The situation is serious. The world war is in full swing. I’m not talking about a military war. I’m not talking about 14-18, or 39-45. It is a war that has more scope, which has affected all 5 continents. It’s about the media war…

And worse, everyone has assembled their army: big and small.

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The big TV and radio channels are now on the internet.

Little anonymous bloggers also want their share of the cake. Even your stupid cousin just opened his blog You left him in his living room in shorts writing his article.

And all, big and small, demand only one resource: the internet brain.

And these are more finicky than you might think. They have the world remote control in their hand, and zap between sites as they see fit.

And you in all of this. With your dream that you want to achieve: fire your boss, work from anywhere, enjoy your freedom, and a 4 hour week.

So, to stand out, you hired a graphic designer and bought a premium theme to work on the design of your site to the millimeter.

You spend 20 hours redirecting your articles with your own writing style.

But unfortunately, nobody reads your blog. No one comments, let alone share your content. And yet, you have installed a nice floating sharing plugin.

It’s total disappointment. This whole dream dear to you, crumbling before your eyes. You are even considering closing your site and moving on.

So calm down. Before you close your baby, listen to what I’m going to tell you.

The starting point for blog success is the title. Because you can write the best article in the world if nobody clicks on it, you won’t know its quality.
Well, it’s the title that makes the difference between a clicked article and a non-clicked one.

So wipe away your tears. I’m going to give you 28 ready-made title templates. You only have to put your words in parentheses.

But before I get there, let me show you the importance of the title.

Why is the title so important?

1. Does Copyblogger mean anything to you?

It’s heavy and serious. It’s one of the biggest web marketers in the world.

In this article, he gives us the result of a study that shows that 8 out of 10 people read the title of an article, but only 2 out of 10 people will click on it.

You now see the importance of the title.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you a story.

2. The William Fischer story

An American author named William Fischer has written a book on cancer called The Cancer Encyclopedia : the cancer encyclopedia.

But woe, no sale, a failure.

But Fischer did not give up.

He’s going to see a copywriter. You know the guys we pay to write texts that sell. And the man in question is Ted Nicholas. One of the highest paid copywriters in the world.

Ted reads the book and finds it good. He finds that the problem is not the content, but the title. So he decides to change it. The new is: How to fight cancer and win. How to fight cancer and win it.

Result: more than 100,000 copies of the book sold.

Bluffing. Same book, same content. One group of words that made all the difference.

capture from Amazon

3. A 500% increase in traffic

According to Peter Koechley, co-founder of Upworthy, a site specializing in viral content.

The title is our only chance to reach people who have a million other things to think about …
The difference between a good and a bad title is just huge. When we test our titles, we may have a traffic difference of 20%, 50% or 500%. A really great headline can make your content go viral “.

Capture from:

Here is the article link. No comment.

But the problem is that writing good titles is an art.

It takes a lot of research and imagination. And you don’t have enough time to devote yourself to this task. You already have a lot to do.

Otherwise your stupid cousin will start monetizing his blog while you are still researching how to write a good title. In this case, what should you do?

It’s simple: copy titles that have already proven themselves, and drop those that only get you in trouble.

But before I give you the list, here are some characteristics to have successful titles.

A good title should be

You have to know one thing. It’s that your readers don’t read you to please you.

They read to you because they have problems and look for solutions to solve them. They think of them first.

So let them know the benefit of your post in the headline and make them pay for the time they spend reading it.

You only have 5 seconds to convince your reader. So be as specific as possible in your title. He has other things to do. His friends are waiting for him on Facebook and on WhatsApp.

So do not say: how to reach your goal of losing weight.

But rather: how to lose 5 kg in 2 weeks (specific and measurable).

  • Play on emotion

Watch what André Dubois from Trafic Mania tells us in this article: The more you connect to your reader’s emotions, the more influential you become. Because you no longer speak to their brains. You speak to their hearts “.

