▷ 4 reasons to stop storytelling in your blog posts 2020 -

The art of telling stories, and why not, your own story to get a message out to your audience, that’s storytelling. It used to be quite limited to blog posts and other types of content. But with the development of social networks like Facebook, Instagram (with IGTV recently) or even Snapchat, there are more and more platforms that allow you to tell your story. But then, is it still interesting to do storytelling? My answer and clearly Yes ! However, I sincerely think that storytelling through a blog post is not the most optimized way

I personally run a blog on speaking and self-confidence. My articles bring value to my visitors. However, I chose to focus my storytelling strategy mainly on my YouTube channel. In this article, I will therefore explain to you why you should stop focusing on storytelling in your articles.

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The blog, a platform that has never been adapted to storytelling

We all agree that the main purpose of storytelling is to convey a message that will be retained by the audience. It will then aim to sell a product or service, inform and impart knowledge to your readers, or leave your message in the minds of the people listening to you. In any case, storytelling is a specific form of communication.

There are 2 ways to communicate, oral and written. Until then, will you follow me? Perfect ! Now, what are the 3 pieces of information that your brain can manage? The images, the sound, and the sensations. It is thanks to these 3 pieces of information that you will be able to remember something.

You just have to see how most people read. Either they depict the adventures of a hero through images by visualizing the scene, or they read “aloud” in their heads to better understand the words. But let’s be realistic, cinema, theater and even photography are much more representative than mere words. It’s not for nothing that Confucius said “ A picture is worth a thousand words “.

Reading is an activity that I really enjoy. But we must admit that it requires a lot of concentration. You have to read, understand and imagine at the same time. And this is where the video makes it easier for you. It allows you to just have to listen and understand. Add to this the fact that more than 50% of individuals have visual memory and more than 30% have auditory memory (These figures are taken from several small-scale studies and not from one in particular).

Finally, we quickly realize that doing storytelling on a platform that is not the most suitable for this purpose is not the best solution. But there are still other reasons.

The massive expansion of YouTube at the heart of change

YouTube is today second platform most viewed after Google. Internet users spend on average more than 20 minutes per session. The most sought after areas of activity are music, lifestyle (fashion, cooking, beauty, health), sport, DIY, and comedy according to figures from the October 2017 YouTube Brandast.

It’s a proven fact, YouTube has grown in value and everyone (business, individual, brands …) offers content through this channel. It is dynamic, easy to use, and requires little attention. So in my opinion, whatever your activity, you must be present on this channel which, remember, is the second search engine after Google.

The presence of many social networks social media (storytelling)

Let’s talk a little bit about social networks. Like YouTube, the Internet has witnessed the development of other social media giants such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. Alone, their unique weight is not comparable to that of Google. But together, they compete largely against him.

  • On Facebook, you can use videos, make lives for your storytelling;
  • On Snapchat, you have the ephemeral and very close side with the front camera which reinforces the impact of your storytelling. It’s a social network that promotes proximity between users;
  • On Instagram, you also have the stories, and recently IGTV, also in front camera.

Social networks are therefore, as their name suggests, platforms promoting the social experience of the user with images, videos or live interactions. In short, there is only dynamism and visual!

Finally, don’t do what you don’t know how to do

Storytelling is an art that can be learned. If you read me today on this site, it is that you are surely interested in webmarketing. You have learned methods, actions to be implemented, and how they work. Do the same with storytelling or do no more! Good storytelling has the advantage of capturing attention and conveying a message. The problem is that transmitting through a story makes the mission longer. Your visitor does not have time, he wants quick information. You may have skipped the first lines of my article or read it diagonally to go faster, everyone is doing it. So if your storytelling doesn’t hook your reader properly, you can be sure it will get lost along the way.

This is why I recommend that you learn to do intelligently storytelling.

Finally, what should you take away from this article? Here are some key elements. I think storytelling is an art more suited to videos and audio than articles. If you want to succeed in your storytelling marketing strategy, you might as well use it on the best channel which I think is YouTube.

Well, I hope you have understood the vision that I enjoyed sharing with you. See you soon !