Best Of – 380 incredible free services and sites for startups and small businesses – December 4, 2015

Are you a startup or a small business? We have selected for you more than 380 resources (in English) not only practical and essential, but also free, compiled by Ali Mese. This article was originally published on his Medium blog…

Business and Marketing


380 free services and sites-1

  • Logaster is an online logo generator and designer.
  • W3layouts offers Responsive site templates in HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Layers is a very simple WordPress site builder.
  • Bootswatch offers free themes for Bootstrap.
  • Bootstrap Zero presents the largest free selection of open-source templates for Bootstrap template collection.
  • templated provides a collection of 845 CSS and HTML5 site templates.
  • org | is a content management system to create your new website for free.
  • Tilda is a site that lets you create great content-oriented web projects.
  • Landing Harbor is a platform that allows you to promote your mobile application with a free home page.
  • strikingly offers free and optimized mobile sites adapted to various fields.
  • Webflow is a platform for creating dynamic and responsive websites in your browser.
  • Logoshi is a logo generator from simple diagrams.
  • Invoice to me is a free quote generator.
  • Free Invoice Generator is an alternative free quote generator.
  • Live Chat 24/7: Free live chat + chat robot lets you learn as you communicate with your customers.
  • Groovehq is simple Help Center software.


380 free services and sites-2


380 free services and sites-3

  • BlankPage is a platform for simplified writing.
  • Wattpad is the world’s largest community of readers and writers.
  • Hemingway is an application that makes your texts bold and clear.
  • Grammarly helps you find and correct mistakes in your texts.
  • Medium is a community of readers and authors.
  • ZenPen is a simple web writing tool.
  • liberio is a simple tool for creating and publishing eBooks directly from Google Drive.
  • Editorial Calendar is an editorial calendar for viewing all of your posts and managing your blog.
  • Story wars is a platform for writing stories and showing your full potential, it’s a new way of writing.
  • Headline Analyzer is a marketing analyzer for titles.
  • WP Hide Post is a plugin to control the visibility of articles on your blog.
  • Social Locker is a plugin to increase your presence on social media by asking visitors to “pay” to access your content (with a tweet for example).
  • Egg Timer is a simple countdown timer (hourglass). Set a time and save it for repeated use.


380 free services and sites-4

  • Ruzzit is a platform for finding the most shared content on the web.
  • Alltop is a web watch site to access all the titles of the most popular topics on the web.
  • Carry is a generator of content ideas.
  • Google Trends is a tool from Google Labs that displays search trends.
  • Buzzsumo is a tool that analyzes the content that works best on any subject or any competitor.
  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator is a popular blog topic generator to help you get interesting and personalized ideas.
  • Swayy is a free tool to discover the content generating the most interactions.
  • Others: Google+ What’s Hot | Topsy | Quora | Reddit


380 free services and sites-5

  • Instant Backlink Checker, it’s the fastest way to check a site’s backlinks. Enter the URL and start exploring trillions of links in seconds.
  • OpenLinkProfiler is a tool to get the most recent backlinks.
  • Open Site Explorer is a comprehensive link analysis tool.
  • LinkMiner check that there are no broken links on a page.
  • Ahrefs is a website and backlink explorer.
  • Quick Sprout is a tool that allows you to have more traffic thanks to the complete analysis of your website.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast is a plugin to have a fully optimized WordPress site.
  • SEO Site Checkup is an SEO tool to analyze the SEO problems of your website for free.
  • Hubspot Marketing Grader is a HubSpot tool to improve your marketing.
  • SimilarWeb is a tool to analyze the statistics of a website in any field.
  • Alexa Ranking is a comparative ranking of websites based on analytical data.
  • SERPs Rank Checker is a free keyword ranking analyzer in search engine results.
  • is a free alternative to Google Keyword Planner.
  • Google: Analytics | Keyword Planner | Webmaster Tools | Trends
  • Nibbler is a free tool to test the quality of your site and what you can do to improve it.
  • Browseo helps you to identify the problems of your site in particular compared to the competing sites. It allows you to see how the search engines see your website.
  • Broken Links is a tool for finding broken links, redirects and more.
  • Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection service for finding duplicate content on the web.
  • Woorank is a website analysis and referencing tool.
  • Google Pagespeed Insights is a tool that measures the performance of your site.
  • Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test tests the loading time of a site.
  • GTMetrics analyzes the performance of your page in terms of speed.
  • Moz Local allows you to view your local ads on Google, Bing, and others.
  • XML Sitemaps is a sitemap generator creating variants in XML and HTML.
  • W3C validator is an easy-to-use validation service.
  • Shopify E-commerce Report helps you get your free e-commerce report.


