects, you are “comparable”. In this article, I give you 20 tips on how to become “Unique”…

When you face a prospect, there are two situations:

  1. The one where you are weak situation : it compares you with all of your competitors and makes you feel that it has a choice;
  2. The one where you are comfortable location : you are the only one able to provide him with the solution he expects, under the conditions he wishes.

If you go from 1 to 2, then your entrepreneurial life changes completely.

You no longer have to convince potential buyers, but potential loyal customers.

Do you see the difference ?

The concern is that you are not going to find a lot of resources on the internet helping you to become unique.

Or as I like to say: to become the hero of your clients. Whoever will save them from the yoke of their mortal enemy: their problem.

I wanted to reverse the trend and give you, through this article, 20 very concrete and simple ways to work your difference.

I summarized them on an infographic that you can find here.

Are you ready and ready? So we left.

Tip # 1: Don’t Play a Role You Couldn’t Take On

Have you ever felt, while watching a film, that one of the actors played particularly badly?

Its text is recited in a robotic way. You feel that he does not embody his character. And suddenly, it gives this impression of “false”.

The first rule to be unique is to be yourself. With your strengths, your weaknesses, your values, your desires and your history.

If you are not comfortable with the product or service you are selling, then you will appear to your prospect as this bad actor. What you say will sound wrong.

And therefore double kiss-kool effect:

  • Your message will not be transmitted well;
  • Your prospect will not remember you. Or if he remembers, it will be negative.

What you can do:

Know yourself. Take care to accept yourself as you are. Do this great exercise: understand what your strengths are to develop them. And don’t spend too much time on your weaknesses.

Ask yourself why you embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure. Here is the core of your beautiful singularity.

Tip # 2: Become ultra-demanding on your strengths

Knowing your strengths is good.

Put them forward, defend them body and soul and be truly demanding of yourself: it’s much better.

One of the best ways to be unique is to do what we are good for.

I’ll give you a concrete example, outside of business.

I practice a collective sport, roller derby.


There are many ways to become excellent in this sport: agility, power, cardio … and communication.

For my part, although continuing to work on all these attributes, I have chosen to become an excellent communicator on and off the field. I am suddenly very demanding with myself on this.

Today, I know my teammates are counting on me on this. Besides, they appointed me captain of the team.

What you can do:

Identify your greatest strength, and become irreproachable above. Put a level of extreme requirement on this point. You will then be a little more unique.

Tip 3: Publicly assume your long-term goals

What I call a long-term goal is more commonly said: “vision.” Your daily life revolves around a larger goal. A mission that you have imposed on yourself and that you wish to accomplish.

If you haven’t already done so, then it’s time to think about it.

How do you see your business in 5 years? In 10 years ?

Write your vision black on white. Formalize it. Play it.

What you can do:

Think about “Why” that drives your business, and how you imagine it in 5 and 10 years.

Write it. And make it public to your loved ones, your teams and your customers.

Tip # 4: Be consistent and do what you say

The worst mistake you could make would be to be inconsistent between your words and your actions.

Please don’t do this. Never make promises you can’t keep.

Complete the contracts that you sign, under the conditions that you have accepted.

Learn to refuse if the conditions do not satisfy you. This consistency will make you credible and establish your uniqueness.

What you can do:

Find out now what you can do, and what you can’t do. If your prospect is adamant about how to do it, try to find a compromise. But do not accept any more unattainable conditions.

Tip # 5: Tell your story

Have you ever heard of storytelling?

It’s the art of storytelling.

But what does this have to do with the sale?

It’s simple. Selling is making people understand that they need your product or service. So you go communicate complicated messages on your credibility, your know-how, your efficiency, your values, etc. And your contact will have to assimilate them.

The most effective method is to give your interlocutor’s brain something he likes: a story.

Stories help build a mental and logical scheme to more easily absorb information.

What you can do:

Tell your story in two ways:

  • A single sentence version. It will extract the very essence of your journey and your uniqueness. For example, for me, this gives: “before, I sold to entrepreneurs and now, I help them to sell”;
  • A longer version, which traces the main stages of your journey in five or six sentences.

This story is the essence of what makes you unique. Do this work and you will be able to transmit it at any time.

Tip # 6: Build your own brand

In line with your story, there is what you are today. You are a unique person, who carries his values, his desires, his strengths and a mission. It’s already in you. You then have the choice:

  • Not being aware of it and not having control over it;
  • Or on the contrary, use it to achieve your goals.

