Facebook advertising. You hear it everywhere: podcast, video, article. Everyone tells you that it is a powerful tool to develop your e-commerce. You see your fellow e-merchants and your competitors using it …


You say to yourself “Yeah, it would be nice if we used it one day. “ One day … Yes, but when? You’re not really good at Facebook Ads (” Facebook Ads »Means« Facebook advertising ” in English).

You know there are trainings that can fix it, but you don’t really have time to get started. (Or worse: you bought training, but you didn’t even take it until the end.)

You want to increase sales on your online store and develop your brand, right?

So you know that Facebook Advertising can really help you. Yes it’s true, but how? Doing what ? Saying what? By posting what? We are all there to brag about this tool, but very few show you concretely what you can do on it.

However, if you don’t know … you won’t. You risk passing on a solid opportunity to develop your e-commerce. You suffer losses in CA without knowing it simply because you do not exploit the beast Facebook Ads (but some of your competitors, they do not hesitate while waiting …).

Or maybe by dint of hearing people say how much they make from Facebook advertising, you’re going to decide to tweak your little thing and do it.

But since you are not really trained, you do not know how to do it well, you will launch campaigns that will not be profitable – otherwise put it, you will give money to Facebook without getting anything interesting in return.

How about we fix it … like now? Read on.

You have to learn how to advertise on Facebook. The best school is the field. To learn in the field is to learn from what is already being done. Or rather what is already working. In this case, I suggest youlearn Facebook advertising by looking at what e-commerce is already doing with Facebook advertising.

How? ‘Or’ What ? Well i listed you 30 advertisements that e-businesses have launched on Facebook to develop their brand and sell more through Facebook Advertising.

Nice as an article right? So let’s see this without further ado.

Google Loves Me Workshop

1 – Amazon: improve the public image of the brand using Facebook Ads as media

Amazon: Facebook e-commerce advertising

It’s good to do good when you’re a business. But from a rational point of view, it is in your best interest to let your audience and your customers know when you are doing so, because they will then appreciate your brand more and this can become a good competitive advantage.

New generations increasingly expect brands to contribute to society.

Amazon has not always had a good public image because of its overbearing side (well yeah Jeff he is not nice anyway).

In this campaign, Amazon marketers are improving the public image by showing the brand’s effort in the war against the Covid-19.

Comments on advertising

By reading the comments of the advertisement, one can deduce that it works well.

If we break it down, here is the process:

1) Contribute to society;
2) Let our customers and our audience know that we are contributing.

Facebook ADS then becomes a tool to inform us of how your e-commerce contributes to society.

2 – Myprotein: use Facebook advertising to promote blog content

MyProtein: Facebook e-commerce advertising

In this advertisement, Myprotein – e-commerce giant of food supplements – promotes an article on their site entitled “14 pectoral exercises for your training at home”.

I may personally be very interested in the content of your last blog post. But like what. The problem is, I don’t even know you exist or that you have a blog.

However, if I knew, I would spend hours reading you.

We are tens, hundreds or even thousands of potential readers for your blog. How to cure it ? By launching ads that target people like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Writing blog articles related to your industry is a great way to build awareness and even attract customers. But an article is like a book: writing and publishing is only the first step.

After you publish, you need to promote your article so that it can be read by as many people as possible.

You can target people who have an interest in your field (for MyProtein it would be people who are interested in bodybuilding) or your business (site visitors, prospects, customers, etc.). Then you’ll ask Facebook to send these people to you on your blog post page.

3 – Army Workshop: Promote brand values ​​with FB ADS

Army Workshop: Facebook e-commerce advertising

Marketing is like seduction. Consumers increasingly want to buy from responsible companies, which have values ​​and which contribute to society.

(This is what makes for example the success of a French e-commerce called BonneGueule.)

But when you have values, you must let us know that you are on the side of the good. If Captain America is a hero, it’s because the Marvel Comics publisher has put the marketing resources in place to make it happen.

Let’s talk about advertising.

On this advertisement, Atelier de l’Armée displays all its charm by telling us:
1) They are very rigorous in the choice of materials they use;
2) That they take into account their impact on the environment;
3) That they are ethical in the way they work.