380 free services and sites-6

  • Optimizilla uses a clever combination of the best optimization and lossless compression algorithms.
  • TinyJPG | TinyPNG allows you to compress your images.
  • allows you to optimize and compress your images online.
  • Kraken allows you to optimize your images and speed up the loading time of your websites.
  • ImageOptimizer lets you resize, compress and optimize your images.
  • ImageOptim is a free application that reduces the space occupied by images on your disk and that speeds up their download, without reducing their quality.
  • Smushit is an image optimization plugin for WordPress.


380 free services and sites-7

  • Free File Converter is used to convert various files: text, image, audio and video for free.
  • Online converter is an online file converter.
  • VectorMagic allows you to easily convert Bitmap images.
  • Ezgif is an online tool for converting videos to GIF format.


380 free services and sites-8

  • Sumopaint is a web application for drawing and editing images.
  • PicMonkey is an online photo editing tool.
  • Can go is a simple design tool for bloggers.
  • Pixlr is a robust photo editor for use in the browser.
  • Skitch lets you express your ideas with few words.
  • gives everyone the power to create and share surprising graphics.
  • Social Image Resizer Tool allows you to create images optimized for social networks.
  • Placeit offers free models and models of products.
  • Recite turns a quote into a real visual masterpiece.
  • Meme generator is the first online generator of memes.


380 free services and sites-9

  • Mandrill is the fastest way to send emails with 12,000 free emails per month.
  • Contact form 7is a famous WordPress plugin for retrieving email addresses.
  • MailChimp lets you send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free.
  • ManyContactsBar offers to add free contact forms to your website.
  • Hello Bar allows you to get more subscribers to your emails.
  • Sumome List Builder helps you to recover email addresses with a slight pop-over.
  • Scroll Triggered Box is a plugin to boost your conversion rates – for WordPress only.
  • Sumome Scroll Box allows you to retrieve more email addresses for free.


380 free services and sites-10

  • TweetDeck is the most powerful tool for Twitter for real-time monitoring, better organization and interaction.
  • Nuzzel, this tool organizes articles shared by your friends and subscribers on Twitter and Facebook. It is available as a web and iOS app.
  • Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches and analyzes user-generated content (blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, etc.) in real time on social media.
  • IFTTT is a service for creating powerful links.
  • HowSociable is a handy tool to measure your presence on social media as well as that of your competitors.
  • Flipagram is an easy-to-use application for creating 15-second videos of reduced size.
  • Bulk Buffer is an application that lets you schedule updates to your social media accounts at a time that is convenient for you.
  • WriteRack is the easiest way to blog / tweet.
  • Spruce lets you take pictures for Twitter in seconds.
  • Click To Tweet allows you to get more shares on your content.
  • MyTweetLinks increases your traffic on Twitter.
  • Latergram easily schedule your Instagram posts.
  • WordPress Pin it Button for Images add a “Pin It” button on WordPress.
  • SharedCount allows you to better track URL shares, likes, tweets, and more.
  • Justunfollow allows you to follow or stop following Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • SocialRank: With this tool, identify, organize and manage your Twitter followers.
  • Klout is an influence score on social media with a browser extension.
  • Ritetag offers instant hashtag analysis.
  • Social Analytics shows all the interactions of a URL on most social media.
  • Riffle is a super-smart dashboard for Twitter that helps you develop more meaningful relationships in your community.
  • Buffer Free Plan publications program on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+.
  • Bitly helps you create, share and follow shortened links.
  • Flament is an ultra practical and customizable sharing bar.
  • Addthis allows you to get more subscriber shares and exchanges.
  • Sumome Share automatically optimizes your share buttons for maximum traffic.
  • Digg Digg is an all-in-one plugin for sharing buttons.
  • Disqus creates a community of active readers and commenters.
  • Typeform is a creator of online surveys and forms.
  • Tally creates surveys in no time.


