▷ 3 essential tools for a successful 2.0 event 2020 -

Increasing interaction and participation has become the major issue of all professional events. Why is it so important? How to implement simple and quick solutions? What are the pitfalls to avoid ?

From web 2.0 to 2.0 events

Web 2.0 is already 10 years old, an eternity in the history of the internet, so the term is already overused. It has however transformed the web and its use, but above all left a far greater impact in our daily aspirations.

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We went from a web where the user came to find information, read an article, download music, to a much more open Internet where it was the user who became the creator of content. Whether it’s comments on an article, our hotel review, travel photos or a cooking recipe, we’ve all contributed to 1 billion billion websites already.

Today, we have all gotten used to being able to comment, give our opinion, participate when we want. This habit was born on the Internet, but has repercussions in real life.

The public participates in radio broadcasts, televised debates and expects to be able to participate and speak at your event. This need has reached the floors of the Maslow pyramid, and if it is not met, there is a risk of creating frustration among the participants.

Some practical and simple solutions to implement

Your audience participates

We all came out of a conference with a question that burned our lips and that we did not dare to ask. The microphone that turns and is used to ask questions is often unpopular or requisitioned by the most boastful of the assembly. Do the same conference on the Internet and the number of questions will explode with a level of quality that is sometimes surprising. So why such a shift? Simply because the barrier to speaking is too great. Simple social wall solutions like Interactive Wall allow you to free up the voice of your audience.

Your audience exchanges

Who has a stack of business cards on their desk but can’t find the right one? Swapcard is a quick and easy solution to develop networking between the participants of your event. The Swapcard algorithm will even suggest to each participant the right people to meet. And you can find statistics and networking data during your event.

Your audience is playing

Bringing a playful touch and making your audience play is the best way for them to keep a souvenir of your event. There are many agencies offering this type of service. And the rates offered are no longer so prohibitive. We recommend the agency wecomeinpeace which offers an XXL brick breaker animation.

Some traps to avoid to make your event a success

Vision too web : the digital tools to set up for events are not the same as for the web. Don’t stop at the social media vision. A social wall, if done well, is a good way to make the connection between web presence and your evening. The goal is to provide an experience for the public during the event.

Too corporate vision: the public saturates with the multiplication of logos and formatted speeches. Know how to make yourself forgotten, reduce your visual presence (kakemonos, logos, slogans, etc.). If your event is modern and participatory, the public will remember you.

Too serious vision: professional context does not necessarily mean too formal. Dare to make your teams play, offer an aperitif. Opt for a quirky and original tone.


Difficult to engage your audience when you convey an image that is too corporate or too commercial. Successful your 2.0 event requires knowing how to renew yourself, think outside the box and challenge your habits. The secret is to put participants at the heart of the event and to think about the user experience of the participant journey.

About the Author :

Guillaume LOUIS : Passionate about digital communication, events and hip-hop, I put my interests at the service of my professional project by deciding to do a Master global communication of brands and companies followed by a Master 2 in Digital marketing and e-business. When I’m not using the precious tools found on the web, I like to share them with the passionate community through articles.