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Writing articles for your blog is a never-ending race. You wrote a great article that got your readers interested because they read, commented and shared it. Better, they ask for more. Your blog has become a drug for them, they can’t do without it. Or else you experience the opposite situation. You feel like your readers are completely ignoring you because your article is neither read, commented, nor shared. And to correct the situation, you are forced to start again, to write a new article that will make them react …

In any case, you return to square one each time. And you know better than me that writing an article is not an easy task, that it takes time and intellectual effort especially if you have another activity next to your blog, like me.

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In this article, I will give you 3 tips to quickly write your articles even if you don’t have time.

But before, why write articles on your blog?

Even though writing an article is a tedious task for the majority of us, you must do it for at least these 2 reasons:

Proof of expertise

The more quality articles your blog has, the more your readers will see you as an expert. You will become more credible in their eyes. So if you sell products or services, they will give you their trust and take out their credit card.

A good SEO for your blog

The more you write new articles, the more you can position yourself on new keywords, and therefore a large number of entry points to your blog. This will systematically result in good global referencing.

Be careful, I’m not telling you to be obsessed with the number of your articles at the expense of their quality. Keep in mind, both Internet users and Google favor quality content.

The preparation phase

You now know why it is important to write articles on your blog. Before going to the actual writing phase, let’s see together the preparation phase which is:

The collection phase

Above all, you have to do research and preparation so that when you are in typing mode, you will have all the necessary baggage to write faster and not waste time.

At this point, you will need concentration, time, and a note-taking tool. The best thing is to have one tool for all of your notes so that you always have them in one place. Choose software with a tag system like Evernote. This is the one I use. By the way, here are the notes I took for this article that you are reading.

OK, your three ingredients together, now let’s go hunting for ideas.

To do this, have several sources. The more you have, the more you will be ahead and the less you will have brainstorms.

Among the sources is the good old method: books.

Yes, reading books that cover your topic or even talk about other topics is a great way to get fresh ideas constantly. And today with e-readers or tablets, you can easily find any book on any subject at a bargain price or even for free.

There are also the your competitors’ blogs. Not only will you know the topics that work with them, but you will also have the points that they have not covered in detail to do it in your turn.

You can also read the english blogs because in general, they are ahead of us. It’s a good way to get to know the topics that made the buzz.

The real life also is an unsuspected source of article ideas. Indeed, you can have a lightning bolt when chatting with a friend, or at the restaurant, in a queue, etc.

Better, there is times of the day where your inspiration is at the top. For example, it’s when I’m on my bike to go to work or in my bath that good ideas come up.

The main thing is to always have your tool at hand. Whenever an idea comes to your mind, write it down systematically. Even if it seems stupid to you, always have the reflex to note it.

The principle is to note the outline of your article. Like title, subtitles, main ideas, quotes, etc. Again, these are not final titles, just a draft from which you will start your work.

Once you’ve taken your notes, it’s time to put them on your white sheet (WordPress editor for us bloggers).

The 3 tips to quickly write your content

1. Do it at the right time

Writing an article requires a lot of attention and focus. And with daytime distractions, it’s easy to waste a lot of time without realizing it. It is therefore necessary to stall a moment of your day when you will do only that.

But let me first tell you an anecdote before I talk about this famous opportune moment.

Trafic Mania’s André Dubois wrote an article in which he listed 20 things to stop today if you don’t want your blog to destroy your life. In point 10, he advises us to stop blogging at night. And the best solution is to get up at 5:30 a.m. because at that point, you will be more calm and productive.

I tested it, and to my surprise, I wrote 1000 words in just 1 hour without even realizing it.

The next day, I took my courage again with two hands to get up early, and rewrite, 1000 words in 1 hour.

I even testified in the comments.

Besides, this is the article that took me the least time to finish it. In general, my articles take me several days. I write them down when I’m at the office with all the interruptions because I find it hard to get up early (I’m a heavy sleeper 😉).

So it’s up to you to find a time of day when you will not be disturbed, where you will be in your bubble by cutting off all sources of distractions (Facebook notifications, SMS, email, internet, etc.).

In the following lines, I will reveal another tip that further cuts distractions within your editor.

2. Write drunk correct sober

The human brain is made up of two parts: the left hemisphere, which is the seat of the center of imagination and creativity, and the right hemisphere, which houses the center of logic and reasoning. When writing your article, you will use these two parts in your favor.

You are going to tell me, “Where are you going with this?” Do you want to give us a biology lesson or what? ”

Not at all. You’ll understand, it’s very simple.

You have to start by putting the notes you have taken on your editor, and starting from this, write all at once. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, don’t stop, let your left brain do its job. You will have plenty of time to correct it afterwards.

If there is a new idea going on in your mind that is in the process of being written or that you need to search the Internet for, do not stop. Write this idea or research down where you want to put it in your article and continue writing.

There is no need to respect the syntax of your article. Start with the part where you are most comfortable. It can be the conclusion or the development, whatever. The main thing is to start the machine.

Once you have finished writing your first draft, you will pass the baton to your right brain (the brain of reason).

You will do a first proofreading and add the ideas and research that you have just noted.

Then, you reread your article several times in order to correct all the errors, remove the superfluous, format (bold italic, underlined), etc.

Ernest HEMINGWAY said: ” write drunk, edit sober“. What can be translated into French by: write drunk, correct sober.

3. The hack I discovered when I wrote this article that you are reading

Did you know that the WordPress interface is a distraction that keeps you from focusing on your text? The same is true for your browser and the taskbar of your Windows or MAC.

Look at this picture full of distractions:

There is the browser bar with all of your tabs open and your bookmarks. Suddenly, you will be more tempted to navigate between its different tabs history to see if there is a new email to process or a new Facebook notification.

The operating system task bar (Windows for me) is also one of the things that distract you. Indeed, you may be tempted to watch your clock every minute to find out how much time you have spent on your article.

To eradicate them, just click on the F11 key on your keyboard. This will put your browser in full screen mode and hide all your tabs and bookmarks as well as your navigation bar.

It will start to get lighter, but still, there are distractions. See for example the plugin update notifications.

This is where the WordPress distraction-free writing mode. Just click on the button for this purpose or the combination of keys Shift + Alt + W. As soon as you start writing, all the superfluous hides automatically …

… And farewell to all possible distractions:

And to make them appear again, just hover your mouse over them.

You see, the work environment is much less distracting, which will boost your concentration.


With these 3 simple tips to put in place, you will no longer struggle with your white paper and wonder what to write.

But I can’t say it enough. To fascinate your readers, to turn them into fans, you have to write exceptional articles.

Fortunately, I have a surprise for you. I wrote you a guide called 12 tips for writing an exceptional blog post that brings you traffic. In addition, it is 100% free. Just by applying the eighth tip, you will sympathize with your readers.

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