The advertisement shows us the bag it offers and returns us to the product page so that we can add it to the basket and possibly buy it.

4 – Mr. Paris: showcase your know-how

Monsieur Paris: Facebook Ads e-commerce

On this advertisement, this jeweler “sells” his know-how to us, that is to say that they explain to us why what they do is of very good quality.

Again, we are on a campaign of seduction.

People love products made with art and passion. Asserting that you have real knowledge (and proving it with concrete elements) can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

5 – MVMT: publicize a product and send quality traffic to the site

MVMT: Facebook ads e-commerce

This Facebook advertisement is used to present the watches of this e-commerce.

We see a description of the essential and interesting characteristics of their product. We are also shown what the watch looks like when worn. She looks classy. Subtle way to sell it to us.

The advertisement redirects us to the MVMT store where we have access to a product catalog of watches similar to the one we saw on Facebook.

6 – Ralph Lauren: promote a product and increase sales

Facebook Ads e-commerce: example Ralph Lauren

An ad that promotes a brand classic with a “Shop Now” call to action.

The idea is to tell you: “And did you see our classics are cool anyway ?! You will look too classy on it and you will reflect the image of a responsible man who has succeeded. Take a look at our site. “

By clicking on it we are directly redirected to the product page so that we can add the product to the basket and then order it.

7 – Lacoste: use Facebook Ads to reassure customers and publicize a relevant offer

Lacoste: Facebook Ads example for e-commerce

This advertisement began to be broadcast from March 25, 2020 (one week after the introduction of containment measures due to the Covid in England).

Here Lacoste uses Facebook Advertising to get in touch with its customers and send them a relevant offer: free delivery and extended return times.

It’s worrisome to order online when you know that deliveries are coming late and you’ll have trouble returning the product if you’re not satisfied.

By letting us know that we don’t have much to fear, they lift the blockages that would have prevented us from buying.

The advertisement contains a link which returns us to the product page in order to obtain more information on it and why not buy.

8 – MYPROTEIN: promote their promotions with a Facebook advertising campaign

Myprotein: Facebook ads e-commerce

Ah, Myprotein – I just received food supplements from them in addition.

When you do a promotion: the more people know about it, the better it is for turnover.

At the time of the dissemination of this Facebook advertisement, MYPROTEIN was promoting 40% on all the products on its site.

At the same time, they had 969,000 visitors to their site: almost 1 million visitors could see that they were offering promotions because they put it in bulk on their home page. (Source: SimilarWeb)

But they still launch ads on Facebook to promote their offer to other people (or perhaps even to the same site visitors to remind them that there are specials).

Promoting is not enough: you have to act so that as many potential customers as possible know that you are doing it. Let’s be concrete friends, if your customers don’t know there are great prices, how will they come to you?

The image used on this advertisement is also interesting. We have a sleek design that allows us to see the value proposition very quickly and very clearly.

Your social media clients are like ministers: they don’t have time. They want to continue to scroll on their news feed and are quickly frustrated if they stay more than 1min30 or 2 minutes on a publication or an advertisement.

Like MyProtein, make it quick and easy for them to understand your value proposition – or else they’ll go on without knowing you have a crazy offer.

9 – Hast: publicize the new collections thanks to Facebook Ads

Example Facebook Ads e-commerce with Hast

They like them. I even have a white shirt from home and I love it.

On this advertisement, Hast wishes to inform its audience, its former customers or its potential customers that a new collection of special spring-summer clothing is available.

This is one of the strengths of Facebook Ads: it allows you to reach people who are qualified to buy from you with advertising as targeted as a sniper’s bullet.

Targeting is really important because not everyone will buy from you. To quote Hugh Macleod, “There are 6 billion people on this planet. 99.999% of them would prefer not to give you their money. “

But what Mac says doesn’t matter, as the remaining 0.001% can help you make a fortune. Now, how do you touch this little part? Well, with targeting Facebook Ads.

10 – The 5th: educate customers about the arrival of a new product

The 5th: Facebook Ads e-commerce example

The5th. I bought a watch from them too! (I don’t even know why I’m telling you my life, but hey.)