380 free services and sites-11

  • Buzzstream is web software allowing marketers to promote their products, services and content for link building.
  • Jamballa is a networking platform for bloggers.
  • Triberr is a social network of
  • Hey press allows you to find the most suitable journalist for your project.
  • Followerwonk allows you to find and connect with new influencers in your field.
  • Allmytweets is a tool to view all tweets on one page.
  • Rapportive displays all of your contact information right in your inbox.
  • Mailtester is an email navigation tool.


380 free services and sites-12

  • Optimizely is an optimization platform for websites and mobile applications.
  • Small Hacks provides tips for acquiring, retaining, and increasing revenue used by businesses.
  • Hello Bar is an A / B test tool for different calls to action.
  • GrowthHackers shares techniques and tips to develop your startup.


380 free services and sites-13

  • GitHub allows you to better create software.
  • BitBucket is dedicated to managing Git and Mercurial code for teams.
  • Chisel offers an unlimited number of fossil resources.
  • Visual Studio offers a comprehensive collection of developer tools and services.
  • landscape is a warning system for your Python code.
  • Swiftype add a search function on any site.
  • collect all the data you want to get the answers you need.
  • coveralls tests your history and statistics.
  • LingoHub is a free tool for small businesses, for open source use as well as educational projects.
  • Codacy offers a continuous static analysis designed to complete your unit tests.
  • Searchcode searches for codes in a database of more than 20 billion lines of code.
  • TinyCert is a service to generate free SSL certificates for your startup and become your own certification authority.
  • StartSSL is a service for generating free SSL Certificates as well.
  • Opbeat is the first Ops platform for developers (free for small businesses).
  • Pingdom offers website tracking.
  • Rollbar meanwhile offers complete error tracking for all applications in all languages.
  • Loggly simplifies the management of Logs.
  • devPort is a tool dedicated to developers to obtain their portfolio.
  • Getting Real is the smartest way to create web apps.
  • Peek : With this tool, you will get a free 5 minute video of someone using your site.
  • Creator is a tool to create better Ionic applications, and faster.
  • DevFreeCasts offers a huge collection of free screencasts for developers.
  • Cody is a free library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets.
  • StyleStats is an assessment tool for writing better CSS.


380 free services and sites-14

  • lets you easily create colorful patterns to share.
  • HTML 5 mindmaps is an HTML5 application for creating diagrams. It allows you to create beautiful diagrams from your browser.
  • MindMeister : is a leading software for creating online diagrams.
  • Wisemapping is a free, fast and simple editor for creating diagrams for individuals and businesses.

Design & Code


380 free services and sites-15

  • Blind Text Generator: This handy tool allows you to create generic text for all your displays.
  • CSS3Ps is a free cloud plugin for converting layers to CSS3 styles.
  • NinjaMock is a free tool for rapid prototyping, pleasant schematization and rapid creation of models.
  • Moqups is an HTML5 application for creating SVG mockups and diagrams of any resolution.
  • Stylifyme gives designers a quick overview of the style of a site, including colors, fonts, dimensions and spacing.
  • Freebbble offers high quality designs from Dribbble.
  • Dribbble improves and simplifies your source of inspiration by the best designers in the world.
  • Graphic Burger is a design resource that places great importance on each pixel.
  • Pixel Buddha is a free and premium resource for a professional community.
  • Premium Pixels offers free items for creative people.
  • Fribbble is an important resource of free PSDs selected by Gilbert Pellegrom.
  • Freebiesbug offers the latest PSDs and other resources available to designers for free.
  • 365 Psd lets you download a free PSD every day.
  • User Inter Faces is used to find and generate avatars for user interfaces.
  • Live Tools offers a collection of free online design apps to easily create your own UI elements, even without special code knowledge.
  • dbf selects the best free Dribbble and Behance designs.
  • Marvel offers free resources from the designers we love.
  • UI Space offers handmade PSDs, AI gifts, free fonts, mockups, the latest icons and other high quality free vector resources.
  • Free Section of Pixeden is a free design resource.
  • Free Section of Creative Market is a platform dedicated to independent designs and creations, available every Monday.
  • Teehan + Lax: PSD GUI iOS 8 (iPhone 6).
  • Teehan + Lax: PSD UI iPad.
  • Freepik is an iFree graphics resource for everyone.
  • Tech & All is a free resource from PSD, Tech Info and more.
  • Tethr: it’s the most beautiful iOS design KIT ever.
  • Logaster Favicon Generator is a tool for creating or downloading .ico icons displayed in the address bar of all browsers.


