▷ 3001 the odyssey of info: bloggers invited to the editorial office of L'Express 2020 -

Seen at Fred Cavazza’s place, L’Express, in collaboration with the agency Ogilvy PR, launched 3001 the odyssey of news. The concept: inviting bloggers to the editorial staff of the Express. Around forty bloggers have thus been integrated into the publication circuit…

L’Express invites bloggers for its 50th anniversary …

On the occasion of issue 3001 of the Express published yesterday, the newspaper retraces its positions for the past 50 years. The journal’s website invites the blogosphere to participate in the writing. Ogilvy PR invited bloggers with various interests to experience the profession of journalist for a week in a multimedia editorial and to feed the site.

… via a special section: 3001 the information odyssey …

To see the articles written for this occasion, you can go to the ” special 3001 “! Rather than asking bloggers to submit their articles, the Express fully integrated them into the publishing circuit. Bloggers participated in editorial conferences and wrote their article in the editorial department.

Among the topics covered … Sales, web series, biodiversity … topics as varied as the blogs of their authors. The articles are highlighted on the Express thanks to a cartridge “3001 the news seen by bloggers”, some articles are even in the newspaper’s homepage!

The Ogilvy PR agency set up this operation, a blog dedicated to it is there to show behind the scenes: http://blogs.lexpress.fr/3001/

3001 info odyssey

Links: FredCavazza.net, 3001 the information odyssey.