▷ 4 simple tips to generate leads through inbound marketing 2020 -

The marketer today can use two approaches to generate leads : either it operates in outbound or inbound. The second technique is much more practical for attracting visitors and converting them effectively without committing large budgets. To guide you on the best ways to boost your inbound marketing campaign, I invite you to discover 4 tips for generating leads Qualified …

Your leads hate being made to wait

There’s nothing more annoying to a user than waiting for your pages to load. A site that takes more than 4 seconds to load is likely to lose 97% of its visitors. Accessibility to a site is a major criterion, as is the ergonomics of navigation and its design. A slow site loses traffic; without traffic, no visitors; and no visitors it is impossible to generate leads

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To reduce the loading time of your website up, lighten your pages; favor quality over quantity on the content side. Keep only the essentials, because this is in any case what your prospects want: “your expertise in your field to enlighten them in their efforts”.

Most of your leads are now mobile users

The rhythm of the current daily train, whether in the context of his personal or professional life, encourages the prospect to move constantly. Mobility remains the only and best alternative for him to communicate with those around him wherever he is. My point is that you should also integrate this parameter into your web marketing strategy to generate leads. Have a responsive site and at the same time optimized on mobile becomes two essential conditions to avoid a significant bounce rate and gain in potentially convertible organic traffic.

Your leads seek your assistance throughout their decision-making process

A badly structured site has no interest in use. Whenever a potential customer visits your website, you must accompany it. You will have to trace the path of your prospects so that they no longer have to think, but just to appropriate the type of content that interests them. Work your blog carefully placing your articles on different themes; update it regularly. Place your CTAs (Calls-To-Actions) in strategic locations on your pages and direct your visitors to the right landing pages in order to convert them.

In all your content marketing efforts, choose clear, simple and relevant messages. To generate leads with inbound marketing, position yourself as an expert by bringing real value to your prospects in all of your offers.

Your traffic represents a huge potential: know how to exploit it!

When a prospect enters your conversion tunnel, you have to process it, sort of cover it up. And in what way? By lead nurturing of course! The process is to teach it through content until it is ripe and ready to be handed over to your sales people. To generate leads via this method, I give you three good tips:

  1. Use Calls-To-Action (or “call to action buttons” for its French equivalent);
  2. Ask them white papers (which are similar in some way to practical guides a few pages devoted to a practice, a service or product, especially designed for prospects);
  3. Organize webinars (this is an informative or informative seminar held directly online for the presentation of products or customer issues).

The whole process of generating and converting leads into inbound marketing must be automated using specific software such as Hubspot.