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Promoting its content effectively is certainly not easy, especially if your blog is still little known. To help you, we asked 30 experts from all areas of web marketing (social networks, web referencing, web entrepreneurs, agency owners, etc.) to answer the following question: What is your most effective method of promoting a blog post? Here’s what they said …

Olivier Andrieu


Use social networks to promote mandatory quality content


First of all, in my opinion, the basis of promoting a blog article is the quality of the latter, its originality, the quality of the writing (even if it is not necessary to be a great writer, we see so many tickets riddled with spelling mistakes …), in short, the pleasure that the reader will have to discover it.

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To try to promote a flat article, without much interest, is to throw a big sword in the water and waste energy for nothing. So the bottom line is really to imagine the highest quality content possible.

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ in particular) will then be very useful for linking information and making the buzz work. A mention, a link, and if the article is good, a natural phenomenon will take place, which will generate traffic far from negligible.

But again, the only promotion that works is one that promotes quality content. And it’s not so common on the French-speaking web. So, shake your neurons well before publishing your prose and internet users will thank you 🙂

Olivier Andrieu is an independent SEO consultant and creator of the Abondance company and the www.abondance.com website. He is also the author of several books on web referencing and was voted best French SEO by JDN in 2013.

Pierre-Antoine Levesque

pierre-antoine levesque

Make sure your article is seen by influential people in your community


I take my best articles and take them on tour to show them to influential people in my industry who have written on the same subject, usually bloggers and people with a large Twitter audience.

If your content is above average, these people will be happy to share it on their social networks.

There are several easy ways to do this:

  • Send a tweet directly to the targeted person with a link to your article;
  • Send an email with a link to your article mentioning that the idea came to you after reading one of his articles on the same subject (mention the title or url);
  • Mention some influential people in your article by including a link to one of their articles. This is a guaranteed relay on their social networks.

Use this technique only with your best items. If you do it with average items, it won’t have the same impact on people.

For example, I did this very recently with this article in which I explain how I got 24 inbound links in less than a month with an infographic: palevesque.com/infographies-et-netlinking

Going on “tour” with this article allowed me to gain visibility on social networks, but also some inbound links to this article.

Pierre-Antoine Levesque maintains a blog on web marketing (palevesque.com) and is a SEO consultant for SMEs.

Rémy Bigot


“I use the ego” of others


I integrate partners, experts or websites known in the article.

Once published, I send them by email, tweet or carrier pigeon telling them that I have quoted them: quite simply!

Rémy Bigot has been an independent web marketer since 2003. He is also host of the MSB show, a weekly program that helps entrepreneurs (available here).

Here is a video that Rémy made exclusively for this article in order to reveal more about his promotion method:

Frédéric Canevet


Set up a procedure, and stick to it to automate your work and not forget anything


It’s simple, to make a good promotion, you have to set up a procedure, and stick to it in order to automate your work and not forget anything!

For ConseilsMarketing.com and its blog network, I have 2 processes.

1 – “Classic” articles

For my “classic” articles, an automatic process.

They are automatically republished on Twitter and Facebook, using dlvr.it.

Then they are put back in value via the monthly newsletter.

Finally, with the plugin “Revive Old Post” wordpress.org/plugins/tweet-old-post these old articles have a second life thanks to a random republication of old articles on Twitter and Facebook.

2 – The Tops Articles

These super quality items are entitled to further manual processing.

This is for example my book “The 150 Best Marketing Tools for SMEs & Freelancers” www.conseilsmarketing.com/livres-de-marketing-gratuits/livre-gratuit-les-150-meilleurs-outils-marketing-pour-les -PME-freelancers.

That consists of :

  • Send a personalized email to a list of bloggers and influencers contacts to inform them of the article’s release;
  • Mention on Twitter of influencers who may be interested in the article, with BuzzSumo buzzsumo.com;
  • Identification of thematic influencers on tools such as Scoop.it and Paper.li;
  • Dedicated email in my auto-responder sequence for my “top subscribers” with:
  • Adding the link in my personal email signature;
  • Relay in my personal groups on Facebook, Viadeo, and Linkedin;
  • Addition in the sidebar (either an image or a top article…);
  • Relay on specific Forums (without promoting!);
  • Guest posting in specialized Blogs accepting guest articles.

With these two checklists (the second is in Excel), I’m sure I don’t forget anything, and so have a routine.

Frédéric CANEVET has been an expert in Product and Digital Marketing for over 15 years. He is the author of several books and video training courses. Read his advice on conseilsmarketing.com.

Rudy Viard


Promoting a blog post begins at the topic selection stage

CWT Advertising-Conseil.fr

In the same way that a great salesperson will find it difficult to sell a bad product, you will find it difficult to promote a post if it is unsuitable for your audience.

Focus on creating content that your audience wants and not (only) on what you would like to see them read.

  1. Take stock of the articles that bring you the most traffic and sales to identify the posts that appeal to your audience;
  2. Ask your readers directly about the problems they encounter through a survey sent to your email list or published on your blog and social accounts;
  3. Identify the content that generates the most shares and inbound links in your industry with tools like Buzzsumo or Ahrefs.

