Since 2010, I have had a lot of fun attracting targeted traffic to corporate blogs. Even if things have gotten a little tougher since then, it’s still possible to create company blogs that become real prospect machines …

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I am extremely surprised to see, in my various discussions, the number
people who tried and quickly gave up blogging
claiming that it didn’t work.

If you are, here is a list of questions to ask yourself (and which I wish I had before I started my blogs) in order to avoid the classic mistakes of a business blog.

1 – Why should you create a business blog ?

As for
any communication or marketing operation, it is essential
identify the purpose of your approach.

  • Would you like more visits to your site?
  • More leads?
  • Do you want to improve your brand image? `
  • Gaining subscribers on social networks?

It’s in
clearly defining the purpose of your business blog that you can
choose the right indicators to follow in order to measure the impact of your
actions, while investing your money properly in order to reach your

2 – Do you have a budget that meets your expectations?

Hold a
corporate blog is not free!

You will first need to count the hosting costs (unless you create the blog on your website), then count the costs linked to the creation of your content, SEO tools and tools for collecting leads.

It will take
also plan advertising budgets to push relevant content
for your goals with visitors to your site.

Even if this
budget varies depending on your knowledge, your available resources and
external providers used, you must keep in mind that it will
match the means with your goals.

3 – What is THE key figure to measure?

What is
the MEASURABLE key indicator that your blog should allow you to raise?
From experience, don’t be focused on direct sales with your blog.

Rather bet
on the number of new incoming contacts, the number of new leads
or the number of downloads of your documents.

this will
will ensure that the content created speaks to your target and that
your blog helps your business grow by reaching the right people.

4 – How will you create content regularly?

The upkeep
of a blog is not to be taken lightly! Are you sure you have time,
the patience and the budget to invest in this project?

So that he
is really qualitative, your business blog must be able to be updated
day “regularly” and meticulously.

5 – Who are you going to write for?

start your business blog, it’s important to know who you are

Is it a
young, or older audience? Do you have to use the Vouvoyer, or can you
allow you a lighter tone?

speak to customers who have already been converted, or to prospects who do not know
not your brand?

All of these
questions (and many more!) should be reflected in your
editorial strategy.

also to understand the consumption habits of your prospects for
know if creating content is a good lead for your strategy.
Do they usually consume content on the internet? Do they
used to buy or buy online?

By refining your typical client model, you will also be able to offer more relevant content in terms of content and form.

6 – How will they find you?

either via a search engine, a social network, or a newsletter,
the channels through which your users find your content are multiple and
above all, they can be optimized!

Thanks to
well targeted campaigns on social networks, or by optimizing your articles
for search engines, many tools will allow you to gain in

But as
any project that starts, you will not be able to be everywhere. You should
focus your efforts based on your strengths, the habits of your
target customers and key metrics to drive up with your blog.

measure and optimize.

7 – How will you find them?

When I
discuss with my colleagues or clients, this is the question that hurts.

I think that
this is the most important question on this list!

It is necessary
anticipate it as much as possible before launching your blog.

Because yes, when
you will have your blog and you will have created your content, you will not have
still no traffic…
Nothing surprising, you don’t exist yet.

so how and where are you going to expose your content to your prospects. At
initially, you should spend as much time writing as promoting your

Little to
small, SEO, newsletter and sharing your content will come
take over and allow you to be visible more naturally.

8 – What are they looking for on search engines?

for visibility purposes, articles on your corporate blog should
be optimized for search engines.

SEO tools will allow you to identify the most searched keywords by
your target and the competition on it.

9 – What do they find?

Put yourself
in the skin of the user and take a look at the content already existing on the
web, this will allow you to spot trends, but also to find
little-used subjects that you can use to your advantage.

10 – How will you propose better?

During your
visits to the pages, articles and blogs of your competitors, carry out a study

your strengths and look for the points of differentiation.

For example,
maybe you can give more advice? Or if you work in
a more complex sector, can you democratize existing work? You
are more comfortable with graphics, why not create small comics for
illustrate your words?

In short, be
creative and define the points that will mark your differences and the spirit of
your readers.

11 – Are there successful business blog templates in your field?

It is
important to have sources of inspiration.

You are
certainly not the only one to run a business blog in your
field but you can take inspiration from the best to come up with ideas of
subject (without copy / paste, of course!), test strategies or improve your
own knowledge.

12 – What is your unique value (which your competitors do not have)?

Take inspiration from your usual communication strategy, or from your customer reviews.

What are
your points that make you unique?

  • Significant experience in your field?
  • Recurring results?
  • A taste for analysis and statistics?

In short,
why did your customers choose to trust you? On a market
saturated with information, your difference is your strength!

13 – Why will your readers love your blog?

little touch can you add to federate and retain a real

the craze around your business blog is difficult. But if
the objective is fulfilled, the results will be important. Listen to your
users and find your voice!

14 – How will you help your readers to become better?

Your blog
must be made up of articles with high added value for the reader.

give him
advice on how he can use products to help him in
his daily actions, or improve his knowledge of your field

To do
short, give them cool content that they can use to
become better, save time, earn money or improve your

15 – How will you inspire your readers?

A good way
for you to retain your readership is to inspire it.

