▷ 4 strategies to take your transactional emails to the next level 2020 -

Transactional emails are the cornerstone of the customer experience. They mark all stages of its purchasing cycle, from registration to order confirmation! You should therefore pay special attention to them. To completely integrate your transactional emails into your email marketing strategy and take them to the next level, here are 4 areas for improvement …

Adopt a flawless design

Transactional email is an integral part of your communication with your client. Why give less importance to its design?

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Transactional emails are often austere. Sometimes it’s even automatic templates without any customization. If these emails are doing the trick at first, you should quickly think about the design of your transactional emails. Their design should be simple, but still remind the graphic charter of your company.

Inserting your logo or using your own font can serve as subtle reminders of your branding spirit. In this way, the customer will not only remember his order, but also your business!

Airbnb, for example, uses this technique for transactional email for account creation. The graphic palette resembles that of the website, and the company logo is included.

Find the right balance between promotional and informational

Your customers are attentive to your transactional emails. So this is the perfect time to include some non-invasive promotional items.

Depending on the consent obtained from your users (think RGPD), but also on the positioning of your brand in terms of marketing pressure, you can provide different email templates containing several degrees of promotional content:

Even if you want your transactional emails to focus on their primary purpose, nothing prevents you from inserting a thank you message in your email.

Try to compose it personally and if possible sign it with the name of a customer service representative. Humanizing your template allows you to leave a positive memory with your contact.

  • Include cross selling without profiling

If you have not collected positive consent from your users to receive emails based on their navigation data, you cannot offer personalized recommendations to your customer. But nothing prevents you from including a banner with your best sales in your transactional email!

Instead, bet on large items to make him want to re-order later.

  • The user accepts promotional offers and data tracking

In this case, you can offer your customer personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases! It could be up-selling, cross-selling, or a different item that might prompt him to order again in the near future.

Travel-SNCF emails (now renamed “Yes”) contained numerous cross-selling proposals based on travel-related partnerships.

Ensure optimal deliverability

After an action on your website, your user connects directly to his inbox to obtain his confirmation email. And he quickly worries if he doesn’t see him!

To avoid this waiting time, you absolutely must have good deliverability for your transactional emails. You can for example go through an SMTP server to guarantee your routing and reassure your customers.

Also make sure that your transactional emails are not spam! This greatly damages your brand image and complicates the customer experience, since they are forced to search for your email.

Create post-purchase scenarios from your transactional order confirmation emails

The purchase does not have to mark the end of your relationship with your client!

If you have the necessary authorizations from your contact, you can create post-purchase Marketing Automation scenarios triggered by the sending of your transactional email!

You can for example:

  • Contact him again to ensure the quality of your service via a satisfaction survey;
  • Send him cross-selling or up-selling proposals;
  • If the product is suitable, relaunch it at the end of the life of your item to offer to change it or buy refills.

After a purchase, Cdiscount offers a satisfaction questionnaire to its customers. A good way to encourage them to return to their site, but also to improve the quality of customer service!


Your transactional emails represent an important part of your communication. Considered purely functional, they nevertheless contain a great power of loyalty and reactivation of your customers! So consider giving them as much importance as your marketing campaigns.