In terms of promoting the item. By order of priority :

  1. Send your content to your email list, your most loyal readers;
  2. Create partnerships with bloggers and influencers of your level in order to relay your content to each other;
  3. Publish your best content on mass media and blogs;
  4. Push your content to your subscribers on social networks;
  5. Use Facebook or Twitter advertising to promote your content if it allows you to capture leads and generate sales.

Rudy Viard is an internet marketing consultant. Find out on his website www.webmarketing-conseil.fr.

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel


The best way to promote an article is to play Jeopardy before writing it


Do you remember the Jeopardy game, animated by Philippe Risoli in the 90s and still a hit in the United States?

You have to guess the question. Well referencing an article and ensuring lasting visibility is the same process, you have to guess the question that your future reader is asking and give him the best answer to it.

If you do that, your goal will be aligned with that of Google and the search engines, and your article will come out on top of the search results for that question.

This is as simple as that.

Enjoy Marketing!

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel is the founder of the 1min30 Marketing agency.

Sylvain Lembert


Set up a promotion routine for each of the articles on his blog

CWT Advertising-Com.com

Very often, on blogs there are great articles but which despite their quality are not read. I assume that each blog post should have a specific promotion.

When you publish little it is easy, but as soon as you start publishing frequently it is much more complicated and time consuming.

The solution: set up a promotion routine that we’ll apply to each of our blog posts.

For example in my case, each article is, at the time of its publication, relayed on Facebook and Google+ (with a catchphrase adapted to these networks), on Twitter for the first time, I also take the opportunity to program several tweets in the days and weeks following the publication (4/5 tweets per article in a systematic way), on my Linkedin profile but also on a selection of Linkedin groups in the theme, on Viadéo and Pinterest but also on Secret2Moteur if the theme of the article lends itself to it.

It takes me 15 minutes but gives the article good visibility. In parallel, the article is automatically included in the newsletter. Setting up routines of this type makes it possible to gain in efficiency and visibility, I highly recommend it!

Sylvain Lembert is the founder of the CWT Advertising & co’m website. He is also a web marketing consultant.

Olivier Lambert


If you are not using Facebook Ads to promote your blog, you are not using Facebook properly


The time when it was enough to publish your article on social media is over. If you really want to use Facebook to promote yourself, you MUST start using advertising.

I don’t care if your page has 100,000 or 100,000 likes. I don’t care if you have $ 10 or $ 10,000 to invest.

My friend is a tattoo artist and has 100 subscribers to his page. I advertised her to promote her items and look for the results for yourself:

Click to enlarge

135 clicks for 2.75 $ CAD with 16.8% click through rate. If I can still divide, it’s 2 HUNDREDS per click! If you’ve seen better elsewhere, please share your secret in the comments!

At $ 4 a day, Guillaume is able to have enough new customers to make a living from his art. Imagine with a big company …

When I worked at Voyages À Rabais, I managed almost half a million in Facebook advertising and the # 1 traffic source on the blog was our paid advertising.

If I had to put an order of importance, I would say that the second most effective way is to have a newsletter and that the third way is to publish on groups Google+, Linkedin, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, etc.

Unfortunately, these last two means (newsletter + social media) have a ceiling. Paid advertising doesn’t! By using Facebook advertising, it is possible to go from a blog that nobody knows to a blog that everyone knows in a few weeks.

If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising, I highly recommend the Performance Social Marketing ebook.

Olivier Lambert helps people build and tell their story on the Internet on his blog olivierlambert.ca. He is also a web marketing consultant.

Davy Duthieuw


To promote your content, you have to create and control your own leverage. Successful marketing means leaving as little room for chance as possible.


Even the best content is useless if it is not read. And it will not be read because it is good, it will be good because it is read.

The best way to promote its content is to control who will read it, by having a list of subscribers by email, or even Facebook or Twitter, even if the member base is today the lever that offers the most control and results.

The first thing to do is to exchange values, and to boot the machine with a small advertising budget: The idea is to offer in exchange the coordinates of your visitors (or a “like ”), Something of value which they would be willing to pay to get it (This last point is crucial, if the value offer is“ cheap ”, on the contrary it gives a bad image).

It can be a reduction, access to a technology, a sample, an invitation, downloads … Then, we must bring visitors to this offer via online advertising, to build what will start to look like an audience, with which we can publish and send content on demand.

What does it do to send content to people who are already following us? This is the whole idea of ​​the strategy: Mass sharing. So this is no longer by chance, the more you have an active and important list, the more you will have shares. Some will even go as far as automating the publication of the RSS feed on their networks.

This therefore offers immense visibility, on the social networks of those who have shared (You have to think about having easy-to-share sharing buttons on the content in question), links (backlinks) on other sites, which will thus promoting the referencing of content, and therefore attracting new visitors via searches. And on top of that, it builds loyalty among our audience since we bring value.

This famous concept of exchanging values ​​can be used again, by proposing something in exchange for sharing content. It can multiply the number of shares, and it’s quick to set up: “Share this article to read a bonus paragraph” for example.

