We went to have Hopwork – the largest freelance platform in England – to find out in which situations their clients were looking for freelancers. We give you a little summary!

Damn, in not long, these are the sales and I would like to set up an emailing campaign towards my customers… Heck, I had planned to make the buzz for April 1, but I did not know how take it… Hmm, my client asked me for a mobile app, but I don’t have an iOS developer on my team…

Training & Co'm

What if you too needed freelancers?

1: For a temporary increase in your workload

Before Christmas, during a winning tender or during the summer period: your company has rush periods, periods when there are 27 things on your to-do list when you arrive at work in the morning and 32 when you leave in the evening. Because it can be recurrent but short periods, or a cyclical increase in the workload, the use of one or more freelancers allows you to absorb this workload and avoid that your team don’t start doing 3-8. Would a graphic designer reinforce your team for 3 weeks allow you to deliver on time? Simply define the terms of the mission (duration, start date, on your premises or not) and presto!

The beautyst case study:

the beautist For International Women’s Day, Weronika Piliszczuk, Marketing Manager, called on Marie Gibault, Artistic director & graphic designer on Hopwork. They worked together to create a kit for a promotional operation on the products on their site. Available on several supports, the kit made it possible to communicate effectively with The Beautyst customers: the operation was a success!

2: For the need for expertise over a fixed period

Let’s go back to this won call for tenders or to this complex project that has been entrusted to you. After the euphoria of the moment, the pride in having won the confidence of your peers and / or a client poses THE question of project management: what skills will you need? Where are these skills located?

If they are not present internally, you can train one of your employees. But even with Einstein’s IQ and an iron will, you don’t learn to be a developer, an SEO expert, or even a director in 2 days. To unblock this situation, entrust it to a freelancer, an expert in his field, trained in the latest technologies and aware of the trends in your market, who can also bring you a fresh and objective look at your project.

The Foodchéri customer case:

foodcheri Our communication objective: “We want to show that all our dishes are home cooked”. Neither one nor two, Anaïs Lerma, Marketing Manager, is organizing a photo session with Adrien Hue, photographer on Hopwork. “We need service providers for very specific missions, one of Hopwork’s added values ​​is to be able to count on responsive customer service. And I prefer to work with people who already have a good reputation on Hopwork ”.

3: To overcome a recruitment problem

Finally, even if we really don’t want you: the unexpected. The employee you counted on who resigns or an employee who unfortunately falls ill in the middle of a project. Unless you work with super-men and super-women, this kind of unexpected happens. At the last minute or for a long-term absence, freelancers are an effective alternative to a fixed-term contract.

The client case Vinted :

vinted Rozenn, Country Manager at Vinted, the favorite site of all fashionistas, found itself in an impasse last February. The launch of the brand in the UK was advanced with a very tight deadline for them to be the first on the market. The person in CDI who was to take charge of this launch was not yet in post at that time. Rozenn therefore had to find a native English-speaking community manager specializing in fashion as quickly as possible for 3 weeks. Immersed in the Vinted team for 3 weeks, Ruby, freelance community manager has used tweets, retweets, photo sharing, blog posts to make Vinted UK the benchmark for fashion wardrobe sale!

Use Hopwork to find a freelancer!

  • Specify your search, use the filters;
  • Contact 3 to 5 freelancers (on average clients contact 3.5);
  • Freelance gives you a quote on Hopwork. Your payments are made on Hopwork which secures the entire relationship (no need for a deposit, online contracting, archiving of all your assignments, AXA insurance and verified freelance legal documents);
  • Note! And be, you also noted, you ensure a quality work!

Come on, hop! Visit hopwork.fr to test!

Hopwork in a few figures

– 10,000 user companies (Sephora, Airbnb, Publicis, Eurosport, Carrefour, BNP, Allianz, Mylittleparis… but also full of SMEs!).

– More than 21,000 freelancers.

– The best digital experts: developers, web designers, motion designers, web marketing consultants, SEO experts…

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