380 free services and sites-16

  • Pictaculous generates a color palette from a PNG, GIF or JPG image.
  • Material Palette generates and exports Material Design color palettes.
  • New Flat UI Color Picker offers the best flat colors for UI design.
  • Flat UI Colors offers beautiful flat colors.
  • Coolors is a very fast color generator for designers.
  • Skala color is an extraordinary color selector for designers and developers.
  • Colors is a simple application to retrieve and modify the colors you see on the screen.
  • Material UI Colors provides you with a Material UI color palette for Android, the web, and iOS.
  • Colorful Gradients offers you gradations created automatically by computer.
  • Adaptive Backgrounds extracts the dominant colors from the images.
  • Brand colors offers you the colors used by famous brands.
  • Paletton is a color scheme creator.
  • 0 to 255 is a simple tool for web designers to find variations of any color.
  • Color Lovers create and share colors, palettes and patterns.
  • Adobe Color CC offers color combinations from the Kuler community.
  • Bootflat offers perfect colors for flat design.
  • Hex Colorrrs is a hex to RGB converter.
  • Get UI Colors helps you get amazing UI colors.
  • Coleure is a smart color picker.
  • Colllor is a color palette generator.
  • Palette for Chrome create a color palette from any image.


380 free services and sites-17

  • Siteinspire is a CSS gallery and showcase of the best inspirations from webdesign.
  • Logopond offers a collection of brands and identities.
  • MaterialUp, here is a daily inspiration for material design.
  • Logonoid: It is a large gallery of company and brand logos.
  • FLTDSGN is a daily showcase of the best flat UI website and app designs.
  • Inspire website: here is another source of inspiration in web design.
  • Cloud UI: It is the largest interface design database in the world.
  • mood board create a table of samples for you to share with.
  • Pencil: it’s the most complete collection in marketing design.
  • Land-Book is a gallery of product home pages.
  • Ocean is a community of designers exchanging opinions and feedback.
  • Dribbble is a space of exchange for designers.
  • Behance presents the latest online portfolios of creative professionals.
  • Pttrns offers a collection of design patterns, resources, and inspiration (mobile user interface patterns).
  • Flat UI Design is a practical table that I discovered thanks to Erik.
  • Awwwards: The awards for design, creativity and innovation.
  • The Starter Kit offers carefully selected resources for developers and designers.
  • One Page Love is an inspiration for single page sites.
  • UI Parade is a user interface design tool offering inspiration models.
  • The Best Designs regularly updates new website designs and concepts, highlighting the best WordPress themes.
  • Agile Designers offers a plethora of resources for designers and developers.
  • niice is an image search engine for designers.


