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The SEO ranking of your website is crucial in getting it seen on the internet, and there are many ways to improve this. Writing content, using hashtags and using links, among many others. As part of optimizing the SEO of your site, there are two levers to remember these are: optimizing your popularity and optimizing of your content. A consultant like South Lakes SEO can help you focus on the one you need the most, however, there are ways that you can figure this out for yourself.

If you have the time to spare to improve your SEO with your own hands then read on, as I propose 3 concrete actions to optimize your content and the internal mesh of your site, essential for a good distribution of your popularity. As part of these optimizations, I used the SEOQuantum tool which you may also find useful

On the occasion of the recent release of their new tool “semantic crawler”, I tested this functionality of SEOQuantum. Without delay, here are 3 concrete actions to improve your SEO.

1: Optimize the internal network of its site

When facing a site of several thousand pages, it can be complicated to see where to start optimizing internal links. This is where comes in the famous semantic crawler. The tool will crawl your entire site to analyze it and give you detailed reports to assist you in optimization. Concerning the internal mesh, the tool helps to identify the pages to optimize and then makes suggestions for creating links.

Here as an example the tool lists the pages of the site in order of PageRank score Internal (calculated by the crawler):

internal pagerank seo audit

The tool also gives me content and mesh scores to spot
easily the key optimization points. Word count is also displayed
to help you locate pages that are missing content.

As part of this example, I decided to optimize our webmarketing training page, I can easily find the page via URL filtering:

audit seo internal pages links

When I click on the page in question, I have a
data bank allowing me to have an overview on optimization
content of the page:

seo audit website page

also internal links and their typology.

audit seo typology links

But what interests me to concretely optimize my
page, this is their link optimization tool:

SEO internal SEO optimization

The report shows me pages within a theme
similar to create links between them. So I can click on the
different pages to create links to the page I want to optimize.

As part of this example, I have set up around thirty links to
optimize the Internal PageRank of my page. Thus optimizing the internal mesh of your site, you will be able to
bring up the most important pages of your site in the results
from Google.

2: Favor
links in content

links in content have a stronger impact than links in menus,
footer and others. It is therefore important that your key pages have links to
within content.

The tool
will help me locate the pages with only links in the various menus. Cella
will allow me to work on my internal mesh.

in my case, I have a lot of pages that could be optimized in this
meaning :

audit seo pages without content links

can of course identify the pages on which to set up

SEO optimization of content links

I have the details of the internal links for the page I am auditing:

audit page seo site

this page, I only have header and navigation links, so I’m going to
work on netlinking in content. Like earlier, I spot,
thanks to SEOQuantum, the semantically close pages to go to create links
on these:

netlinking seo optimization

I just have to create the links for to work
the Internal PageRank of my page

3: Expand
the contents of its pages

Another optimization that you can easily do: add content to pages that just don’t have enough content. To locate them, nothing could be simpler, I once again use SEOQuantum:

SEO content optimization tool

I access
on the pages like the previous times, I mark among the contents those that I
can flesh out and I just have to take action by writing.

And after that ?

offers you a whole range of tools to optimize the mesh and
semantics of your site with a multitudes
indicators to effectively manage its SEO

The tool
will be particularly useful for sites with several thousand pages where
tool-less human optimization is laborious.

seo audit report

The tool
offers different offers from 20 to 199 € per month depending on the tools you
want to use. To have the semantic crawler that I used for
optimizations of this article, go on the Silver version at 74 € / month.

seo tool rate

To learn more about the tool, visit the SEOQuantum website!

note that our colleagues from the Moderator’s Blog also tested SEOQuantum, I
invite you to read their test to learn more about the tool.

Article written in collaboration with SEOQuantum

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