▷ 4 Techniques of Influence by Robert Green 2021 -

Robert Green, father of human psychology and author of numerous books on the subject, is one of the people best placed to talk about the technique of influence …

Whether you are a salesperson, a marketer, or you are just interested in negotiating for your personal development, I suggest you discover the 4 best communication methods that the author presents in Influence and Manipulation.

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These are the advanced psychology techniques which will allow you to better negotiate as a manager, salesperson or even as a future leader.

Even if you are not a salesperson, I want to show you that negotiation can be useful to you during your personal purchases.

Afterwards, it’s up to you to draw parallels with your everyday situations to effectively use these powerful methods.

1. Use the advanced psychology technique of social proof

The first of advanced psychology techniques is social proof. Social proof is when an individual who does not know what to do chooses to follow the choice of the majority.

In marketing, it is used to improve the confidence of consumers who are about to make a purchase. It is a way of reassuring.

Take for example my online training. If I want to use social proof, I can say, “90% of the people who follow me on YouTube then invest in my training. You should also choose this option ”.

If you want to implement social proof, you can use numbers, your expertise or even customer reviews.

2. The scarcity of an offer a good way to influence

The second negotiation and persuasion technique is what we call scarcity of a product.

Using the scarcity of a product or service will create a sense of urgency in the person you seek to influence.

For that, you have the technique of:

  • LOTTO (one time offer) to offer an immediate reduction, as with plane tickets or hotels for example;
  • The addition of bonuses;
  • The sense of urgency;
  • The object not found in the competition;
  • The unique tailor-made offer, etc.

3. Reciprocity as an advanced technique of influence

Reciprocity: This is the third of the advanced influence techniques. This method is once again taken from the book Influence and Manipulation.

Reciprocity is a technique that aims to give something to someone in the hope that in return that person will also make a gesture.

This is a technique that I use with my YouTube channel and blog offering free weekly tips.

These channels allow me to reach a lot of people, because I give a lot of content.

The principle of reciprocity is therefore based on the fact that by giving a lot, individuals want to give back when they are not asked.

If we draw a parallel with my second business, I usually give free e-books to professionals to help them create e-mailing campaigns, create a good Facebook page, etc.

I give, but I don’t know if I would have something in return 🙂

But one thing I was able to discover is that this mindset allows me to negotiate with greater ease afterwards. No more need for deal with objections of my clients for 1 hour. Their level of trust in me is drastically increasing!

So, I can only recommend it to you, especially if you are a salesperson!

4. Practice active listening as an influence technique

For use active listening, you already have to know how to set it up. For that, I invite you to consult my videos or articles dedicated to this subject. Nevertheless, to explain in general terms, active listening is:

  • Ask open-ended questions so that your interlocutor can deepen his remarks;
  • Listening at 2000% to hear and analyze the speech of the interlocutor.

I put active listening in place a lot in my second activity, especially when I want to make personalized assessments.