You are frustrated. Annoyed. You don’t understand, and it annoys you. The hundreds of emails in your list? You know it. Good quality content? You created it. Convincing sales pages? You have refined them. So where is the problem ?

No doubt one stage of your conversion tunnel has failed. Poorly optimized. And that’s good. Because today we are going to take a closer look at each step. One by one. To perfect them.

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Warning : you have probably come across articles talking about conversion tunnels. How to double your conversion rates by two thanks to ” hacks »Marketing.

None of that today.

This article is based entirely on my experience. Through my various blogs. From help to students in the health field, via web marketing, my conversion tunnels offer very interesting results.

I’m not saying they’re perfect. Far from there. They are not the best either.

But after having planted myself a lot of times, I am finally satisfied with what I have put in place.

This is what you will find out today.

Draw me a funnel

We always say that a picture is worth 1000 words. I quite agree with this principle. This is why, instead of making you 3 paragraphs on what is a funnel of conversion, I preferred to create this image for you.

conversion funnel

Here are the 4 main steps of a funnel. We will see each of these phases in detail, and see how to optimize the conversion rates throughout the process.

Imagine. You go from 20% to 25% conversion on your capture page, which sees 50 people per day.

At the end of the month, it won’t be 300 emails that you have captured, but 375. For 5 small percent.

Multiply this for each step of your funnel. I let you guess the following.

Here we go.

Step 1 of your funnel: Awareness

It is during this phase that your future prospects will discover you. Via the content you have created. Blog article, YouTube videos, social media advertising, etc.

The mistake I made

When we start, we very often focus on the number of emails captured. We want to reach as many people as possible. We take everything we can take. Then we complain. ” Damn, no sales, when I capture dozens of emails every day“.

What you need to set up

This first step is ESSENTIAL for the rest of your conversion tunnel. You may optimize the following phases as much as possible, if the first one fails, it’s done.

The thing to understand is that you don’t have to pay prospects in your tunnel but in injectem>. The nuance is fundamental.

You absolutely must target qualified traffic. As they say, quality rather than quantity. Bringing non-interested people into your tunnel has no interest for your business. Result? You will have subscribers in your non-active mailing lists, which will destroy your opening rates.

So never lose sight of your target. Create relevant content aimed directly at your target audience. You will save time, save energy, and save money.

Step 2 of your funnel: Generate interest

Once you attract prospects with the content created, you need to arouse their interest in your products.

The good news is that by following the previous step, the vast majority of people will be directly interested in what you offer them.

How to move them in your conversion funnel? Simply by offering them content with high added value, in exchange for their email address. E-book, video training … via so-called capture pages.

The mistake I made

For a long time, I tried to improve my capture pages by focusing on the marketing aspect. I did dozens of A / B tests to test the color of my buttons. Test different titles, different calls to action. To forget the heart of the problem (or solution).

What you need to set up

The color of your button is not of fundamental importance. And contrary to popular belief, neither does the title of your capture page.

Most importantly, the reason your prospects landed on your capture page is the promise you made to them.

An ebook. Video training. Both at the same time. Whatever.

Here are three things you can base yourself on to optimize the conversion rate for your capture page.

Targeted content you need to create

You can create the best ebook. The best video training. If you do not meet the needs of your prospects, it will be lost. How to do it concretely? Go to the forums. Bringing together passionate people or people with a deep need, you will find the real needs of your audience. Once you only know what to create your free offer on, go to the next step.

Quality content you must offer

Do you offer an ebook? Make the best there is. Do you offer video training? Suggest something of high quality.

Forget the hazardous marketing techniques. Yes, some offer small results. But believe me, your proposal in exchange for an email address is THE point of interest for your prospects.

So take back your free offer, and think about how to improve it.

An attractive visual you must show

The magic of the internet stops at reality. The first reason why people buy in stores is to be able to see the product. This is why you must offer a visual, even if it remains virtual. For your ebook, have a 3D cover made.

For your video training, make a personalized thumbnail.

It’s very simple, but very powerful. Your prospects will then be able to view your offer in their minds.

Step 3 of your funnel: Give the urge

Well. You are now attracting qualified prospects to your conversion funnel. Your capture page converted to the maximum since your high quality product perfectly meets the needs of your audience.

Now it’s about making your prospects want to get your products. So you’re going to plan out predefined email marketing sequences to highlight the problem they are having.

The mistake I made

For a while, my email marketing system was not good. I just sent a few emails or told my story, before presenting my products at the end of each email. Except … it doesn’t really work. Would you buy a product that you are offered to buy directly by email? Small chance.

What you need to set up

It wasn’t until I attended an email marketing seminar that I realized my mistake. I forgot a step.

When planning your email sequences, it is essential not to offer your products directly (unless it is a calling product, that is to say a product with high added value at a very attractive price).

What to do then? In your emails, redirect your subscribers to a page where you offer even more content offered. For example a video. And only at the end of this content (video, article, etc.), insert a link to your sales page.

Having added this step (adding free content before redirecting to my sales page) made my sales explode.

And when I think about it, it makes perfect sense. Before you buy something, people need to trust you. You must be able to show them that you are an expert in your field, via the content offered that you offer.

Step 4 of your funnel: Take action

That’s it. After having trusted you the first time by leaving you their email address, after having seen your expertise in the content offered that you have made available to them by email, your prospects are ready to take the purchasing action.

You will have probably guessed it, it only remains to convince them via your sales page. You will find dozens of quality articles to optimize your sales pages. I will not dwell on this point.

The mistake I made

When I started my first blog, I had no idea how to make a sales page. So, we take a blog that we like, and we copy the structure of its sales pages, slightly changing the text and images.

The reality is not as simple. A sales page differs according to your theme. Although she often keeps the same backbone, a sales page to sell personal development training, and one to sell an ebook on the success of her vegetable patch will be much different.

What you need to set up

It is important to know how to build a good sales page. In itself, it is not difficult. You just have to take over the basic structure, and adapt to your case.

But above all, you must keep the same universe. Don’t fall into the trap of resuming a stupidly selling page. Customize it. Take your color codes. Appropriate it yourself.

Remember that your prospects land on your page because they trusted YOU. If they land on a page that is totally different from what they have encountered so far, the shock will be fatal. Many will turn back.

Keep your identity. It is the most important.

Now follow the results of your funnel!

It’s all very well to put in place corrective actions. It is still necessary to be able to analyze them. How much does your capture page convert to? Your sales page?

Fortunately, Google Analytics is your friend. Go to goal, set a new goal, and you will find what you are looking for.

In a few clicks, you will be able to see the percentage of conversion of the page of your choice. Practical, right?

The hidden step of your conversion tunnel

When we talk about a sales tunnel, the last step always represents the act of purchase. However, there is an additional essential step.


It costs 6 to 7 times more expensive to find a new customer than to retain them. We have all heard this phrase before.

So go further. After the purchase, extend your conversion tunnel. Watch your rates, to sell again.