Freelancers are more and more numerous in the work environment for their flexibility and their cost often less than that of full-time employees …

Today, the boxes trust more and more this type of profiles, the number of which has considerably increased in recent years.

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Among freelancers, we discuss a lot of the skills required in our sector: mastery of software, the ability to solve problems or even creativity.

However, I have noticed, over the course of my work experience as an independent motion designer, that knowing how to animate shapes well and being able to bring complex illustrations to life was not necessarily what was expected of me most .

Here are the 3 qualities that we do not talk about often enough, but which seem to me essential for any freelance.


You can be the most knowledgeable person in your field, if you don’t deliver projects on time, if your files get corrupted or don’t give news after several days, you will never be called.

Certainly, the boxes are looking for competent profiles. But what they fear above all is to come across unreliable profiles.

People who employ freelancers prefer to work with people who are less talented in their field than others, as long as they are reliable and honest.

Delivering qualitative projects is great, but delivering them on time and making sure commitments are met is much better.


This goes hand in hand with reliability: honesty means being respectful of the working relationship between you and the client.

This is to make sure that you deliver to him exactly what is stipulated in the contract.

It’s also being able to warn the client if the deadlines are starting to be tight, and you think it will overflow.

It is to be clear about your skills and refuse projects where you do not have sufficient skills.

Of course, we must not forget the business game: everyone needs to make a profit and to make a profit.

It’s an exchange of values. As long as everyone is happy, we can say that the collaboration is successful. But being honest is one of the qualities that make customers happy.


No one wants to work with embittered and disrespectful people.

The world of freelancing is not the same as the corporate world: people talk to each other, talk about various subjects that come out of the world of work and that are closer to friendly relationships. This is more or less true depending on your customers and your sector, of course.

It should not be forgotten that when working with a box, you first work with one or more people. It is a real pleasure for these people to work with honest and pleasant freelancers: things can be said more easily and we can say that we have a good time in a work context.

Warning ! You have to know how to keep your firmness and not forget its value as a professional: some have understood that it was easy to exploit these friendly relationships, precisely …

This is where getting out of a business context can be a problem. Be careful to always make sure that everyone benefits.

As long as everyone is courteous and caring, collaborations are all the more rewarding.

Finally, unlike skills linked to your expertise, these qualities are not really learned: they are values, which are intrinsically found in us, or not.

This does not mean that we can improve on these points: it means that we can become overnight. No need to train: just adopt the right frame of mind.

When you start freelance, it’s important to keep these values ​​in mind, and to be flawless at that level. It’s the best way to build customer loyalty. Then it’s up to you to play to train yourself on your expertise, and make the most of your game.