▷ 21 online businesses to launch in England 2020 -

Where do these 21 inspirations come from? Surely not from Taiwan where I live right now. Here, business is more on the street … where street food stalls are linked as far as the eye can see. It inspires more overdose of giant squid …

And that’s good, I love it. 🙂

But then…

Where do all these online businesses come from?

From our friends the Anglo-Saxons of course! Well yes, we are not going to hide it, they are still much more ahead than us. So, being inspired by them is not a bad thing, quite the contrary. They are English, Australian, American or Canadian, and their creations are just waiting to be tested in England.

Warning ! I did not say that these businesses did not exist on the French market. And so much the better, because if there is already supply with us, it is that there is an existing market to attack. And that’s a pretty good sign.

At first, I had 48 ideas. But since I didn’t want to overwhelm my readers, I wrote 27 Anglo-Saxon online business ideas stuck on my blog and saved 21 for this article.

You just have to choose a business from one of these two lists to get inspired and test your idea to find out if it pays off in England.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By following my free course in 6 lessons by email. You will thus pass from the profitable idea towards your first 1000 € quickly and without spending money unnecessarily.

Let’s go !

Online Store


Beard interview : Treat your beard with all the necessary products and accessories.

For who ? Beard buffs who want to maintain it properly to keep it clean.


Everything for the beard! Launched by an enthusiast, this boutique offers a whole range of luxury products and accessories necessary for the maintenance of his beard: oils, soaps, conditioners, waxes, combs, scissors and brushes are sold separately or in kit with storage box.

Active hound

Dog accessories : Find indestructible dog toys at good value for money.

For who ? Masters annoyed to see their dog’s toys destroyed after a few weeks.

Active hound

Zak and Lucy were tired of replacing their dog accessories regularly. So, they created their own brand of indestructible toys and opened an e-commerce store to sell them. In addition to being solid, their eccentric and colorful objects are made to stimulate dogs and give them pleasure at more than reasonable prices.


Cases of connected objects: Handmade covers and shells for iPhone and iPad.

For who ? IPhone and iPad owners wanting to design their own custom protective case to make it unique.

True seamstresses behind an e-commerce store. The site proposes to create its personalized protective case thanks to an online model which allows the choice of colors, patterns and materials as well as lettering in engraving. Elegant and durable, the case is delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.

Online course

Professional Freedom Plan

Career Management : Learn to appreciate and thrive on your work.

For who ? Employees uncomfortable with their jobs, lacking the confidence and courage to find their place in the company and communicate with their colleagues.


This 6-week course teaches employees how to control their work space and how to communicate effectively to manage their relationships with colleagues. He refocuses on the passions and prospects of the employee so that his job is no longer an ordeal.


Pass It Global

Direct marketing : Take advantage of customer recommendations through a simple application.

For who ? Small businesses wishing to develop their business with word-of-mouth communication.


There is no safer source than what customers say. This word-of-mouth application allows them to recommend a company with a simple click on an “optin” to spread the word to all their networks.


Photo album : Order a physical photo album from photos from objects connected with an application.

For who ? Followers of “live” photography with smartphones and tablets wanting to offer a souvenir gift.


For $ 20, Mosaic lets you choose and send 20 photos from your smartphone or tablet to the Mixbook printing service to make a physical album delivered within 4 days. Ideal for giving as a gift or simply keeping track of an important event.


Project tracking : Supervise the entire construction project online with an application.

For who ? Construction project teams wanting to solve their logistical and communication problems.


FieldLens is the only online construction project management tool on the market. It allows remote team collaboration by sending reports, plans, photos and task lists followed in real time on computer and mobile application. To save time and formidable efficiency.


Eat stop eat

Health : Lose weight and improve your health by controlling your hormones through intermittent fasting.

For who ? People concerned about their health and disillusioned with classic slimming diets.

This ebook delivers a proven method of using intermittent fasting to lose weight without losing energy, muscle or focus through the work of growth hormones. These cleanse the cells, cure all kinds of diseases and even slow down aging.

Planning for Aliens

sketching-with-css1 Language CSS : Mastering cascading style sheets at lightning speed.

For who ? Designers who pull their hair out with CSS, HTML and Photoshop.

Difficult to be creative when you fight with the code to obtain the long-awaited result, or to deal with recurring conflicts while switching from Photoshop to your browser… This book allows designers to demystify the CSS language to focus fully on the originality of their work.

Consulting and support

Copy Chief

Consulting copywriting : Hooking up prospects and converting them into customers thanks to a story.

For who ? Entrepreneurs wishing to optimize their sales pages using the best storytelling methods.

Going from peerless humorist to copywriter, Kevin suggests creating the best possible sales pages thanks to storytelling and humor to attract customers. Author of a bestseller full of exercises, he pushes action with his methods on his forum, podcasts and blog.

