▷ 4 things to know about Amazon FBA 2020 -

Amazon has launched a logistics service, Amazon FBA, which allows you to open your Amazon store without worrying about logistical details. This is very effective, but still little known. How to get started in online sales, or create an additional platform with this service? I explain the 4 things to know about Amazon FBA…

1) No more deliveries

FBA, or “Fulfilled by Amazon”, is a revolutionary service offered by Amazon. This marketplace is the first in the world, and even if we can sometimes blame it for the arbitrary closure of accounts, your store on this platform is insured. With FBA, you simply send your tagged inventory to an Amazon warehouse. From there, you don’t take care of anything. Amazon sends products to you in real time. If there is feedback, it also takes care of it, as does customer service.

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2) It is not more expensive

Do you think that this service must therefore cost more than the simple sale on Amazon? You actually pay only the storage costs which are rather negligible when you think of the different advantages of this technique. For a basic product, which is often the case, you pay € 0.01 per product per month. For example, let’s say you have 1000 basic products. Over 12 months, you only pay 120 euros. Pretty amazing, right? If you are already a seller on Amazon, you are necessarily a winner. However, if you are not, you will have to think about whether you need a new marketplace.

3) Improved visibility

Your products in FBA are eligible for Premium delivery, which makes the customer confident about the quality of your products. You are much more likely to be chosen than your competitors (if you have any). In addition, your products are often ranked higher and better positioned on the results page. When setting up your Amazon store, you will see that this increases rapidly thanks to this technique.

4) This is your chance!

This service is not yet widely used in England, which is why the prices are not very high. All the more reason to get started now, and now is the time. Next to your e-commerce site, it can actually be very interesting to start selling in FBA. You can start with a small amount of products at Amazon and then see the results. You can then devote the time saved to improve the visibility of your e-commerce.


This technique is widely adopted by VSEs and American SMEs and has already proven itself. To see if it will be as successful in Europe, and more particularly in England, a country often reluctant to change.

You have questions ? Post a comment, I’ll be happy to respond. If you are interested in this Amazon shipping method, you can find more information here.

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