The e-commerce company launched Facebook ads to prepare for the launch of a new product.

We show customers an attractive photo of the product and we give those who want to leave their contact information the chance to contact them once the product is out.

When the product is released, we just send an email and BAAAM makes the first sales.

Another important point is that the visual used is beautiful and good – as with Myprotein.

I repeat: marketing is like seduction. You will never dare to take a picture of yourself when you wake up and then post it on your networks, because you know you will be too ugly.

No, never in life will you do that. What you do in general is to post a nice picture of yourself that highlights you. Basically you want to tell people: “And friends, did you see how handsome I am?” Leave likes and comments in passing. “

Have the same strategy with your e-commerce: show aesthetic photos and videos that will make you want to buy.

11 – Chicas Tacos: Promote a crowdunding campaign

Chicas Tacos is not an e-commerce, but a restaurant that launched a fundraising campaign.

Not all e-merchants need or want (yet) to obtain funds to grow their business. But I know that some people will need it sooner or later, because they want to build something very big.

In this case, be aware that some people are launching Facebook ads to promote their Crowdfunding campaign – that is to say, getting funding from everyone.

Here, in this case, Chicas Tacos wanted to let people know that the fundraising campaign ended the same evening in order to encourage as many people as possible to invest.

12 – La Maison des Matelas: Advertise a limited offer

Example Facebook Ads e-commerce with La Maison des Matelas

I included this ad for the following reason: this brand uses Facebook Ads + a well-known persuasion mechanism that is scarcity.

If your product is interesting and there is a limited quantity, you need to let people know, because it can push people to run to buy from you.

But beware I warn you: do not lie to people on Facebook by wrongly claiming that your product is in limited quantity.

If they notice it, they can come and leave you very negative comments under your advertisements revealing your unethical sales technique. On the social networks, the word and the power are with the people (that is to say in what concerns us here the consumers). Even heads of state must fear. Look at what happened to Trump with the Black Lives Matter movement.

13 – Dollar Shave Club Australia: promoting the entry offer

Dollar Shave: Make Sales On Your E-Commerce With Facebook Ads

When you have a great product, and you are sure that “to try yourself is to adopt yourself”, it could be very interesting for your sales to make an entry offer.

An entry offer is a special offer where you provide a sample or your product at a reduced price to make sure that as many new people as possible use or buy it.

Let’s say this is the digital version of the technique where we put another perfume in a small sample in the box of the perfume that you bought.

This technique is not new today. It has been running since the 1920s (or perhaps long before), as Claude Hopkins tells us about it in his book Scientific Adverising – a book of Copywriting and advertising written in 1923.

Amazon.fr - scientific advertising - hopkins, claude - books

In this case, the ecom Dollar Shave Club offers an entry offer. But this is only the first step. Now we have to bring people in. And this is where Facebook Ads comes in: we make the offer known to as many people as possible.

14 – The School Of Life: get the contact details of qualified people

TSOFL: get emails for your e-commerce thanks to Facebook Ads

The School Of Life offered a 10% reduction on the 1er purchase and an opportunity to have 4 phone cases if you subscribed to their newsletter.

Here they are looking to get qualified prospects for their offers – acquire their email addresses so they can be contacted more easily afterwards.

They have put together an irresistible offer that makes you want to register even if you hate leaving your email. They then use the FB Pub to get these new prospects.

15 – FORTE Series: multiplying the impact of a partnership with an Influencer

Forte Series: Influence marketing and Facebook advertising for e-commerce

Alex Costa – the person you see in this ad – is a big US influencer on men’s fashion and men’s cleaning products.

Forte Series offers hair products and their offer perfectly matches the audience of this influencer. So they made a partnership.

But Forte wanted to go further by launching Facebook ads to reach even more people with this deal.

If the influencer is well known and respected in his field, this kind of partnership can help you develop the credibility of your e-commerce and your products (it’s like having your crampons worn by Cristiano Ronaldo or play Rafael Nadal with your racket).

16 – Old Spice: show what people think of the product spontaneously (form of social proof)

I put this ad on you because I found it very original.

