▷ 3 misconceptions of digital marketing 2020 -

By dint of proposing a new buzz word, analyzing trends and drawing abusive conclusions, announcing today what will happen tomorrow, we have the annoying habit in marketing, me first, to convey misconceptions or a little too far ahead of their time. Little genre review…

The community manager is an essential position for the company

If the presence on social networks today and especially tomorrow will be indeed essential in the same way as the presence on the Internet is today essential for the company, the presence of a community manager is not it.

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In fact, the function of community manager is, from my point of view, a temporary function in the company. Indeed, being able to use social networks as what they are, namely the means of communication, should be within everyone’s reach, in the same way that everyone types directly on their computer. There is no reason to create a profession with the typewriter!

In fact, at one time there were people dedicated to this profession, shorthand typists for example. It’s a classic step in getting started with a new tool. First we create dedicated positions, then each employee appropriates the key skills.

It is therefore more important from my point of view to train key employees in social networks: the boss, communication, marketing, HR, after-sales service, than to recruit someone to fill all of these roles at once. only on social networks. There is a good chance that he will do it badly whatever his good will!

Big data will revolutionize everything!

Big data is very interesting. A great deal of information is available on the Internet and in customer databases, big data makes it possible to access and use it! Yes!

However, it should not be forgotten that data is data from the past, sometimes in real time. Analyzing them makes it possible to correlate trends to propose offers adapted to the client’s profile, etc.

Big data, on the other hand, does not imagine the offers in place of marketers and the company. It remains the responsibility of the company to be creative, to offer the best products or services, to be innovative and to create breakthroughs on the market!

Using Big Data to be more responsive and offering a new service can be a break, but it is the new service that must be the break!

Traditional marketing is dead!

I am not the first to say it, traditional marketing is not dead – we believe in within 1min30 and we have created offers for brand activation and operational social marketing – however it must be integrated into mixed digital and non-digital strategies.

It’s not marketing that becomes digital, but society! It is thus necessary to make marketing in a digital company, and not to replace marketing by digital marketing (I know that I am inspired by a quote from an American author that I did not manage to find, do not hesitate not tell me in comment).

And you what do you think? Are there any other misconceptions that you want to debunk?