380 free services and sites-18

  • Stock Up brings together the best photo sites in one place.
  • Pexels select the best photos in the same place.
  • All The Free Stock offers you free images, icons and videos.
  • Unsplash offers high resolution photos for free.
  • Splashbase search for you and let you discover free photos and videos in high resolution.
  • Startup Stock Photos offers you high quality photos for free that are both extremely valuable, and certainly hard to find.
  • Jay Mantri provides you with a plethora of images.
  • Moveast is a website of a Portuguese traveler where she shares her experiences / trips and where she encourages / encourages people to travel.
  • Travel Coffee Book sharing wonderful moments of travel.
  • Designers Pics offers free images for your personal and commercial use.
  • Death to the Stock Photo offers free photos sent to you every month.
  • Foodie’s Feed offers free images of dishes in high resolution.
  • Mazwai: gives you free Creative Commons HD video clips.
  • Jéshoots is a collection of new modern free photos.
  • Super famous gives you access to the photos of the Dutch designer Folkert Gorter.
  • Picography includes free photos in high resolution.
  • pixabay also allows you to access a large number of high-resolution photos.
  • Magdalene is a photo gallery that offers you free high-resolution images every day.
  • Snapographic is a free image bank for personal and commercial purposes.
  • Little visuals offers you 7 high resolution images in your inbox every 7 days.
  • Splitshire offers you a plethora of free downloads for commercial use without any copyright restrictions.
  • New old stock provides vintage photos from public archives.
  • Picjumbo offers you completely free photos for your commercial or personal projects.
  • Life of Pix is a free, high-resolution photo gallery for personal and commercial use. For this service, new photos are added every week.
  • Gratisography offers you free high-resolution photos for commercial and personal use. These images are free of rights under a creative commons license.
  • Getrefe is a royalty free market place offering high quality photos.
  • IM Free is a collection of free, high-quality resources (images, icons, templates) for creating a website and other design projects.
  • Cupcake offers photos under the CC0 license Creative Commons license and therefore free (photographer: Jonas Nilsson Lee).
  • The Pattern Library compiles free patterns created and shared by a group of very talented designers for all your projects.
  • Public Domain Archive offers you new photos every week for free.
  • ISO Republic offers free high-quality photos for creative people.
  • Stokpic gives you access to photos completely free in high resolution and free of rights for commercial use.
  • Kaboompics is also the best way to get free photos.
  • Function is a collection of free photos.
  • MMT provides free photo packs made by Jeffrey Betts.
  • Paul Jarvis is a platform that offers high resolution photos taken by Paul Jarvis.
  • Lock & Stock Photos is a free image bank.
  • Raumrot also offers free high-resolution images.
  • Bucketlistly is a free collection of Creative Commons travel photos.


380 free services and sites-19

  • TypeGenius: With this service you will find the perfect combination of fonts for your next project.
  • Font Squirrel is a site where you will find commercial policies 100% free.
  • FontFaceNinja is a browser extension for finding the best web fonts for your site.
  • Google Fonts offers you free, open-source and web-optimized fonts.
  • Beautiful Web Type selects the best fonts from the Google web fonts directory for you.
  • DaFont is an archive of free downloadable fonts.
  • 1001 Free Fonts offers you a huge selection of free fonts.
  • FontPark is the largest free font archive on the web.
  • Font-to-width helps you to place pieces of text correctly in their


380 free services and sites-20

  • Fontello is an icon font generator.
  • Flat Icon is a search engine for more than 16,000 vector icons.
  • Material Design Icons includes 750 free and open-source glyphs offered by Google.
  • Font Awesome is an iconic toolkit for fonts and CSS.
  • Glyphsearch searches for icons in other icon databases for you.
  • MakeAppIcon generates Application Icons of all sizes with one click.
  • Endless Icons groups free flat icons and other creative elements.
  • Ico Moon: this icon generator brings together more than 4000 vector icons.
  • The Noun Project offers you thousands of glyph icons from multiple artists.
  • Perfect Icons is a social icon creation tool.
  • Icon Finder offers beautiful icons to millions of designers and developers.
  • Free Round Icons Doodle set | Flat Set | Vector Line Set
  • Icon Sweets offers you 60 free vector icons for Photoshop.


380 free services and sites-21

  • UI Names generates random names to use in design and in models.
  • UI Faces generates samples of avatars for user interfaces.
  • UI Blurbs offers a quick user biography for your models.
  • Copy Paste Character is a web and iPhone application for copying “hidden” characters and pasting them in emails, tweets, text documents, forums, etc.
  • Window Resizer is a particularly useful extension for web designers and developers. It resizes the browser window to simulate several resolutions.

