▷ 3 reasons why your audience will stop following you on social networks 2020 -

Today, many companies use social media to promote their brand. However, promoting your product effectively on these platforms is not as easy as it sounds. The majority of marketers and business decision-makers do not know the real capacity of social networks or take them seriously …

In order to always maintain an optimal brand image, you must avoid certain errors for which your audience may stop following you on social networks. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Mistake 1: You are doing too much self-promotion

Mass self-promotion is in vogue on the web, so many companies are doing it today. This is a mistake that brands often make, because you should know that broadcasting a lot of content does not imply getting more followers.

It is important not to annoy your community with thousands of posts and lower your engagement.

A survey carried out by Fractl magazine and Buzzstream reveals that the excessive repetition of publications is a very penalizing factor. This practice is one of the reasons why internet users unsubscribe from a brand’s page on a social network. Visitors prefer posts with images, videos and consumer reviews.

Instead of just talking about yourself or showing how interesting your business is, it’s better to use content marketing! You must, from time to time, publish content for a promotion, a product presentation, talk about your customers, ask their opinion, share news in your sector …

If you want to keep your fans, don’t abuse self-promotion!

Error 2: You are not consistent in your content

The idea here is to be consistent in the type of information you share on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest … in order to keep the attention of internet users.

When a potential customer is interested in your business through your account, but cannot easily find the information they are looking for, they may move on to the next.

Be consistent from one social network to another. You should always make sure to use profile photos, cover photos, and publication visuals that reflect your professionalism and seriousness.

A successful communication is a communication which does not contradict itself and which remains faithful to your reality.

E-commerce is a growing sector, the competition is intensifying more and more. The harder you are to find, the less you will be contacted and you will lose potential followers.

Always check that the content to be published or shared corresponds perfectly to your sector of activity.

Error 3: You are not using the right hashtags

choose hashtagHashtags are tools that foster stronger engagement with your future customers. It is important to always mention hashtags in your tweets or your Facebook status.

Inserting a hashtag brings relevance to your message and creates a sense of group belonging between you and your audience.

Be careful, these hashtags must be well chosen and well used in order not to create a “bad buzz” which could destroy your reputation and scare away your subscribers.

try focus on a passionate community who share a specific area of ​​interest. The more specific your hashtag, the more you will be able to target your audience. You can rely on tools like hashtagify.me that can help you choose the right hashtags based on your activity.

For example, if you’re a Volkswagen fan, the hashtag #vwvan will teach you a lot more about subscribers than #van.