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When I was in high school, I remember a classmate who seemed to be tortured. He was brilliant, especially in dissertation. It sounds a bit cliché, but it is a fact. As far as I’m concerned, I was pretty good. When the professor returned the copies, I almost always positioned myself in the medium high. But he put on the 16 like pearls. So I looked at his copies to see how he did it. Since that time, time has passed…

I practiced integrating into my writing process automatisms that I will relay to you in the rest of this article.

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They are based on my
experience, but also on the analysis of relevant content.

For the record, his
goal was to become a writer.

He became
copywriter in a French communication group.

So, what will set you apart in the field of web writing, that is, what will make Pareto’s law apply to you?

In other words, how
write the 20% of your content that will generate 80% of the results you
are going to get?

Of course, these are
symbolic numbers, but not that much.

You will understand why.

Let’s go ?

Here are 3 qualities of an excellent web writer.

# 1 Love the theme for which you are writing

This may seem obvious to
first sight.

Only, over time, we
may realize that, ultimately, the subjects we are dealing with are quite
far from what we really like to tell.

You are talking about a subject because
everyone’s talking about it, but deep inside you’re not.

On the other hand, what I can call “the drama of the web editor” is the fact of being an excellent writer on a subject which, it will be said, does not interest many people.

Once off the trails
beaten, you seem to have trouble reciting your usual score.

All the syndromes that you feared at startup surface:

  • White paper ;
  • Weariness;
  • Flemme;
  • Procrastination;
  • Relevant research;
  • Dispersion ;
  • Editorial inconsistency;
  • Botched.

For the vast majority
of us, that’s normal.

We are never as good as when we do something that we are passionate about, where time does not seem to be an obstacle.

This also applies to
the finest segment of the most talented web copywriters.

Even if their adaptability is higher, it is generally experienced.

The trap to avoid …

When I started as
as a freelance web editor, I was excited to start projects.

From all sides !

Imagine the situation.

You are starting an entrepreneurial adventure. All that matters to you is to generate your first income.

You could be sure that at
I was motivated at the start.

Whatever the project.

I got some,
others don’t.

But paradoxically, the lower the
time passed, the more the order book was filled, the more I felt a hitch…

It was a kind of circle

I have clients, so

For example, my daily routine was disrupted.

I went to bed later, and
get up at random hours but with fewer hours of sleep

Sometimes I was in front of my
Mac in “zombie” mode.

I was stuck in front
the screen on a particular word with no particular thoughts.

Then I fell asleep from time to time.

So, productivity level
and concentration, I realized after 3 weeks that it wasn’t
Not possible.


The job of web writer
requires some intellectual gymnastics.

I’m talking about “real
web editors “, those who aim and the real will to bring
the added value to each content.

If you were like me in my early days, wanting to get a lot of orders at all costs, including subjects that do not interest you at all, you will see that it is very difficult to produce qualitative content for your customers, and for yourself.

After this period, I
made the decision (my body decided) to only deal with subjects that
I loved.

You’ll see, it’s a lot
less trying.

And then, you will find the
pleasure to write.

But also, the fluidity that
on the one hand makes you more productive, that original side that you lose when
you don’t like the subjects you write about.

But Jordan, at the beginning of the article you mentioned “the drama of the web editor”, how to solve this problem?


I told you that to excel as a writer in a niche with no real market had little interest, apart from your personal satisfaction.

In fact, you have every interest in focusing your efforts on actions that will bring you concrete results.

These results can be:

  • Lead generation;
  • Coaching;
  • Training sales;
  • Write for clients;
  • Viral articles.


After all, I think you are not working for glory.

You have bills to pay, a family to feed, pleasures to satisfy …

For example, did you think you could make a living by blogging on “The life of Parisian pigeons”?

And there, you silence me.

You write an article of rare quality with a unique approach to what can be the daily life of a pigeon in Paris.

This content is shared, liked, tweeted, re-tweeted, etc.


Your talents as a web writer are undeniable.

You may even have gotten the attention of some people who would like to work with you on a project.

But not this one

You see what I mean ?

Whatever happens, there will be no business to do with such a blog topic.

So the answer …?

There isn’t one.

I’ll tell you the one that worked for me.

A good idea is to find in your past experiences an important problem that you have solved and where there is a demand.

Generally, human beings like to talk about themselves.

Suddenly, you will find it easier to express yourself precisely and you will probably get tired less quickly.

Another idea is to list, say, “ONE” skill, and see in which markets with a validated request you would like to highlight it.

For example, in my case, I decided to help people with an internet business to optimize their conversion tunnel (Attract, Convert, Retain) through the generation of quality content.

How did I get there?

  1. I started as a writer and copywriter (slight difference);
  2. I was then an e-merchant and blogger;
  3. Now I’m a consultant-blogger.

At each step, I used my past experiences.

I started with a skill: writing as a freelance web editor.

I declined it in e-commerce by focusing on an effective content strategy: Ultra-worked product sheet + Email campaign with high added value + Educational blog in my niche of female well-being thanks to oils essential.

Finally, I now sell consulting services and training on what I have learned in recent years.

I was not passionate about basic.

But the writing allowed me to discover other horizons that I never even suspected.

I have failed a lot, and sometimes succeeded.