Work and Productivity


380 free services and sites-22

  • Noisli is a background and color generator.
  • Noizio is a background music equalizer for relaxing or being productive.
  • Defonic invites you to work on the sounds of nature to use them as background noise at home or in the office.
  • offers playlists carefully designed BY designers and FOR designers.
  • Coffitivity recreates the sounds of coffee to stimulate your creativity and help you work better.


380 free services and sites-23

  • Self Control (Mac) is a free app to help you avoid distracting sites.
  • Cold turkey (Windows) temporarily blocks sites like Facebook so you can focus on your work. Its slogan: “Less distractions, more free time”.


  • asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work without email.
  • Trello is an easy-to-use, free, flexible online project management tool that keeps track of everything.
  • Primaerp is a cloud application to track your work time, your time by project.
  • Evernote is a workspace for your daily activities.
  • Dropbox is free storage space up to 2 GB.
  • Yanado est une extension Chrome qui simplifie vos tâches quotidiennes dans Gmail.
  • Wetransfer permet de transférer des fichiers gratuitement jusqu’à 2 Go.
  • est un hébergeur web gratuit, rapide, et très simple pour intégrer des images et des fichiers.
  • Pocket est une application qui vous permet de sauvegarder des données (articles, vidéos et autres contenus web) pour les utiliser plus tard.
  • Mailtoself est une extension iOS pour vous envoyer par email des notes depuis n’importe quelle application.
  • Listly est un service gratuit qui vous permet de créer facilement des listes puis de les partager aux gens que vous aimez.
  • Markticle permet d’améliorer votre expérience de lecture en marquant votre progression de lecture comme si vous utilisiez un vrai marque-page.
  • Primaerp est une application web et mobile pour le suivi et l’évaluation de votre temps de travail et non-travail. Dédiée aux équipes, aux freelancers et aux firmes multinationales.
  • Raindrop est une application pour créer des marque-pages et ainsi lire vos articles plus tard.
  • Flowdock est une application de collaboration d’équipes pour ordinateur de bureau, portable et web. Elle est gratuite pour les équipes de cinq et les organisations caritatives.
  • Typetalk permet de partager des idées et de discuter avec votre équipe grâce à une messagerie instantanée.
  • Slack est un réseau social d’entreprise gratuit pour un nombre illimité d’utilisateurs (avec quelques fonctionnalités limitées).
  • HipChat est un service de clavardage vidéo et de clavardage de groupe gratuit pour un nombre illimité d’utilisateurs. Il est hébergé pour votre équipe et votre société.
  • Google Hangouts est une plateforme de messagerie pour donner vie à vos conversations avec des photos, des emojis et des appels vidéo en groupe.
  • Voxeet vous permet d’obtenir et d’organiser gratuitement des appels-conférences simples, gratuits et en 3D.
  • FreeBusy vous permet de mieux planifier vos réunions, et ce, gratuitement.
  • RealTimeBoard est un logiciel de collaboration en ligne et un outil de brainstorming en ligne. C’est donc votre tableau habituel, mais repensé pour une meilleure expérience en ligne.
  • Witkit est une plateforme sécurisée pour les équipes avec 50 Go gratuits de stockage de données cryptées.
  • est un gestionnaire de tâches gratuit pour Android, iPhone, Web et plus encore.
  • GoToMeeting est un outil de collaboration pour les réunions en ligne sans prise de tête.


380 services et sites gratuits-24

  • What’s It Like aide les voyageurs à mieux répondre à une des questions qu’ils se posent souvent : QUAND partir ?
  • Nomadlist présente les meilleures villes pour vivre et travailler à distance pour les nomades numériques. Les informations sont basées sur le coût de la vie, la vitesse d’Internet, la météo et d’autres paramètres.
  • Where Nomads at est un réseau qui aide à trouver des nomades numériques et voyageurs partout dans le monde.
  • Nomad Jobs vous guide étape par étape pour quitter votre emploi, démarrer une nouvelle carrière en ligne et vivre le rêve de nomade numérique.