In your title, use an influential word to make it emotional. Besides, in this article, he gave us a list of 320 words.

So instead of saying: how to increase your sales, say rather: how triple your sales.

So here we go, I give you the list of 28 titles.

“List” titles

We see them everywhere. Not a day goes by when you don’t read these kinds of headlines.

X ways to do this. X ways to do this.

Maybe you are fed up.

However, it works again and again. Besides, this is the type of title that I used here J.

People love lists because list items are easy to scan. And this is the title par excellence of sponsored articles.

Do you think it’s a coincidence? Sites that shell out money to write articles to them. If they choose these titles, it’s because it works. These are click magnets.

4. X advice, tips, means for (result)

If you have a long list of tips or methods for doing something, throw them in your article. And the longer the list, the better.

These types of articles are simple to write. No need to worry about complex structures. In addition, your readers love it.

Some examples :

5. X Secrets for (result)

I’m ready to bet my blog (it’s my baby, I think of him all the time) that it’s a title that works.

And you, what are you ready to bet against me?

This structure is a powerful detonator on two levels.

  • It’s a list title;
  • Your readers will love you because you will give them the well-kept secrets, the keys to the treasure. Thanks to you, they will become insiders. They will differentiate themselves from the masses.

Some examples :

  • 10 secrets for become a swimming champion;
  • 5 secrets decopywriting to write an engaging sales page.

6. X little known methods (to do something)

It is a variant of the previous one, but here the effect of surprise is reinforced.

You’re going to give your readers the hidden side of the iceberg. What other lay people thought they knew about a subject. When in reality, there are unsaid. You will make them outsized people

Some examples :

  • 9 little-known ways to promote its articles;
  • 3 little-known ways to clean his pool.

7. X steps for (objective)

It’s still a list structure. But here, instead of balancing a list, you are going to show how to solve the problem by following well-defined steps.

It’s an efficient structure because your readers will visualize a simple process to set up. You will chew their work.

Be careful however not to go beyond 9 steps because the brain will believe that it is complicated. And your goal, as a professional blogger, is to make the method as simple as possible.

Some examples :

  • 5 steps to set up a business that is a hit;
  • 8 steps to create downloadable training.

8. X experts tell us how (result)

This method is quite simply a Swiss army knife of effectiveness on all the planes.

Not only is it a title that attracts a lot of clicks, but you also gain notoriety and quality backlinks. I’m talking about it in this guest article at Miss Seo Girl.

Some examples :

  • 15 sophisticated investors reveal to us their method for investing intelligently;
  • 15 pointed gardeners explain to us how to have a beautiful garden.

9. X quick ways to (result)

People want quick results that take them as little time as possible.

If you have quick fixes, why not share it with your readers? They will love you and be thankful to you.

Some examples :

  • 10 quick ways for get rid of your debts;
  • 9 quick ways for increase its mailing-list.

Ok once I have given you a list of list items (admire my pun), we are going to move on to another type of title that works wonderfully: titles how.

These titles are effective because you show your readers how to get the result they want.

10. How (objective)

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It’s a title that works.

Some examples :

11. How (objective) without (constraint)

We are all lazy, great procrastinators. We want to have ambitious results, but we spend our whole day on Facebook.

If you can show your readers how to achieve the desired result without “suffering”. You have won the Jackpot.

Some examples :

Warning : this formula should be used with caution. Do not promise results that you will not hold or that will not hold water.

12. How (objective) even if (obstacle)

It’s a variation of the previous formula. But here you’ll break your readers’s objections and make them take action.

As I just said, your readers are procrastinators. They are still looking for a way to avoid taking action. I don’t have time, I can’t afford it, etc.

If you show them how to get the result even if they have an obstacle in front of them, you will make a cardboard.

Some examples :

13. How (result) and (benefit)

The formula that spoils your readers. Not only will you show them how to get the result, but they will also have a benefit.