A Better Lemonade Stand

A better lemonade standE-commerce incubator : Be supported in the creation of your e-commerce business up to its profitability.

For who ? People wishing to launch an e-commerce store in the best conditions.

This support structure for business creation helps to find its niche, create and host its e-commerce platform, develop its brand and have goods imported from abroad safely. It then allows you to launch your sales campaigns with good marketing until you get your first $ 50,000.

Creation service


Text correction : Have your writings reread and delegate the creation of your ebook to professionals.

For who ? Bloggers wanting to gain authority with their written productions.


By fixed monthly payment or in “one shot”, this couple of entrepreneurs reread the texts of bloggers and correct them to return a perfect result within 24 hours. He also proposes to take the scripts of podcasts and blog writings to make structured ebooks.


Video promotion : Create videos to promote your mobile applications.

For who ? Owners of applications wishing to delegate the creation of their promo video for professional rendering and saving time.


Today, a demo or promotion video is much more meaningful than a screenshot to sell your application. This service takes care of the creation of this promotional video, from the script to the final cut for a professional rendering in Full HD mp4 in 7 days.


Animated advertisements : Increase sales by promoting your products on social networks with animated gifs.

For who ? Companies looking to optimize their communication on social networks to convert more.


This service provides personalized animated gifs of 10 seconds to post on its social networks to promote a product, service or special offer. You only have to provide the images and Vidsell creates the catchy gif and its call to action which converts. Ideal for the marketing strategy of e-commerce stores.

Business service

Unlimited IT Support

IT support: Have regular support for its information systems.

For who ? Companies lacking the time or the skills to maintain the technical parts of their information systems.


This service provides 24/7 technical support which ensures that companies can easily contact support as soon as a problem occurs in order to resolve it very quickly. It provides functional systems to operate safely throughout the year.

Space ship

Online prospecting : Develop your subscriber list with highly qualified prospects.

For who ? Well-established businesses looking to quickly expand their targeted subscriber list.


Recovering 50,000 email addresses in 14 days is possible. This service uses powerful algorithms applicable to ten sources to retrieve emails from prospects based on requests from its client. The company only has to take care of the development of its business and its sales. High-end growth hacking.

Zenify Me

Lead management: Transform “cold” visitors to your site into “hot” prospects through live chat.

For who ? Businesses don’t have the time to convert their visitors in person and want to do it through humans.


This service makes it possible to engage visitors to its website thanks to a team of professionals chatting live with them to transform them into prospects. No robots or automatic software, only humans communicating in real time.

Software as a Service (Saas)


Property management : Manage your property portfolio online on a single dashboard.

For who ? Homeowners who want to save time.


The owner’s all-in-one. Thanks to a monthly or annual plan, he plans the rental of his properties through online agency sites, manages tenants, payments and transmissions of documents remotely. It also controls the overall financial management of its building stock through a single dashboard.

Founders Road

Business validation : Test and validate an online startup idea.

For who ? Entrepreneurs who no longer want to experience failure and want to confront their idea before building anything.


Through its dashboard and data analysis, this online tool allows you to plan and pitch your business on a single page. He then collects all the feedback necessary for fine-tuning and puts him in touch with clients and investors who may be interested.

Bean ninjas

Online accounting : Outsource accounting, bank reconciliations and online financial reports.

For who ? Freelancers and companies needing to delegate their online accounting.


This service manages client accounts directly in the cloud using the Xero software interface. Available 7 days a week, its team of Chartered Professional Accountants issues a weekly or monthly report, all for a fixed amount without adding additional charges. The company can devote itself entirely to its customers.



Affiliate Links: Increase the click rate of its affiliate links by including them in the images of the products offered.

For who ? Blogs and online stores that use affiliate programs to sell their products.


Linklay offers to install clickable links on its images of products for sale in affiliation. A simple click on a “+” icon placed on the same image opens a pop-up giving the name and price of the product as well as a button leading directly to the original sales site.


SaaS (software as a service) is still at the forefront in the United States. And England is not to be outdone with a 20% increase in revenues from this software in 2015 (1.3 billion euros). But it is still lagging behind the rest of the planet: all the figures are here. Now is the time to take advantage of it … Of course, these areas require technical skills that are not available to everyone.

So here’s a little tip: why not simply apply subscription pricing specific to SaaS to a single service?

Whether you are a designer, coder or writer, have your skills billed by monthly fee instead of offering one-shot services. This model is working better and better across the Atlantic. If not, you can always try to sell breaded calamari in the markets. 😉

I’ve never seen one in England…

Your turn now ! What business hooked you the most?

PS: If you want the 48 online businesses to launch in England grouped together in a single downloadable PDF, you will find it on my blog article (link in the introduction to this article).