These shares will have a snowball effect, increasing registrations at the same time and potentially offering an opportunity to do even better in future publications. This is how a blog grows and has its roots on the internet. By creating leverage, which will generate others.

Davy is the founding director of the Davy Network online training platform.

Boris Schrenzel


The most effective method to boost the reach of an article is to send it to its prospect list


The most effective method to boost the reach of an article is to send it to its prospect list. Of course for that, your list must be provided.

So start collecting email addresses on your site as quickly as possible or make sure you collect more and more. But on arrival nothing like a little message to your list to boost the number of views on an article.

Boris Schrenzel is the founder of www.artdeseduire.com, the reference male blog with more than 1 million monthly visits. He is also a digital marketing consultant for several large French SMEs.

Benjamin Descamps


Intelligently solicit influential people


To effectively promote a blog article, the best way remains, in my opinion, to intelligently solicit influential people, either directly in the content, by inserting a link to their own blog, or by “calling out” them on social networks when sharing. of the article.

Indeed, no matter how popular your blog is, you can rarely count on yourself so that each new publication meets the expected success. In addition to the support of regular readers, other bloggers, ideally referrers in the targeted field, must take the time to read, comment and share the article that we are trying to promote.

For this, it is obviously necessary that the content produced is of quality. But it is also possible to stir the curiosity of those who we want to see relaying the article by referring to them. In this perspective, do not hesitate to make links to additional articles. In addition to enriching the reading offered to readers, this technique, which in the end applies most of the time naturally, will arouse the interest of bloggers whose articles you have linked.

With the WordPress trackback system, there is a good chance that they will know your link quickly. If they have disabled it, you can mention these same people on social media, whether or not you have linked them. Thus alerted, they will take the time, except surprise, to discover and, no doubt, share your publication.

Be careful, however, how you do it. Proceed with the demagoguery that imposes itself on the risk of appearing brutal and of failing in your approach. If your article follows a conversation started beforehand on Twitter, for example, it could be interesting to bounce on it by inviting the protagonists to discover your opinion in more detail on the problem you discussed earlier.

Benjamin Descamps is traffic manager and SEO manager at LCVA. He is also the administrator of the site www.polynet-online.fr.

Daniel Roch


You have to count on your network and your community


The best way to relay an article and promote it is to rely on your network and community. They are the best communication levers that exist. If over the course of its existence, the site has managed to unite people around it, this is the jackpot.

In general, the community is made up of Internet users who find your site relevant, and being linked to it in one way or another (social networks, RSS feeds, newsletter, etc.). Added to this are relatives (friends and family), partners, customers and suppliers.

Once loyal, the community will naturally relay, share and comment on your content, as long as you can communicate your publication on your various communication channels, and with opinion leaders in your industry.

The only flaw, however, is that creating a community is a long and time-consuming task. For a recent site, my advice can sometimes prove to be useless.

Daniel Roch is a WordPress manager, consultant and trainer, as well as an SEO expert at SeoMix.

Danny Kronstrom


The Best Method to Promote a Long Blog Article
term is definitely web referencing


The best way to promote a blog post for the long term is without a doubt SEO. When the reputation of a website and its owner is interesting, the positioning of blog articles is done “by itself”.

That’s right, social media draws a lot of visitors to an article. But the quality of its visitors is often less attractive compared to web referencing. A person who sees an article on Facebook and clicks, initially did not intend to read this type of article compared to a search made on a search engine. In addition, web SEO lists the articles, which helps in a long-term consultation.

Danny Kronstrom is an SEO expert, in addition to owning a web agency in Quebec, Canada. Visit him on www.dannykronstrom.com.

Olivier Verot


Promotion on Linkedin


Linkedin is the best way for me to promote an article, because it’s the most professional social network.

The best way is to grab the reader’s attention with a catchphrase but also to ask a question, to ask the readers to interact. Leaving a comment will bring the article up in the group or allow the person’s contacts to see the answer. It quickly has a snowball effect if the item is of real interest.

The length is not important, it is the catch which will make the success or the failure of the diffusion.

Olivier Verot is the founder of the Gentlemen marketing agency in China. He specializes in SEO and social networks.

Sylvain Wealth


Use mass media subtly to your advantage


This method is not only effective in generating traffic, but it is also effective in increasing your awareness. By contacting the editor of a newspaper or magazine to offer them a special collaboration, you are gaining a good part of the readership of this media.

Offer a unique and value-added item; something unusual that will grab the attention of the publisher, but also of the readers. Then inside the article, take the opportunity to mention in passing the name of your blog.

After a long trip around the world, I used this technique and it allowed me to obtain four full publications in double page and color in the most read French newspaper in my country. At the end of each publication, I suggested that the readers of the newspaper in question visit my blog and the various articles to find out more about my journey.

Dare to offer, dare to ask, and you will receive!

Sylvain Wealth is a Quebec web entrepreneur whose adventure began in 2008. Follow his adventures on www.argentwebmarketing.com.

Mathieu Dominguès


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