Old Spice: social proof and facebook advertising for e-commerce

This is about using the mechanism so well known in marketing that is social proof to influence your customers.

Old Spice is a brand offering skincare products for men. On this ad, they are asking people to test their product and give immediate and honest feedback.

If your product is really good, you can have fun doing the same. It’s a very subtle way to sell it by telling people: “Look, our promise to sell is true, you just have to listen to this sincere advice.”

In fact, Old Spice has included a “Buy” button on its advertisement which probably directs people to the product page tested “live”.

17 – Old Spice (2): use Facebook advertising to show that the experts validate our products

These guys are incorrigible.

Here we are on another mechanism of influence than authority.

Old Spice asks a known and respected dermatologist to testify to the quality of their products on their professional page. They then launch advertisements on Facebook so that as many potential customers as possible can see the validation they have obtained.

This tactic can be a good way to boost sales, but also contribute to the brand development of your e-commerce.

18 – Old Spice (3): make a funny commercial and promote it with an FB ad

E-commerce: humor and Facebook advertising


On this third ad, this e-commerce brand continues to promote its product in an intelligent way, but by showing a lot of humor.

Humor is a very good way to gain sympathy from your customers.

Again, Facebook is used as a tool to reach the right people and send them to product pages to buy.

19 – ECCO: make sales during Mother’s Day

The ad reminds people that they have to give mom something and redirects them to a page containing “ideal products” for a woman.

Many e-tailers already know that they can make a lot of sales during the holidays. I say “e-traders”, but this technique has been used for a long time by traders with “hard business” or “classic business” as they are qualified today.

Look around: offers for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. We don’t count anymore the days when we conditioned the consumer bought more than usual in order to be in agreement with the day, to have fun and to please these loved ones.

It’s Al Qaida brainwashing: buy, and you’ll be happy on this special day. It’s a little bit sad to see. Not so much for those who buy, but for those who cannot buy.

But hey, let’s continue.

The lesson to be learned from this campaign is as follows: FB Ads can also be a tool to be used during this kind of period in order to publicize your current special offers and increase your sales.

You can even have fun playing with FB targeting. For example, you are going to tell FB to target “Married Men” and tell them: this is the perfect gift for your wife.

20 – Nordstrom: Getting downloads for your e-commerce application

Nordstrom: Get downloads for your e-commerce application using Facebook Ads

Many companies have decided to develop their own application to be closer to their customers (and for other reasons that I do not yet know).

Maybe one day, you will decide to release a special app for your e-commerce. Or maybe it’s already launched or it’s going to be launched soon.

In any case, be aware that developing the application is only the first step. You will need to promote it or it will only be downloaded by you and your team.

Facebook has resources that can help you get downloads for your app.

Facebook advertising objective: application installations

For example, Facebook offers the advertising goal “Installing apps”. Advertising goals allow Facebook to give you exactly the results you are looking for.

With this goal, you are going to redirect people to a platform like the App Store so they can download your app.

21 – Gemmyo: Let customers know that we offer payment facilities

Gemmyo: example facebook advertising campaign for e-commerce

When your product costs several hundred euros or more, it can be strategic to provide your customers with the option of paying in installments. (Yourself: How much training and products would you not have bought if it was not possible to pay in installments?)

This is particularly the case with FightCamp – an e-commerce that offers smart punching bags. The normal price for their product is $ 1,219. But he offers to pay $ 51 in installments per month.

(This too must buy me one day …)

But when you have that kind of benefit, you need to let your customers know.

In the case of Gemmyo, people know that jewelry is expensive. Maybe they will go see their ads, find their products cool, but don’t try to offer them because they say “Oh no it will be too expensive for me”.

And don’t believe that because you’ve indicated somewhere on your site that you can pay in installments you have nothing to do.

If paying in installments can make a big difference in your market, it’s better to actively promote it to make sure your customers know and remember it.

22 – Aigle: Promote a promo code to boost sales

Little anecdote first.

Recently my little brother Faya who is 12 years old bought the game “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” for his console because there was a promotion.

