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Are Facebook Videos Part of Your Holiday Marketing Strategy? That’s good ! Facebook offers several tips that should be taken into account to improve your video content …

1. Create a 3 to 5 second trailer

According to Facebook, add a preview of your video at the start of the clip. This is a fairly common approach on YouTube, and therefore also on Facebook. You take a key snippet from the video and add it at the start, giving users more reason to stick around and find out what happens next.

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It’s a simple way to improve engagement and viewing time based on your stats in Creator Studio.

2. Give preference to vertical videos

According to Facebook, “We live in a world where most people watch videos on their mobile devices just inches from their face and often in vertical orientation rather than landscape. “

So think about creating vertical videos, in 4: 5 (height width).

Finally, maximize engagement by responding to comments on your video posts. Longer comments, like sharing your own perspective on a topic for discussion or answering questions explicitly, can spark even more engagement for your content.

Facebook also notes that you can reply to Facebook and Instagram video comments through Creator Studio’s Inbox tab, making it easier to manage your activity.

Now you know what you have to do … It’s up to you!

Source: Facebook

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