Your advice
or your testimonies are precious. You’d be surprised how much content
quality could help your readers improve their professional life or

16 – Why should your readers believe you?

A blog
professional relies largely on the credibility of its authors.

HR consultant, for example, would be ill-placed to talk about medicine, and
Conversely. Make sure you know what you’re talking about, and if not
not the case, you have several solutions:

  • Get trained on the subject;
  • Rely on solid sources;
  • Get the advice of a specialist;
  • Work with specialist writers.

17 – Have they ever read similar content on dozens of large sites?

A content
original will more easily attract the attention of your target.

A few
research will allow you to verify that the subject of your article is not
already exploited too much. If so, brainstorm yourself and be

If the subject
is popular, why not approach it from a different angle that uses
your strengths for example.

18 – Do you give your best?

motivation is felt directly in your words! A job done by dragging
feet could have a dramatic effect on the engagement of your

If you do not
you feel unable to give a lot of your time and energy to
creating and maintaining this blog, it is best to use
someone who can do it for you.

19 – Will your articles be deeper than wide?

Less is more
! No need to write lines and lines to offer content
interesting. Get straight to the point by being precise and complete to avoid
tire your reader.

20 – Is the reader really learning something?

certain of the added value of your item. If it is void of interest
or too obvious, your reader may feel like they are wasting their time,
which is very bad for your engagement!

21 – Can you read your content without getting your attention?

If it’s not
not the case… we start again! If you can’t seem to interest yourself,
how do you want to gain the attention of your audience? Your text is
maybe too long, or too heavy. In any case, we do it again!

22 – Did you write or order a crappy text just for Google?

Do not
not the mistake of choosing to comply with Google criteria at the expense of
quality of your articles!

He already
not enough to stuff your keyword lines to be at the top of the results
Google (the giant takes many other variables into account, including the
content quality).

you may frustrate your reader if your article is meaningless and
repetitive! ALWAYS choose a qualitative content strategy to have
real and lasting results.

It’s like
that SEO then generates engagement with your
services and your social networks.

23 – Will your reader wish to bookmark your article?

Have you got
provided enough quality information and advice? Your reader
will he want to find this article easily when he has new needs
of your advice? No? Why and how to get it to add your
favorite article?

If it’s not
if not, try incorporating more useful and valuable information. Yes
your reader puts your article in favorites, it means that he considers that
you are a reliable source! He knows he can read your article again if he has
new needs for advice or information on a specific subject.

24 – Do your readers share your articles?

  • Did your reader like your content?
  • Would he like to share it with those around him?

Try some quick tips to improve sharing on your blog posts.

25 – Do you measure the results obtained?

Like any
communication operation, it is important to verify that the results
achieved achieve the goals you set for yourself.

  • Do you know the number of visits to your blog per month?
  • Do you know the most shared articles?
  • Do you know the themes of your blog that bring the most leads?
  • Do you know the cost of acquiring an email with your blog

So, check
your statistics, and act accordingly. Find the items that suit you
get closer to your goals and repeat!

26 – Do you repeat the actions that bring you closer to your objectives?

Could you
identify which elements work best with your readership? The
even the smallest details can have a big impact on the performance of your

For example,
a more catchy title can increase the number of clicks on your articles.
Or, highlight the content that best converts for
increase your conversions.

these outlines you improve your chances of getting good results from
in a sustainable way.

27 – Do you have external consultants to look for 1% improvements?

I’m a fan
1% improvements. The ones that will make your performance increase and not
will never be the same again as you work. They are
small optimizations hidden in the details.

Warning : I’m not talking about magic or
miracle recipes.

I speak
simply a good understanding of the strategy, the numbers, the
how your site works and the tools you use.

small gaps can be seen by a consultant and can increase
results in the long run.

intervene specialized consultants to create new strategies or
improve the existing you can find, but above all adopt these
1% strategies.

28 – Do you have internal links in your articles to your important pages?

Use the
internal networking to improve the referencing of your most popular pages
important in your strategy.

a small 1% improvement: If you’re a SAAS software company,
use internal mesh in your blog posts to drive up
functionality pages.

In the long run,
this may allow you to have more prospects targeted on these pages by
from search engines.

29 – Do you offer a newsletter or call to action buttons?

The email is
powerful and affordable lever to keep your community active. Do not forget
create call to action buttons to engage the reader to leave their
email in exchange for value.

30 – Do you do A / B testing?

The A / B
testing allows you to carry out targeted tests on part of your audience.
No need to spend a fortune. You can test in your
e-mailing to improve openings or clicks.

If your
blog is on WordPress, plugins allow you to test different
versions of a page or a title.

One more
times, the logic here is to measure to make things better.

Little to
small, the results will become interesting.

many companies have understood that they have to follow the wave
digital if they wanted to continue their activity and be competitive in
the all digital age.

So many
of companies now have a website, a real showcase for
companies. But the digital consumer always wants more! The
companies must now stand out by bringing content to their target
interesting and with high added value, and what could be better than a business blog
for it ?

By writing
successful articles, you will not only be able to place yourself as an expert
on the market, but you can also boost your visibility. About what
increase both the quantity and the quality of your traffic.