Building your own brand (this is called personal branding) is the to fully assume this singularity and this authenticity.

As you would for your business, by associating it with a name, a logo, a graphic charter and a slogan, do the same for you.

Let me give you a glaring example: Rudy Viard created a whole universe around his personality and what he wanted to bring out. He talks about it in his video where he chose to create a more sober image to better address the consulting firms.

What you can do:

Start by identifying what constitutes your personality: your values, your strengths, your priorities.

Write them down on paper.

Systematically put them forward in your speeches and speeches.

And show your face on social media, being proud and proud of who you are.

Tip # 7: Listen with real empathy

A way to be unique is a technique that may seem simple, but it is not that much: listen sincerely with a very strong empathy.

After my many years of sales, I realized one thing: most people don’t really listen deeply to what they are told. They are not interested in their interlocutor. They are stuck on their sales process, their question funnel and do not capture the most important information:

  • What is the story of this person?
  • What are his desires, his joys, his pains?
  • How would she like to solve them?

The more you listen sincerely, the more you will capitalize on your uniqueness:

  • You really listen unlike the others = big difference in the mind of your interlocutor;
  • You receive information about this prospect that only you will have.

What you can do:

Set up certain listening techniques for your next meetings:

  • Speak only 10% of total time ;
  • Zero distraction, no telephone;
  • Get the ideas out “Impromptu” that emerge in your mind;
  • Take very few notes ;
  • Start the exchange with the idea that your contact is unique. Find out why.

There are other techniques, but by forcing yourself to be fundamentally interested in your interlocutor, and to forget yourself, you will reach a special place in his mind.

Tip # 8: Focus on deep needs

To be different from the others, look for the need as far as possible.

Do you know Maslow’s pyramid of needs?


This representation categorizes the needs according to their importance for our survival:

  1. physiological : everything that attracts the good performance of our body;
  2. security : have a well-organized life to ensure its survival;
  3. Membership : be part of the group, not be rejected;
  4. Recognition / estimates : receive positive opinions from others;
  5. Self-realization : affirm its uniqueness.

Order is fundamental, because this theory states that the first needs must be met before tackling the next.

When you’re on a date, ask yourself at what level of need is your contact?

The more attentive you are to this reflection, the more you will take each interlocutor as a unique person with their very specific needs.

What you can do:

Do not talk about the characteristics of your product. Don’t follow a pre-established sales pitch. Above all, understand who the person in front of you is. This is an important step for your company to have a privileged place in its market.

Tip # 9: Synchronize with your audience

This may seem contradictory: to be unique, you must have the same attitude as your interlocutor.

Why is it important?

We have survival reflexes rooted in us.

Neuroscientists speak of three brains: the reptilian, the limbic and the neocortex. They have been formed over thousands of years of human existence. The reptilian brain is the oldest of the three.

It acts as a priority as soon as it feels a sense of danger. It sends you certain information: “Danger, protect yourself”. As a result, the body’s reaction is to protect itself or flee.

However, you don’t want your prospects to have this reaction.

To avoid this, synchronize with your contact.

This means adopting the same rhythm of speech, the same density of movement, the right distance, etc.

The more you respect his codes, the less he will perceive you as a danger. He will then be more open and receptive.

He will appreciate your exchange. He will notice you.

What you can do:

Do you train to identify the behaviors of your next interlocutors: Do they speak quickly? Do they make long gestures? Are they tactile? In the second step, try to adopt the same attitude. Slow down or speed up the tone of your voice. Extend your gestures.

Tip # 10: Free yourself from your bad prospects and customers

Before thinking of being unique, think about your ideal customer. The type of client with whom your services always run without a hitch. Those who are ultra satisfied with your products and services, and who talk about them around them.

What are their common characteristics? Do they have similar motivations and fears? Why are they calling on you?

To make you unique in their eyes, make them exclusive. There are only these types of clients that you will work with. You will become very specific, and thereby unique.

What you can do:

Identify the 20% of customers who make 80% of your turnover and profits. Gradually separate yourself from others. And focus your efforts on finding prospects similar to your ideal client profile.

Tip # 11: Think about new products and services everyday

To be consistently unique, you have to think about it every day.

To do this, ask yourself this question every day: what can i do to add even more value to my customers?