Some examples :

  • How? ‘Or’ What ask a woman in marriage and make him happy;
  • How? ‘Or’ What make a success of your conference and making people laugh ;
  • How? ‘Or’ What to make friends and influence others. Carnegie Hold Book. Over 40 million copies sold. And translated into 37 languages. The benchmark for personal development.

14. How to become (reference person)

Your readers follow you because they are interested in your topic. They are ready to learn more.

And if you show them how to become a reference person in this field?

Some examples :

You are on the theme of web marketing. You can show them:

  • How to become NeilPatel;
  • How to becomeElon Musk (for entrepreneurs);
  • How to become Donald Trump. From the digital nomad podcast hosted by Stanislas Leloup and Paul.

15. How (objective): the complete method

It’s a reassuring title. You will show your readers the premium version of the method. You are not like the others who only fly over the subject.

Some examples :

  • How? ‘Or’ What promote your site:the full method;
  • How? ‘Or’ What cook like a chef:the complete method.

16. How finally (objective)

Ah, I’m finally going to know the solution that I’ve been looking for a long time.

You will become the new blogger to follow since you will finally show them the solution to the problems that prevent them from turning a blind eye at night.

Some examples :

17. How (objective) as (expert)

It’s a powerful title because not only will you show your reader the method to get the result, but you’ll also identify him to this expert that he dreams of becoming.

Some examples :

  • How? ‘Or’ What dribble his opponents as Zinedine Zidane ;
  • How? ‘Or’ What Make a speech as President Abdoulaye Wade.

18. Comment (objective): the X-step method

It is a combination of the how and list variant. It’s just an explosive title.

Some examples :

  • How? ‘Or’ What learn guitar: the 5-step method;
  • How? ‘Or’ What climb Mount Everest: the 9-step method.

19. How I got it (result)

Do you recognize this title? This is called a case study. It’s the perfect structure to boost your credibility to the highest peaks.

You can use this structure in two ways: you can either show how you did to get the result, or you can show how you helped person X get the result.

Be as specific as possible in the title. Give a name, numbers, percentages.

Also, be sure to provide evidence in your article. Put screenshots, statistics, etc.

Some examples :

  • How I went from 0 to 500 registrants in 2 months;
  • How Samba, 29, made 20,000 euros in sales in 9 months.

Now, I’m going to give you some headline structures to further spoil your readers or show them the way.

20. Everything you need to know about (something)

It’s a variant of the title How? ‘Or’ What (goal) : the complete method. It’s really heavy and serious. Because here you are going to give absolutely everything. After reading your post, your readers will have no more secrets on the subject.

Some examples :

21. Now you can have (good thing) and (other good thing)

Hold on tight, this structure is simply an H-bomb. The most powerful bomb ever developed by man.

Here you’ll show how to get the result they so wanted. And in addition, a benefit they did not even expect.

Some examples :

  • Now, you can have a profitable blog and live the life of your dreams;
  • Now, you can have satisfied customers and a profitable business.

22. Who else wants (something)?

Here, you will directly appeal to your reader. You ask him if he too wants to get the result. And of course, a result which is close to his heart, which he dreams of having for a very long time. Who will not click on this title?

Some examples :

  • Who else wants have the new FacebookCompany?
  • Who else wants to become rich like Croesus?

23. Open letter to (people) who think that (problem)

If you want to position yourself as an expert, if you want to build your credibility, if you want to show the way, this type of article is for you.

Some examples :

  • Open letter to new bloggers who think they can succeed by working 4 hours a week;
  • Open letter to people who want to give up their dreams.

The titles that I will reveal to you later are for me the most powerful.

Play on fear

I’ll warn you right away. These techniques which I will reveal to you later are devilishly effective, used by manipulation specialists (the media) to force us to do what they want: to read their newspapers.

Indeed, we are driven by our emotions more than we think. We believe that we buy a product following rational reasoning. When in reality, we buy emotionally and then rationalize to justify our purchase.

And among the emotions, there is one that directs us as the captain directs his boat: fear.

