▷ 3 good resolutions to move up a gear in managing your business 2020 -

For the past 3 years, Evoliz, the management tool, has supported us in the development of our business. Over the years, new features have been added. If initially we only used it to save time in our invoicing, since last year we can also manage the commercial aspect thanks to the included CRM. And for this new year, new features are appearing allowing to save a lot of time in managing its expenses. So to start the year off right, here are 3 good resolutions to boost the management of your business

1st good resolution: stop wasting time with expense management and expense reports

note-de-frais The new feature at the start of the year is the functionality to quickly import all documents relating to expenses. No need to worry, just group the different parts (via scanner, email, image, or PDF). Evoliz automatically identifies key data (supplier, date, amount) and all invoices are Those of you who manage your own accounts will be aware of this functionality.

Good resolution: this year, I don’t waste any more time in what can be automated.

2nd good resolution: boost your commercial activity

commercial-accord Managing your business is essential, but so is the business aspect. Over time, contacts , prospects, customers, former customers accumulate and it becomes more and more time consuming and difficult to have a continuous relationship with its customers and prospects!

This is where CRM tools come to the rescue, the advantage of Evoliz being that CRM is here integrated into the same tool as your accounting management. You can gradually qualify your prospects in different key steps:

  1. First contact ;
  2. Qualification;
  3. Meeting;
  4. Proposal;
  5. Fencing.

You can remind yourself so that each step is followed. The different information about your prospect is gathered in a file that you can qualify as you go, so you can easily follow and group all the information in one place.

Good resolution: this year, I am effectively organizing my commercial activity!

3rd good resolution: follow your turnover well and set goals

turnover Setting goals allows you to know where you are going and to find the means to get there … This is also the case for its turnover. It is important to set goals and give yourself the means to reach them… and of course, along the way, to have the right tool to follow them. Evoliz allows you to set yourself a turnover objective for the year and to have a dashboard to follow your activity from month to month in order to see if you are in the nails!

Good resolution: I no longer sail by sight and I give myself the means to reach my CA objectives.

It’s your turn !

And you, what are your good resolutions for your business? Have you ever tested Evoliz? If this is not yet the case, you have a 30-day trial period, the price is then € 24.90 per month. Which is really reasonable given the features offered.

To test, go to www.evoliz.com! I also invite you to discover all the features on this page.

And if you are an auto-entrepreneur, know that you can take advantage of the free “MyAE” solution offered by the same publisher (also tested and approved when I was Auto-entrepreneur).

Source Images: Shutterstock.

Article written in exchange for access to the tool