It is on this experience that you must capitalize and you will see that in the end, we get a taste for it.

All of this makes me say that writing about subjects we like to talk about, even if we are not necessarily “passionate”, is an excellent quality of a web editor.

# 2 Write with empathy

It’s tempting when you’re talking about a subject you’re mastering with your fingertips to want to impress your world.

You use very technical terms, with complex sentences.

By itself, this is not a problem, you can very well do it.

But before, did you ask yourself the question of whether your readers will understand what you are saying?

This is the difference between the average copywriter and the one that all the big entities are fighting for!

Obviously, you don’t have to be a “genius” web writer in the literal sense of the word.

Just understand what your audience wants and write about it.

What is your positioning?

For example, you write for:

  • Rather novice people who want to learn?
  • A rather expert public?

As I mentioned above, this is the first thing to take into account.

It is vitally important that throughout the life of your site you will need to follow this tone.

And yes, I say all of life because it is difficult to change its positioning.

If that’s your will, remember that it’s easier to educate and grow an audience than the other way around.

Indeed, experts who wish to obtain specific information on a particular subject will find it more difficult to digest the fact that you demote the level of expertise of your content.

Roger Federer has two students: Let’s say Gaël Monfils and myself.

Imagine that Monfils has been training for 6 months already with Federer and that I then arrive to take lessons.

Our friend Roger would be forced to take up the basics, which Gaël has already had for a very long time.

Maybe Gaël will say nothing at one time, but gradually, he will get tired and say stop, all Federer that he is …

Understand “THE” real need of the reader

In my opinion, there are 3 types of content:

  • Informative content (Le Monde, Le Parisien…);
  • The distractive content (Novel, BD …);
  • Educational content (online courses, blog, training, etc.).

They can sometimes get confused, but overall, one objective predominates.

For example, on this blog, you will find a cross between information and education.

When you clicked on this article, the goal for you was to learn how to write better on the web to improve your conversions.

Why is it so important for you to improve your conversions?

We all know it.

In this case me first, since I am currently writing this article.

You want generate turnover for your activity.

“Wow, what a discovery! ”

Only there is a little nuance that makes all the difference.

It is somewhere between “knowing” and “making known”.

What I mean is that the reader (here, you) wants to feel reassured that the author (here, me) understands what is at stake.

Once reassured, the reader will have a much more attentive “ear”.

This is why when we train salespeople or copywriters, we insist as much on the reformulation of so-called “technical” needs as on the “deep ones”.


“If I understood correctly, you want to assimilate the different qualities of a web writer.

These will allow you to create relevant content for your audience, with the aim of retaining them and generating conversions?

If so, read on… ».


# 3 Know it and make it known

This point echoes the first two.

If you want to be read, your readership must be aware of your knowledge, of the value you bring.

This is why, sometimes, it is necessary to do this work of education towards your audience, as we discussed earlier in this article.

Obviously, your content must be consistent with the reason why you are being read.

But that’s not enough these days.

An expert will not remain one if he does not do the following:

  • Continuous training: Unless you are, say the “Founding Father” of your theme, it is rare to know everything. And even if you think it is, your brain is a muscle. And he needs to train or risk losing his abilities. Always be proactive in your research. Look for the information. Meet people who do the same thing as you and see how they approach a subject you know, for example.
  • Read many – In reading, I’m not just talking about books that cover your topic. There are many books that will bring you a good general knowledge. Very useful for giving you good references and making analogies when writing your content.
  • Travel – No need to go to Seychelles to be inspired. Just being on the move will allow you to be more creative, get new ideas as a web writer.
  • Discuss – Calm down, don’t contradict everyone and everyone. I’m just saying that if you don’t agree with an opinion, don’t hesitate to bring the antithesis. Give your arguments, listen. You will then see if your point of view is consistent or if you have not had a global vision of the subject.

I guarantee you that these 4 points will be your best allies when you find yourself facing a “blank page”.

Become the “expert” on a subject

As a web editor, becoming an expert on a specific subject will give you undeniable guarantees.

I’ll illustrate it with a simple example, but one that speaks volumes.

When we were in school, as we approached an important deadline, stress was certainly starting to be felt.

Homework, white BAC, math DM, official tests…

Many students, like me, were what are called sprinters, that is to say always in an emergency!

Sometimes we were forced to capitalize on chapters and abandon others …

As a result, when the subject falls on D-Day and you have made a complete dead end, you are cooked.

And in these moments, there are 3 types of students:

  • Those who say to themselves: ” That’s it, I’m dead, it’s useless for me to write “ ;
  • Those who say to themselves: “Good come on, I’m trying to talent …” We know the end;
  • And those who say softly, ” Hey… Pierre… what is question A?

Basically, the cheaters.

Don’t tell me you were part of it?

If so, we have one thing in common!

I’m joking.

Well, we all did it at least once.

But what interests us here is not really whether you defraud or not.

Where I want to focus is on Pierre.

Who is Pierre?

Pierre is the one we turn to almost mechanically when we don’t have the answer on probability in mathematics.

Moreover, it is often consulted by students for questions of style:

“Peter, I can’t make my proba tree, can you help me? “.

It’s normal, he always has good notes on this chapter.

He is therefore a figure of natural authority.

Basically, Pierre is THE reference on this subject.

And you, in which case should we call on you?

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