So here are some formulas to use to scare your readers and therefore attract clicks.

24. X mistakes not to make

This title has double leverage. First, it’s a list structure loved by your readers. Second, your readers are afraid of making mistakes. They want to look like a pro. If you can show them the wrong things to do, they’ll take your hat off.

Some examples :

25. What no one tells you about (something)

Your readers hate to appear like idiots. People who didn’t understand anything. If you show them that in truth, they are hiding something from them. You will become their friends.

Some examples :

  • What no one tells you about Facebook advertising;
  • What no one tells you about online sales.

26. We lie to you

It’s pretty much like the previous one. But here it’s more direct, more serious, more aggressive. You name the lie directly, the plot is imminent. Nothing can stop it. And your readers hate being lied to.

Some examples :

  • 5 lies web marketing gurus;
  • We lie to you: Government conspiracies mounted against you.

27. Can we really (problem)

This title sows doubt and panic among your readers. You play on security and trust.

Some examples :

  • Can we really have a fair trial;
  • Can we really earn money on the internet.

28. The truth about

We’re playing on the fear of misinformation, but here it’s more positive. You are only telling the truth. Nothing but the truth

Some examples :

29. (Things) every person should know

This title format is simply irresistible. You play on people’s curiosity. Your readers will have only one desire when they come across this title: click to discover the thing to know.

Some examples :

  • 10plugins that each blogger should know;
  • 5 digits each smart investor should know.

30. Are you part (elite)

It’s an extremely manipulative title. Because you are playing on a psychological need of the person: the need to belong to a group.

Some examples :

  • Are you part free entrepreneurs;
  • Are you part influential bloggers in your field.

31. Red alert / Warning: (danger)

It’s a title that will get your readers a lot of adrenaline. And they will have only one reflex: to click on the left button of their mouse because here danger threatens them. And they absolutely have to find out to avoid it.

Some examples :

You have maintained a list of titles that work

With these titles, you will turn your articles into click magnets.

But unfortunately, I have two bad news and one good news. Rather, the balance is tilted on the wrong side.

Let’s start with the bad ones if you don’t mind.

First bad news : you can be a victim of something called clickbait or putaclic, that is to say an article that does not keep the promise of its title.

For example, you advertise secrets in your headline that your readers will discover. But in the body of the article, you’re just giving hints that have already been read 100,000 times.

Or, you state that you are going to give the full guide while you are just hovering over the subject.

So beware, Internet users are now vaccinated against this phenomenon. If they find out that your title is good, they will go away and never set foot in your house again. You’ll see your credibility crumble.

Second bad news : The title alone is not enough to grab your reader’s attention.

What does the person do when they come across your article?

She reads the title, a few lines from the introduction and the subtitles to get an idea. If she finds it interesting, she will read it. Otherwise, it will be crossed.

The good news is that I wrote a guide for you called 12 tips for writing an exceptional blog post that brings you traffic.

In this guide, you will find out how to write an introduction that will force your reader to read the rest of the article and be taped clean.

You will also find out how to write an article that holds water. An article that will make you credible. An article that will make you original.

The result ?

You’re going to have compelling headlines that bother you from the click. When your readers read your article, they will be amazed. Trust will arise between you and them.

Your blog will no longer be like a cemetery. No. You are going to have comments and shares. Your readers will send you sincere thank you emails. You will become proud of yourself because you are helping to change their lives.

One last thing. I know you want your cousin to be successful too, even if he’s stupid. After all, he’s your cousin. What if you pamper it with secrecy to write titles that have already proven themselves?

It’s simple, just click on one of the pretty floating sharing buttons that are just to your left, or at the bottom of this article to make it benefit from the list.

About the Author :

Abdou Khadre DIAKHATE helps bloggers to have qualified traffic on their site. Find it on Explosive Traffic and download its guide (12 tips for writing an exceptional blog post that brings you traffic) that shows you how to write great articles and brings you traffic.