How can I bring more value to my customers today? Click to Tweet

It can be products, services or attitudes.

Digging down this question every day will put you in a unique position against all of your competitors. Unlike them, you will always look for “more” for your customers.

Involve your teams, your partners and your customers in the reflection. The more brains you have in action at the same time, the more effective you will be.

What you can do:

Start this habit in your schedule today. Always the same question: what could we do to bring more value to our customers? Always take note of your ideas, no matter how feasible. Use a tool like Evernote for this.

Tip # 12: Be focused on your mission

Above all, a business has a mission. If you’ve never thought about it, now’s the time.

Concretely, your mission is the ambition of your company, summarized in one sentence. It testifies to your deep values ​​and your history. In one sentence, you sum up your singularity.

For example, my company, Destination Clients, aims to reduce the gap between their lack of commercial skills and their potential (the potential of “heroes” and “heroin” among the greatest number of entrepreneurs). “).

destination-clients tagline

This sentence does not come out of a hat, it took a long time to emerge. But by thinking about it daily, I managed to synthesize what I thought. And everything starts to make sense.

This sentence is also unique. None of my competitors have adopted it. It is very fundamental to me and represents everything I believe in. She makes me singular.

What you can do:

Take a paper and a pencil. Write your values ​​on it and apply the “5 why” technique to dig them. Then make several sentences that can summarize what can be your mission, your quest. What would be your ultimate goal? How would you manage to ultra-satisfy a customer with your products / services? Who is the enemy of your customers that you must defeat?

Tip # 13: Keep an open mind to inspire and act

The best ideas mature over time. For this, you need two ingredients:

  • Patience : For an idea to emerge, you have to think about it every day without seeing tangible results. The click often arrives when you least expect it. Don’t get upset if an idea doesn’t come up;
  • A great open mind : read, watch, go out, talk, exchange. The best ideas often come from others. You just have to absorb and assimilate them.

To become unique, integrate these two ingredients into your daily life. By using what is done elsewhere, outside of your industry, you will always find ideas ready to develop your uniqueness.

What you can do:

Put in place a simple and efficient note-taking system that you always have on hand. Some use a small notebook, others use tools like Evernote.

Create playlists on Amazon to have ideas always at hand (and buy wherever you want!). If you don’t have time to read, take advantage of book summaries like the Koober app does.

Listen to various and varied podcasts. Travel. Get out of your neighborhood and go to the museum. Speak with as many people as possible.

In short, open your chakras in huge and be ready to absorb new ideas to make you even more unique.

Tip # 14: Know your market and improve what is on offer

To become unique, you might as well look at what is already being done and improve it. Although it may seem simple, this strategy requires two attitudes:

  • Listening diligently to the market : customers, competitors, legal framework, innovations, etc. In general, this strategy requires a deep knowledge of its market;
  • Be focused on the needs of your customers : no need to improve a “gadget” product or service

From that moment on, you can become singular, because you will do much better than all of your competitors.

For example, PayPal started by making shopping on eBay 10 times easier. By offering payment on the site and no longer by check, their service has become … unique.

What you can do:

Make a list of 10 or 50 things that could be improved in your market. Together, do some strong brainstorming to bring out new ideas. And choose whether or not to launch them.

Tip # 15: Conserve enthusiasm and energy

I think this is the best advice to adopt systematically: love what you do. Talk about it around you with passion.

Do not stop progressing and developing to always have more.

The equation is simple:

Love + Passion = Energy + Enthusiasm

These are feelings that convey positive emotions: joy, interest and surprise. And this is the best way to make your exchange unique with your interlocutor: to make him spend a pleasant and memorable moment.

What you can do:

If you are tired of your job, answer this question: Have you ever liked it?

If not: change. Now.

If yes: ask yourself why you can’t love him anymore. What you are missing. And put in place the appropriate solutions (we can talk about it together if you want).

If you like what you do, ask yourself what you still have to discover. And do two things:

  • Talk about your job with the smile and energy of a passionate person;
  • Continue to train and develop.

Tip # 16: Have a touch of madness

Isn’t there a useful product or service that none of your competitors has ever done, because it’s “top pricey”, “it will never work”, “it’s not my job “?

While this can add tremendous value to your customers, no competitor has done it. They surely have good reasons: costs, time, resources.

But then, you have an opportunity to make a “madness” which will make you unique.

