▷ 3 tips for effective content creation 2020 -

The vacation is over. So forget the good resolutions and decide to offer quality content creation today. Here are 3 easy-to-use tips to get started and start off perfectly this year…

Content creation, above all a question of efficiency

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Storytelling, Copywriting… There is no shortage of names to describe the text content creation. Whatever your communication strategy, but also your support, regardless of your sector of activity and the size of your company, this content creation must have one (or more) objective (s). And to be effective, they must be defined precisely. Some research on Google, and you are informed that your objective must be SMART.

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My point, today, is not there, but in this back-to-school period, I like to remind you of this utterance: set the goal of your content strategy. You want to increase your audience. So, but how many visitors do you want? Do you favor number (traffic) over quality (qualified prospects)? Is your ambition to build customer loyalty? How often do you want to tend for the renewal of your customers’ purchases …? of the precise and quantifiable objectives, this is the only way to optimize your content strategy.

Of course,
your end goal is to increase your sales, but we’re not here anymore
in a content strategy but well in your marketing policy.

Feed its social networks, its site or its blog, priority to the definition of a simple and effective message

Of this
evidence, recalled above, a second is just as natural. The
content creation must convey a message. It’s not useless to
remember this basic web writing. How many blog articles are
published every day to praise the qualities of a product, the advantages of a
provision. But where is the message then? You have to contextualize,
put the text in context and answer the questions you have
listed when developing your editorial strategy (you don’t have it
done, so quickly start there).

If you hold
absolutely to present the strengths of your last reference, so look to
what question these answer. If you mention the materials of
construction, the way of producing, you will be able to carry the message of
environment or ecology. If you prefer to insist on
performance of a technological product, look for an innovation-oriented message
and efficiency. We forget it too often, but each content must convey
a main message (the latter responds to the defined objective).

Effective content, one requirement: simplicity

Finally, third and last advice to keep in mind, always prefer simplicity. Your evidence is not the same as that felt by your readers, your prospects and even your customers. You have a website or a Facebook page to highlight your point of sale. So do not do like many merchants, who inform all prospects of their departure on vacation but who forget to specify that they have returned.

A recovery can be the subject of a communication, with a simple message: the services that characterize you (opening hours, customization of orders, after-sales service …). Keeping it simple above all means not falling into the SEO trap. You don’t find keywords to link to your content announcing your return and the reopening of your store, well don’t worry. No one will blame you, especially the search engines.

So in summary,
for effective and efficient content, you must:

  1. Identify precisely your objective;
  2. Define the message to convey;
  3. Keep it simple.

So it’s up to you. And do not hesitate to complete if you feel that additional advice would be appreciated.