(Did I already tell you that I love Naruto? End of “Naruto” the series because for me the best is Itachi)

He probably saw it on an ad and he said he couldn’t take the risk of missing it – especially that it’s easier to get a yes from my parents when the game is on sale .

So he quickly let my parents know he wanted this game as soon as possible “Because they are promoting.” My parents want to please their boy. And since the price was really cheap compared to what it is usually, they said why not …

Let’s get back to you now.

How many times have you bought a product because there was a promo? The product interested you even without the promo, but the latter prompted you to act.

23 – Aparanjan Paris: Promote the last day of a promotional offer

This is the Facebook ad for Aigle e-commerce (it’s weird to write it and even say it).

They offer a 25% discount with a promo code valid until a certain date. The strategy was undoubtedly aimed at stimulating sales and attracting new buyers or even old ones.

What they did next was use Facebook Ads to promote the code.

Again, it’s one thing to make a super sexy offer, but it’s another thing to let your customers know that you have a super sexy offer.

It’s a bit like the other ad we saw for the Crowdfunding campaign.

The urgency and the risk of loss push people to act. This e-commerce not only lets you know there is an emergency because its promotions will soon end, but it includes a promo code on top of that. Two potential losses, so two reasons to buy now.

“Facebook is yours now: let as many potential customers know as possible. “

24 – MyProtein: Promote multiple products with a single Facebook ad thanks to Dynamic Creative Content

Dynamic Creative Content Facebook Ads
Advertisement found in the Facebook Advertising Library

As you can see yellow on the screenshot, this Myprotein ad has several versions. This means that they launched ONE advertisement, but donated SEVERAL product photos to Facebook.

This is called Dynamic Creative Content.

I’m not going to dwell on the explanations. But if you have multiple products on your site to promote, you can launch an advertisement and give multiple products to Facebook to do so.

Dynamic creative content will save you a lot of time, as you will not have to manually launch ONE advertisement for ONE product.

In addition, Facebook will show each product to the person most likely to buy it.

25 – Myprotein: Remove objections and barriers to buying directly on the market

Yes, it’s them again. (That’s because I find them really good at marketing.)

MyProtein: Facebook Ads e-commerce remove objections and barriers to purchase

I loved this ad.

Let’s see the context first.

The customers of this e-commerce want products rich in proteins and good for health. Butter and butter money.

On this Facebook ad, Myprotein tells them that their Peanut Butter is rich in protein, but that it contains no sugar, salt, or palm oil. In doing so, they raise barriers to purchasing.

A barrier to buying is a question your customer is asking, and until you answer it or answer it completely, they will not buy.

Concrete example.

Imagine my boy is allergic to lactose. It’s her birthday and I have to find her a cake. Although annoying, I would never kill my son so I would be very careful to find him a lactose-free cake.

You are a pastry chef. I’ve heard of you and your cakes look cool. Ok, I want one for my son’s birthday. But before that you have to answer a crucial question: “Do you offer lactose free or?”

Imagine this time that this pastry chef launched an advertisement on Facebook to promote his birthday cakes and that he specifies that it is lactose-free… AH BUT I WILL DIRECTLY SEE IT!

You could say that Myprotein Advertising answers the following questions:

  • “I’m interested in your product, but does it have enough protein? “
  • “I’m interested in your product, but does it contain sugar? “
  • “I’m interested in your product, but is there salt?” “
  • “I’m interested in your product, but does it contain palm oil? “

If in your industry your customers have specific questions, things that they must absolutely validate before buying the product that you sell (like lactose in my example), then launch advertisements to promote your products and respond directly to their questions.

26 – Jawzrsize : éduquer les gens sur votre offre

Beaucoup de marketeurs et de e-commerçants ne prennent pas le temps de nous expliquer en quoi nous avons besoin de leur produit ou pourquoi leur produit est important pour nous.

Sans s’en rendre compte, il suppose déjà que leurs clients potentiels savent déjà tout cela. Donc ils commencent leur speech de vente directement en nous parlant de leur produit et de ce que l’on va pouvoir faire avec. Mauvaise approche.

