Would you like to increase your sales without spending fortunes on advertising or even having to triple your traffic? There are (free) solutions that you can implement on your site to turn more visitors into customers …

Of course, there are no miracles. These techniques apply and work when your offer is clear and precise.

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We can even speak of an irresistible offer. Otherwise, you can use the methods you want, your visitor will hardly turn into a customer.

In this article, the techniques revealed do not in any way force the visitor elsewhere I strongly recommend it.

Wanting to force your visitor at all costs is the best way to increase your customer dissatisfaction rate.

Give a reward

Your visitors love the rewards. Give them a nice reward in exchange for their purchase or registration.

It’s rewarding and motivating, so don’t skimp on it.

Make sure your reward has real value in the eyes of your visitors.

If you want to capture more leads, bring a bonus that your visitor cannot miss.

If you sell products or services, make sure to reward your product by adding a bonus, for example.

You must thank your visitor.

One important point, when you offer something, don’t offer anything.

Your gift must truly bring invaluable value to your visitor, otherwise they will not be terribly eager to get this bonus.

To do this, use Google and type in the queries of your ideal visitor. Take a look at what the search engine offers and try to analyze the problems encountered by your audience.

Once identified, you can for example create an Ebook on the subject. Put a good title that solves the problem and offer this guide in exchange for an Email for example. At this point, your visitor becomes a prospect.

To turn him into a client, here is the solution.

Maintain a relationship

I’m not talking about a romantic relationship, but it’s just like.

It will make you smile, but to sell successfully, you will have to seduce, like a salesperson who sells you something.

I don’t really like that word, but it’s the process that will take your visitor to a purchase.

In marketing, this is called lead nurturing. It’s a technique of making contact with your prospect to turn him into a customer.

The relationship of trust must be established before a visitor goes on the purchase, which is logical because the visitor must get to know you.

You can easily automate everything with an autoresponder.

Of course for this to be relevant, you will have to work on your copywriting to convince and above all reassure.

A visitor needs confidence to decide their purchase.

Imagine that you arrive in a shop and without having had the time to cross the doorstep, a salesman jumps on you and offers you a product and forces you to take it.

No one would accept such a situation.

It’s the same thing on your site. Approach your visitor slowly but surely with a newsletter, rich content, videos with value in your content.

Give maximum value to your site, it’s a great way to gain credibility in front of your audience.

Reviews or testimonials

On the Internet, opinions or testimonials are social proof highly appreciated by the visitor but also by the “seller”.

The visitor finds his account there since in a few readings of opinions or viewing testimonies, he can form an opinion on what you offer.

But the most important point is that he can identify himself. And this is the strongest point.

A visitor who identifies himself and thinks that your product or service is made for him, then you will gain a customer easily.

Don’t be afraid of sometimes negative reviews. Question yourself if you receive an avalanche of negative opinions, because it can also mean that your product is bad.

Also, feel free to respond to your reviews, whether positive or negative. By doing this, you give yourself even more credibility because the visitor will notice that you are authentic and available.

If you already have a customer base, I advise you to send them an email asking for a short text or video testimonial, preferably video). This will allow you to post feedback on your site but also on YouTube for example.

Offer them a little bonus for those who play the video game but try to keep the natural and spontaneous side of your customer’s return. Don’t force her hand. The testimony must be really taken on the spot and not overplayed.

Transforming a visitor into a customer is a real challenge when you have a site, because you have to constantly implement sharp marketing.

By applying these 3 tips, you can increase your sales without additional advertising budget.