▷ 3 steps to revolutionize the agency model - Step 3: Packager 2020 -

This blog post is part of the release of my first book “Grow or Die, you have to choose!” 14 steps to get out of the ranks and go into hyper growth “and the launch of the second step of the hyper growth strategy of the agency 1min30, leader of Inbound Marketing in England. In fact, the week of June 11, 2018, we are going to present, during 5 exclusive webinars, a new offer and a new approach that will, I hope, revolutionize the business model of agencies. All actors in marketing, communication and sales are concerned. Entrepreneurs, managers, managers, agencies, consultants, freelancers or simply curious, subscribe to hypercroissance.fr

Reminder of previous episodes – Step 1 and 2: Train and Organize

To scale and get out of the craft, I presented on the occasion of the 2 previous posts in the last 2 weeks:

This week, I’m going to introduce the new format of our offer that allows us to scale up.

The importance of the package to reduce presales costs

What drives the agencies’ business model today is the cost of pre-sales. Through competitions, the design of tailor-made campaigns (creation, strategic planning) for clients even before the first euro is invested constitutes a very significant cost item for an agency and a risk likely to lead it to bankruptcy if too many competitions are lost.

To reduce these costs, it is necessary to successfully sell an approach, a method, rather than a deliverable. The client should not buy a creation, a campaign, but support. It is also more effective for the client, because in the context of support, it is possible to make a real piloting by the results, to correct what does not work and to reinforce what works. On the other hand, in a pre-established campaign, there is not enough hindsight to iterate, nor the contractual framework for that matter, because any adjustment would correspond to an amendment with all the complexity of this type of negotiation.

Since 2012, I have been working on packaging the offer to successfully systematize the sales process. It started at the start of 2016 with the establishment of a systematic co-creation workshop for the upstream design phase and is completed today with our new offers of more than 1min30.

The consultancy + service mix and agility at the heart of the offer More than 1min30

Advice throughout the project

As mentioned in the first article in this series, for me, the strength of an agency lies in the quality of its advice, both creative and pragmatic, and not only at the launch of the project, but throughout. The best resources should not disappear once the project is sold or started as usual, but must be invested throughout the project to achieve the expected results and constantly adjust the strategy.

Thus, in all our offers, whatever the phases of the project, we offer a strong presence of the consultant within the framework of workshops or regular strategic meetings which allow to carry out a real piloting by the results and to avoid the tunnel effect of a project.

An agile service offer

In addition to advisory support, we offer an agile service offering that breaks the silos between marketing, communication and sales. Indeed, we have set up a point system for each service which allows us to define with the client upstream of the project a package bringing together strategic meetings and points. This package allows real flexibility in the project. At meetings, the consultant and the client can readjust the strategy and spend the points as efficiently as possible. Having set the budget upstream aligns the 2 parts on the use of this budget, and each adjustment does not constitute an act of resale.

A Plus offer for each phase of our support process

How did we organize our offers? We cut them into 3 to adapt to each phase of our support process:

  1. Co-design : This is usually the first phase of a project, where we define the client’s strategy together. It is organized in different packs according to the client’s needs: positioning of its brand, deepening of its personalities, creation of a business plan, definition of a marketing, communication, sales action plan;
  2. Co-Production : this is the phase during which we put in place the tools necessary to execute the strategy jointly with the client: creation of a website, definition of the visual identity, implementation of a solution marketing automation, etc. In this phase too, we favor agility and rather than leaving on fixed quotes, we start on flexible envelopes with our point system. This makes it easier to manage the vagaries and adjustments of the project.
  3. Co-pilot : this is the key phase of support, the one that takes place over time and allows the results to be achieved. This phase is completely iterative, the consultant and the client work together continuously to adjust and implement the most efficient strategy in the form of a sprint. The classic cycle is as follows: validation of deliverables made, analysis of the latest results, definition of the action plan for the next sprint, achievement of deliverables, etc.

If you want to know more about this offer, I invite you to register for our launch webinars on hypercroissance.fr. We will reveal everything from June 11, 2018 in particular our Blue Ocean strategy to step out of the ranks and move into hypergrowth. So sign up!

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