▷ 360 ° images: the power to tell immersive stories 2020 -

360 ° images, virtual reality and video offer immersive and powerful experiences. They have the power to transport spectators anywhere: in space or at the bottom of the sea, and even in virtual universes. In summary, these technologies open the doors to infinite possibilities…

“These are great opportunities to show people about universes they never could have accessed before,” said Hugh Pinney, executive vice president at Getty Images. “The 360 ​​° content develops curiosity.

You enter a space where you visually explore an original narrative experience. Information overwhelms you, wherever you are. The scope of action is wide, engaging and fun. Thanks to technology, you are taking people on a great journey. ”

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An immersive visual experience is a priority

Immersive technologies have been identified as priorities in the creation process: from the conception of the image to the final creative project. Photographer Jonathan Ferry, who photographed Danica Patrick’s race car 360 °, knows how important creating visuals in virtual reality is.

“You have to see the picture before you take it,” he says. “You don’t capture a moment; you create a unique experience for the viewer. The closer you get to the subject, the better the image quality. If taken too far, the result will not offer the same privacy and unique perspective. You have to think about what will be put forward, what will be positioned behind, above and below you and make sure that each element is interesting ”.

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Events like parades and demonstrations also lend themselves well to 360 ° images

Alex Wong, a photographer with the Washington-based Getty Images team, is always on the lookout and ready to take 360-degree images while shooting.

“For still photography, the widest angle we had before was 180 °. It only shows part of the story and we couldn’t go beyond it, “said Alex Wong. “Now you can not only show what’s going on in front of the lens, but also behind it. And sometimes the action behind the lens is really more interesting. ”

Alex Wong has photographed immersive images of several events, parades and demonstrations, which lend themselves perfectly to 360 ° content.

“I recently photographed the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown,” he said. “I put my camera on the street, among the firecrackers. You can see them exploding around my device. You can never sit in the same place and witness it. But thanks to my pictures, I can take you there.

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The potential and opportunity to communicate, educate and inform through interactive 360 ​​° experiences continues to grow and evolve, providing marketers and creators with exciting new ways to interact with their public. Do you want to see more visuals and 360 ° videos? Find out what we have to offer on Getty Images.

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