There are many examples, and among them:

  • Leroy Merlin offers a 3D printing service which allows the customer to create the defective spare part of a machine;
  • When you create an account with Agile Crm, an advisor will call you within fifteen minutes to find out if you have all the information you need. I swear it’s amazing.
  • One of my clients, a windshield repair agency, comes in person to their partner insurers to give the invoices. A unique proximity relationship.

What you can do:

Ask yourself: what would be useful for my clients, but which my industry will never do? Go beyond their lack of innovation and their conventions to become truly unique.

Tip # 17: Work hard on the recommendation and network effect

A weapon so powerful to be immediately unique in the eyes of your prospects: to be recommended.

Did you know that almost 25% of small business turnover is by word of mouth?

The idea is that in addition to being an inexpensive strategy, recommendation also helps to transfer trust.

Imagine: you have water up to the bottom because your tub is leaking. You must choose between two specialized plumbers.

You found the first one in the directory. The second was warmly recommended to you by a friend.

Which would you choose?

Normally, like 6 out of 10 people, the second without hesitation. It is already unique in your eyes: it has proven itself with a loved one you trust.

What you can do:

Start now at set up recommendation tools :

  • Improve your grades on social networks;
  • Show testimonials;
  • Ask your customers to pass your details around them.

The sooner you start this strategy, the faster you will feel the benefits.

Tip # 18: Never lower your prices

If you kept reading this article, then the price is not your fight.

Rather than trying to compare yourself to others and “align yourself”, find out how you can differentiate yourself. How you can add even more value to your customer.

The goal of the sale is to deliver a solution and “more”.

This is “more” that you need to get.

It’s that “more” that will make you unique.

I give you an example :

A printer friend from the Valenciennes region has great strength: he goes out of his way to deliver your production within the deadlines you impose. So when he competes with other printers, his hobbyhorse is, “When and where do you want your flyers?” “.

He focuses the discussion here. The greatest value it can bring to its customers is this: whatever your deadline, we will fill it. He never lowers his prices suddenly.

This speech will not speak to all of its prospects. OK fine.

But those who are seduced will become loyal customers for life.

So what do you prefer? Occasional buyers or loyal customers?

What you can do:

Define the “more” that you want to highlight systematically. And defend it.

It will be your own “trademark”. The one that will make you unique. And that will allow you to move the debate when the question of price arises.

Tip # 19: Get into the dynamic

Being unique is not a state, it is a dynamic.

No one is “unique” overnight. It is a will, a character, a state of mind that persists.

You could put everything I told you in place without having a long-term effect. One small drift and presto! you become like everyone else.

Don’t be “unique”. Become it. Everyday. At all times.

What you can do:

If you want to become unique, then you must make a pact today with yourself and your prospects:

  • My values ​​are these;
  • My mission is that one;
  • I refuse to do this;
  • I’m great at it.

And end this pact by saying “I will never deviate from this trajectory. This is my course. And always strive for excellence in your chosen field. Then you will become unique.

Tip # 20: Make your customers the heroes of their own story

My last piece of advice is the one that touches me the most. It brings together everything I think about sales and entrepreneurship.

Do you want to be unique in the eyes of your customers?

Well, make them unique to you.

Transform them into “heroes” and “heroines” of their daily lives. They have a mission and an enemy prevents them from carrying it out.

So you are there, not as a savior, but as a helper. Become what A. J. Greimas called “the adjuvant”, the one who supports the hero.

And then you will be IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE for your client. Write the story of which they are the hero.

And that, few companies do. Unfortunately.

What you can do:

Make sure you understand what your customers’ missions are every day. What prevents them from fulfilling these missions? Who is their enemy?

And how can you help them? How can you create the magic potion that will make them stronger?

It’s up to you to find out.

Your turn !

These are simple methods to set up, but no one will do it for you. Take the bull by the horns and become that unique person.

Your business too must be unique to convince your prospects to become a customer. Otherwise, it will also be systematically compared to the others. You’ll lose dozens of opportunities.

You need to do essential preliminary work: find the right positioning for your business.

This work may seem complicated, but it only requires a method.

It is broken down into 7 simple steps that I have detailed in this guide.

Start this work now, because it will allow you to build today a real asset for your business: loyal customers.

In the meantime, tell me in the comments if you have implemented these few actions, and if you have felt the effects.Save