Online training comes in different forms: starting with e-learning, lms, digital learning, digital board, live virtual classroom, all these approaches are developing rapidly in the current context. Whether you are in the process of dematerializing your training or are already offering distance training, here are 4 tools that can help you make a difference.

1: Connect your LMS to the training management software

Do you already offer distance training via an LMS (Learning Management System) and want to improve the administrative and commercial aspect of your online training?

It’s time to connect your offer to a CRM dedicated to the training profession. Synchronize your database, create your learner access automatically and many other attractive aspects that will optimize your management More info here

Blue note systems offers a complete and already integrated CRM offer with a good number of solutions: 360 learning, Docebo, Dokeos, Easy LMS, Moodle, Talent LMS,….

It centralizes and organizes information. An enabling ecosystem allowing all users to share the same workspace. The training organization and customer service are improved!

2: Dematerialize the signature

A question that arises when you dematerialize your training: signature management.

As you know, without signing up, there is no funding … So you have to offer an electronic sign-up system attesting to the good attendance of trainees. Make sure your training management software provides this essential functionality.

On Blue note systems, this happens in 4 steps:

  1. You validate the training in the tool;
  2. The trainer is notified and can access the training from a mobile application;
  3. Signing up is done on the trainer’s mobile application or remotely for the learners present;
  4. A report and payroll sheets go up automatically in the CRM and are transmitted.

More information here

3: Conduct online surveys

By carrying out online satisfaction surveys, you can easily meet the requirements of Qualiopi certification.

With the online survey system offered by Blue note systems, you can create surveys, distribute them by automatic sending of emails and analyze the results. More information on the functionality here.

4: Generate your invoices and send them to the Chorus Pro platform

The software allows you to mass invoice your training orders.

It also allows invoices to be sent automatically to Public Administrations (local authorities and public establishments) to the Chrorus PRO portal. You can save time and have legal archiving of your invoices.

As you will have understood, Blue note systems is the perfect ally to help you digitize your training management processes, do not hesitate to discover the offer and test the different tools for free.

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It’s your turn !

Article written in collaboration with Blue note systems