Découvrir et apprendre


380 services et sites gratuits-25

  • Product Hunt sélectionne les meilleurs nouveaux produits utiles au quotidien.
  • Angellist est site dédié aux startups, aux investisseurs et demandeurs d’emploi qui cherchent à travailler dans cet univers.
  • Beta List vous fait découvrir et accéder au monde des startups de demain.
  • Grâce à cette plateforme, trouvez, suivez et recommandez des startups.
  • Startups List propose une liste très complète des meilleures startups à différents endroits.
  • Erli Bird est un service de test bêta et tests d’utilisabilité pour iOS et Android, sites Web et nouveaux matériels.


380 services et sites gratuits-26

  • Assembly amène les ingénieurs, les concepteurs et créateurs du monde entier pour créer de nouveaux produits ensemble. C’est une nouvelle façon de développer à plusieurs de nouvelles idées où que vous soyez.
  • CoFoundersLab est une nouvelle manière de trouver un co-fondateur dans n’importe quelle ville et pour tous les secteurs.
  • Founder2be vous aide également à trouver facilement un co-fondateur pour votre startup.


380 services et sites gratuits-27

  • Skillshare laisse votre créativité s’exprimer avec des cours et des projets en ligne.
  • Khan Academy est un service gratuit qui propose des formations au niveau mondial pour tout le monde.
  • Coursera propose des cours en ligne de plus de 80 grandes universités et organisations.
  • Codecademy apprend à coder de manière interactive.
  • En Podcast Audio or En Cours en ligne aident à créer une startup.
  • Startup Notes invite les grands créateurs à partager leurs expériences.
  • The How est dédié aux entrepreneurs.
  • Launch This Year vous guide à lancer votre entreprise en ligne.
  • Closed Club vous fait découvrir des startups qui ont fait faillite et mieux comprendre pourquoi elles ont fermé.
  • Startup Talks est une collection de vidéos en rapport avec les startups.
  • est une plateforme qui vous en apprend un peu plus sur les grands entrepreneurs chaque semaine.
  • met à votre disposition toutes les ressources d’apprentissage de la programmation.


380 services et sites gratuits-28

  • Email1K est un cours gratuit de 30 jours pour doubler la taille de votre liste d’e-mailing.
  • Design for Hackers vous propose 12 semaines d’apprentissage du design, directement depuis votre boite de réception.
  • Startup Digest est une newsletter personnalisée pour tout ce qui touche les startups dans votre région.
  • Mattermark Daily est une newsletter spécialement dédiée aux investisseurs et créateurs.
  • ChargeWhatYou’reWorth est un cours gratuit pour vous faire payer à votre juste valeur.
  • Product Psychology vous propose des leçons sur le comportement utilisateur.
  • UX Newsletter vous propose du contenu sur la recherche, le design et la création de sites.
  • UX Design Weekly propose les meilleurs liens sur le design d’expérience utilisateur chaque semaine.


380 services et sites gratuits-29

  • Foundrs est un vsalculateur d’équité pour les co-fondateurs.
  • Ad Spend Calculator répond à votre question : «Ma startup devrait-elle investir dans la publicité ? “
  • HowMuchToMakeAnApp vous aide à calculer le coût d’une application mobile.
  • App vs. Website vous aide à choisir entre faire une application ou un site web.
  • Pitcherific vous aide à créer, travailler et améliorer votre discours.
  • Startup Equity Calculator vous aide à déterminer en quelques secondes le comportement à avoir vis-à-vis des nouvelles recrues.

Voilà, nous espérons vous avoir aidé. Si nous avons oublié des ressources pratiques, voire indispensables aux investisseurs, designers, développeurs et autre métier relatif au web, dites-le-nous en commentaires !

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The author:

Vasil Holiney is a digital marketing specialist and a content marketer at Logaster. Il a travaillé dans l’espace des médias sociaux depuis 2011, en se concentrant sur les services de design, le planning d’interface d’utilisateur, les marques et d’autres domaines dans l’industrie de design graphique.