La bonne façon de faire consiste à commencer par m’expliquer pourquoi j’ai intérêt à acheter votre produit – sans même encore me dire que vous avez un produit. Comment ? En me parlant de mes problèmes, en me parlant des pertes que je subis ou que je risque de subir, en me parlant de ce qui se passe de mauvais dans ma vie ou risque de se passer.

Comme me l’a dit un jour mon prof d’histoire et mentor, l’éducation est un grand chantier. Vous devez d’abord commencer par éduquer, car sans prise de conscience, il n’y aura pas d’actions.

Si l’école ne nous avait pas sensibilisés sur le fait que les Hommes doivent être libres et égaux, vous pensez qu’il y aurait autant de personnes qui réagiraient lorsque l’on porte atteinte à ces valeurs et à ces droits ? Je pourrais vous dire la même chose sur les questions raciales, féministes et sexuelles. Sans prise de conscience, il n’y a ni action ni réaction.

Le brouillon de cet article sur Word

Je dois vous avouer quelque chose : même quand j’écris un article, je prends le temps de vous rappeler vos problèmes, pourquoi c’est important de les résoudre et ensuite j’introduis mon article comme solution à tout ce chaos. Ainsi, je vous prépare à apprécier la valeur de ce que je propose.

C’est ce aussi ce que j’ai vu faire le e-commerce Jawzrsize sur une publicité Facebook.

Son produit est un appareil qui permet de muscler certains muscles du visage – dont principalement ceux de la mâchoire.

Sur la publicité, ils ont écrit un texte sensibilisant leur client cible sur le fait qu’il délaisse à tort certains muscles. Ils se musclent les bras, les jambes, le buste et les abdos, mais pas les muscles du visage pourtant si important pour la beauté.

Comment résoudre ce problème ? En achetant leur produit.

Vous comprenez la technique ? On explique d’abord ce qui ne va pas, et ensuite on s’introduit comme solution à ce problème.

Si on saute la première étape alors on va présenter une solution à un problème qui ne mérite pas d’être résolu (à défaut d’en servir toute la gravité et l’importance).

Donc d’abord la charrue, puis les boeufs. Vous pouvez utiliser la publicité Facebook pour cela. (Application pure et simple de ma propre technique pour mes propres services.)

27 – Happy Skin Co : exploiter la preuve sociale

Marketing e-commerce avec Facebook Ads

Si vous avez une preuve sociale de qualité pour votre produit, vous pouvez l’utiliser dans vos publicités.

Non, c’est n’importe quoi ce que je viens de dire. Vous devez l’utiliser, car vous pourrez faire plus de ventes grâce à elle.

Sur cette publicité, le e-commerce Happyskinco montre une vidéo où l’on voit plusieurs femmes utilisaient son produit. C’est une façon de dire à sa future nouvelle cliente : « Regarde, d’autres femmes ont déjà acheté mon produit. Tu peux le faire sereinement toi aussi. “

La preuve sociale est une de mes techniques favorites à utiliser en Facebook Ads pour e-commerce.

En fait, c’est ma technique favorite un peu pour tout.

Si l’on regarde bien, cet article est aussi une preuve sociale, une façon de vous dire à vous : « Regarde, d’autres e-commerçants font déjà de la publicité sur Facebook. Tu peux le faire sereinement toi aussi. “

Mais Happy Skin Co est un gangster de la vente, un génie, un monstre. Il ne se contente pas de montrer que des femmes utilisent son produit. Oh non, il va plus loin que cela.

28 – Happy Skin Co : montrer directement les résultats de votre produit en utilisant Facebook Ads

Si j’achète un dentifrice qui blanchit les dents, c’est pour une seule chose : avoir les dents plus blanches.

Si vous avez ce genre de dentifrice, s’il vous plaît, je vous en supplie : ne me prenez pas la tête. Montrez-moi simplement que des gens utilisent votre dentifrice et qu’après ils ont des dents plus blanches. Point. C’est une façon très simple, mais redoutablement efficace de vendre un produit en e-commerce.

Si on revient à Jawzrsize qui a complètement inondé le marché avec leurs produits, on retrouve la même tactique. Le résultat qu’ils vendent est le suivant : vous aurez une plus belle mâchoire en utilisant nos produits.

Qu’est-ce qu’il montre sur leur site et sur bon nombre de vidéos de vente ? Des gens qui ont les plus belles mâchoires après avoir utilisé leurs produits.

Revenons à Happy Skin Co.

Sur cette publicité Facebook, Happy Skin Co nous montre directement les résultats avant-après avoir utilisé son produit pour s’épiler les jambes.

Certains produits ont un énorme avantage en marketing, car rien que de les voir en action, on a directement envie de les acheter. Si le vôtre en fait partie, vous savez ce qu’il vous reste à faire.

29 – Indestructible Shoes : prouver concrètement la promesse du produit

Nous sommes encore sur une technique à peu près similaire que celle de Happy Skin Co.

Indestructible Shoes propose aux gens des chaussures indestructibles. (J’ai l’impression que je me répète, mais bon.)

Publicité Facebook pour e-commerce

Sur cette publicité, ils nous prouvent visuellement que leurs produits sont indestructibles : on voit quelqu’un marcher sur des clous, taper à plusieurs reprises un marteau et une brique sur la chaussure qu’il a au pied, se faire rouler dessus par le pneu d’une voiture. C’est incroyable. Je vous invite à aller la regarder. (Rien que pour le spectacle.)

Une part importante du marketing consiste à montrer un message et à le rendre le plus crédible ou « croyable » possible aux yeux de votre clientèle.

Admettons que vous êtes un jeune ouvrier qui travaille sur des chantiers. Vous cherchez des chaussures pouvant garantir à 100% la protection de vos pieds. Un soir après le boulot, vous êtes sur Facebook et là, vous tombez sur cette publicité où vous voyez quelqu’un piétiner une planche pleine de clous et se faire marcher dessus par une voiture. Il ne crie pas, il ne pleure pas. Il est serein. C’est comme-ci rien ne s’était passé et qu’il ne risquait pas un handicap à vie.

Si le e-commerce qui a lancé la publicité vous dit ensuite que ses chaussures sont indestructibles et assurent une protection à 100% sur tout type de chantier, le croirez-vous ou pas ? Si ? Alors ils ont gagné et vous auront peut-être un jour comme client.

Vous aussi, à votre manière, prouver à votre client de manière indiscutable que la promesse de votre produit est vraie.

30 – FightCamp : faire des études de cas pour vendre

Je termine avec la crème de la crème pour augmenter vos ventes avec Facebook Ads : les études de cas.

Marketing e-commerce : les études de cas avec la publicité facebook

Sur cette publicité, FightCamp fait des mini-études de cas vidéo où l’on voit monsieur et madame tout le monde utilisait leur sac de frappe. On les voit à l’action, mais on les entend aussi nous parler des bénéfices qu’ils en tirent eux personnellement par rapport à leur vie respective.

Les études de cas ont un énorme potentiel en marketing. Elles sont tellement puissantes que même Facebook en fait pour promouvoir sa régie publicitaire auprès des entreprises.

Vous pouvez faire des études de cas, mais en version très condensée pour vendre vos produits. C’est une façon très humaine de le faire, car vos clients verront des gens qui leur ressemblent utiliser un produit qui les intéresse et parler des bénéfices qu’ils en retirent.

Conclusion : utilisez la publicité Facebook pour augmenter les ventes de votre e-commerce

La publicité Facebook peut vous aider à faire plus de ventes. Il y a énormément de e-commerçants qui l’utilisent tous les jours.

Dans cet article, je vous ai montré comment certains d’entre eux s’y prenaient et quelles leçons vous pouvez en tirer. L’article était long, mais vous avez maintenant des idées pour votre prochaine campagne. Venez me dire en commentaire les résultats que vous obtiendrez si vous en appliquez une en particulier.

Que faire maintenant ?

Maintenant, je dois vous sensibiliser à une autre chose qui peut vous coûter très cher (littéralement) : les commentaires sur vos publicités Facebook peuvent tuer vos ventes.

On se retrouve sur l’autre article. À tout de suite.